How To Overcome Depression After Divorce

by Justin Mcwan

Divorce is one of the most stressful events in one's life. If you are not cautious, it will give you such chronic stress that will affect your both emotional and physical health.

Depression is common when people get divorced: Studies reveal that divorced people have 20 % more chronic health problems like heart disease, diabetes, etc. compared with married people.

A breakup or divorce changes our life as a whole. Everything gets disrupted like your daily routine, your duties and responsibilities, your household, your relationships with other family members. Sometimes you feel like losing your identity.

A breakup brings insecurity regarding the future. The first thing which comes in mind is that how to live without your partner? Will you have to stay all alone? These unknown anxieties are worse than an unhappy relationship.

Sorrow is a natural reaction after a break up. But that does not mean that your life has come to an end. You have a life ahead and that cannot be ignored. You have to come out of the old relationship and go ahead. However strong your grief is, it will not last forever.

Ways to overcome the depression:
The depression that often accompanies divorce can be very harmful to people. Recovering from a divorce is difficult but there are ways which you can help you to keep your happiness at a steady level.

1. Do not forget that you still have a future - When you enter into a marital bond, you have many hopes and dreams. It is not easy to forget those dreams. As you mourn over the loss of the future you imagined, keep it in mind that new hopes and dreams will come in place of your old ones.

2. Make new friend - If you feel that you have lost your social life due to the divorce, try to meet new people. Make new friends. Go to any social welfare centre or to a club, get involved in social activities or other welfare organizations.

3. Express your needs - Do what you think is right and best for you even though it is different from what others want. Say "yes" without feeling guilty to things which suit your needs and what is right for you.

4. Take out time for yourself - Take some time out of your routine after a separation or divorce. Think before starting a new job or shifting to a new place. If possible wait till you feel less emotional for the purpose of making better decisions.

5. Find out new interests - A divorce marks a beginning as well as an end. Try to find out subjects of new interests and activities. Exploring new activities will help you to enjoy life rather than mourning over the past.

6. Do not fight your normal feelings - It is normal to have conflicting emotions like pain and anger, fear and confusion. It is important to accept these feelings. While these emotions might be painful, do not suppress or ignore them. Let them come normally and remember they should also leave you after a certain period of time.

About the Author:

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