7 Most common reasons for a Breakup

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You might be deep in love and that feeling surrounds you day and night. Then, there’ll be a day when the love and the feeling disappear into thin air. Not every relationship is made to last long, like -- forever. There are those couples who couldn’t handle their freedom being snatched away from them and hence, they separate their ways.

Whatever be the reason, the bottom line is that heart breaks are common and happen a lot. Still stuck on what can be the probable reasons for a breakup?


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The very first thing that sets apart two souls is the "abuse". Whether it is verbal, physical or mental, an abusive person cannot be handled and the relationship has no future this way. No one signs up in a bonding where they are subjected to any kind of abuse from the other partner. Hence, this is one reason why many relationships break. Whether it is married or unmarried couples, abuse keeps them away from each other.


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This is the next big factor which no man or woman can handle. Whether it the man or the woman, it is the third person who instigates as the reason for the breakup. Staying with someone who’s cheating in your is totally your decision to make. You have the freedom to ditch them then and there or make peace with the situation on your terms. However, it takes a lot of courage to still love someone who was unfaithful to you.

Trespassing your privacy

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Trust is one of the most important building blocks in a relationship and if someone trespasses in your privacy just to figure out something secretive, there’s no point in staying in the relationship. For example, checking your phone or social networking sites or even checking your bags, asking who gave you this expensive Gucci bag or why is this in your bag. All this counts for trespassing into your privacy.

Consistent fights

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Have you been fighting over petty issues? You need to stop and give a reality check to your relationship because there are a lot of couples who end up breaking their bond after the number of fights between them increase. Whether it is the difference of viewpoints or things that you don’t like about each other, either sought them out or end up things before it gets too ugly.


couple breaking up frustrated

It may sound weird, but even this is one of the reasons that can drift the lovebirds apart. There have been may cases in which the lady complained that some of the hygiene habits of the man are taking a toll on their relationship. The laziness of the partner, men in particular, may appear cute in the initial phase of the relation, but it becomes unbearable beyond a certain limit. No one complains about the overly clean man, but if there is a problem if he's too messy. Not only this, even the ladies who keep nagging about cleanliness becomes a bit intolerable for some men leading to initial separations and even breakups.


couple depressed over finances

It is not just about the emotional indifferences, the monetary issues have equal contribution in the same. In fact, this is one factor that appears at the top in most of the surveys. The job loss, one of the partners being way too spendthrift or any other such issues creates a pit in the relation that widens with time. The best way to deal with such situations is to leave the ego aside and be honest with your partner. There is no problem that cannot be resolved, you just need to talk and find a way out of it.

Giving in too much in a relationship

couple getting a divorce over inequality

Inequality in a relationship is another factor that leads to failure. Life partner means two people who complete each other. Hence, they need to be on the same board. Giving in too much in a relationship and expecting the same in return is one of the biggest mistakes that people end up making. You should not give so much that you end up losing yourself.

These are the most common reasons because of which a relationship comes to an end. Do you have any other reasons to share?

Author Bio: I am Neha Shukla. I like to share my views and thoughts with audience about fashion, lifestyle and relationship. I write content for many websites like Darveys.com

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