5 Dating Stages to Cross before You Call it a Relationship

by Alice Irvin

When do you come to know that you are finally in a relationship? Is it when you say "I love you" and the other person says "I love you too"? Or, is it when you finally start going out and you pay the bill? Well, the situation here is that before you actually find yourself in a relationship, there are 5 stages which you cross and come to that point.

Being in a relationship not only means that you are lovey dovey about each other or about spending hours talking about how things will be, but it all starts with that small introduction which either you do yourself or someone else does it for you and things start to move ahead from there.

This blog lays down the stages that you go through and finally come to a point where you can actually say that "I am in a relationship".

The introduction phase

Like it was mentioned above, you either meet your partner at a party thrown by your best friend where she is probably the cutest or sexiest woman you find and ask your friend to introduce you to her or you gather up all the courage, walk up to her and say hi yourself. The bottom line is - it is the introduction that matters most. If this phase goes smooth, you are in for the next one, but if you make any mistake - from showing up abruptly, dressed clumsily to talking nonsense that she won’t buy, you stand no chance to moving on to the next stage.

The conversation phase

Now, let’s assume that you were dapper in terms of looks and quite a charmer while introducing yourself to your woman at the party. Things went well and now you have exchanged your contact details. Now is the time when you start knowing each other through texts or calls. You might send a friend request to her on Facebook and start following her Twitter handle at this stage. The conversation phase is very crucial because this is where you’ll (and she’ll) judge whether to take things forward or not. Make sure you keep your heart out but not be overtly expressive about your feelings. DO NOT lie with her or say things that aren’t in your hands. False promises and hopes will bring no good to the feeling you share.

The dating phase

So, finally, you’ve decided that your conversations are sensible and she makes some sense to you. Plan a date with her and make sure you dress according to the occasion. Do not be casual or extremely formal with her. Be yourself with a little more courtesy and respect that you have for her. Book seats in a good restaurant that is within your limit, and see how she spends the day with you. In this phase, you’ll understand whether she is compatible with your choices or not and what kind of behavior she has. However, it is not one single date that would decipher things, but you’ll need a couple of dates to finally build a mindset if you want to go ahead or not.

The sleepover phase

Until the time you don’t spend a night at your partner’s place (be it as friends or that in-between feeling or boyfriend/friend). A date at home with good food, music that soothes, sexy dance moves and finally some intimate moments in the bed. It is not mandatory that this phase happens but most probably it will. If you turn out to be in your best to the most comfortable underwear for men and she approves to go ahead, this goes to the next phase which is the last one before you say that you are in a relationship.

The proposal phase

You might think that is the most complicated one, but that’s not true, if you’ve come such a long way down the road, you would do this without any trouble. If you complete this stage without facing a lot of difficulties, you’ll be a changed man. Obviously, the relationship status will change from single to occupied.

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