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It's rare to find a romantic relationship that does not have some kind of struggle. It’s how we deal with that struggle that will determine whether we become loving, peaceful and passionate. We gain success in our relationship by hanging in there, tackling problems, and learning how to navigate through the complex issues of everyday life.

What kind of relationship advice or issues do you have to confess?


Check out these true confessions from our visitors:

"Maybe I'm nothing more than a ugly and strange parasite too dependent and unsuccessful, no matter how hard I try"

"I feel like such a pathetic loser who hasn't had any goals accomplished. I feel I'm not good enough for you or anyone for that matter. Just lost my job, not having my own place,my own car or independence. I know there are so many other girls too that not only live closer to you and at work but are living an established life and successful ,younger ,prettier , more fun...I feel as though I'm futher down than square one from before ...."

"I love you. I will always love you. But after we lost our daughter it hasn't and will never be the same. Something in me died with her and now I feel empty. I do love you but I am not the girl you fell in love with. I cant even touch you anymore or say anything kind to you. I dont deserve you and although it breaks my heart I have to go. I am sorry"

"he doesn't take the time to acknowledge, he doesn't even tell me thank you, he just wants everything...its getting to the point where I'm wondering what am I getting out of this, we barely talk.. When I was in a dark period in my life he refused to txt me back or call me.."

"my depression is bad but still I slip into my alter ego and I pretend. I'm an actress all day everyday. in reality I'm not all that happy my relationship is a sham and dying and I sleep too much. I'm constantly tired some people don't understand how hard it is to act all day. my only happiness is when I sleep I barely have support and it suck that I cant tell what's going on in my head. I just cant explain it. and its all your fault and I hate you for it why cant you juts be normal. you ruined me the day I was born "

"I hate the fact that the prettiest faces and hottest bodies are given to those girls who are selfish, mean, cruel and fake. Oh how i hate her. I hope something terrible happens to her and she is in pain. "

"I feel like I've made a mistake by starting this relationship with you. And that's not about you, because you are amazing, but I am slowly falling out of love with you and I don't want it but I can't help it. I need to break up with you because I feel guilty kissing you, but it'll hurt you so bad, and you'll see me everyday so you can't even take a break from me. I don't want to hurt you but I can't keep leading you on. I am sorry. I have to break up with you. I hope you understand that this hurts me like hell as well. It hasn't gotten out of my head for the past two weeks. I'm sorry"

"It's a struggle knowing that I'll have to see you flirt with other girls and still do nothing, it's a struggle not knowing what to do when you look at me, it's a struggle knowing that we can never be together after what you did, it's a struggle living each day hoping that I never see you again so that these feelings may stop, it's a struggle acting like nothing is wrong whenever someone asks me about it bcoz we broke up 1 year ago so I shouldn't be hurt, bt I am still hurt when I see your arms around her, it's a struggle having memorised your number but still being unable to call you right now, it's a struggle crying myself to sleep on some depressing nights, it's a struggle loving someone and then having your heart broken and thn trying to move on widout telling anyone anything coz the circumstances were complicated. I just hope tht one day this sruggle is over n ur sister n u dead :) "

"I love you. I never want to lose you but if we dont fix things... The relationship is going to fall apart on its own"

"I dont know what to do.... It feels more like he is a friend than a boyfriend but im just confused on what to do "

"I love you. I'm sorry."

"I love the father of my child but I'm afraid of him and I don't trust him. "

"I love you so much and you know that... It may sound selfish but I want to love myself more."

"I love her but some people think everything I have isn't enough. "

"We think very differently"

"I loved you so much and I didn't get anything in return. I tried everything, I gave you all my time and put you above everyone else, it just isn't working out."

"I love her but she is selfish."

"I love you. I really do. These 3yrs were great but I feel no matter what we do, it just seems like we aren't meant to be together. It's so much bullcrap and its stressful. I really wish you could see it from my perspective. The hung out every weekend and drinking, it was fun in the beginning, but you're not ready to grow up. So I can't hold onto that"

"We were together for two years, and it's sad that we are arguing and that I'm wondering if you're right for me. It's such a petty thing to argue about, so I don't know why you dragged it and stretched it out into some major issue. We thought we were perfect for each other, but I guess we were wrong. "

"Why won't you have sex with me? We have been together for 3 1/2 years. Why do you refuse to talk about a future together? You say you are my boyfriend, but at this point, I do not even know what that means. I know we have lots of fun when we are together, but it feels more like a friendship than a relationship. Are you gay, or am I just ugly? I think the only reason I am with you is because my last boyfriend abandoned me, and I can't bear the idea of hurting someone else in the same way I was hurt. I am so sorry."

"I want to break up because you aren't smart enough but that is such a shallow reason. I want everything else but your intelligence "

"I have no idea what to do that will make you better"

"Children is all I've ever wanted, yeah I understand that it is huge but we've been together for years and you know that's what I want more than life but to say no we can have them when I'm ready is selfish, we can't even talk about milestones in our relationship unless it suits you. We want different things! We're moving out in 2 weeks I hope it's the right thing"

"Its hard not knowing whether you are in love or not, whether its worth to fight and fix things or just let go..."

"I thought it would work, I like you but it's just to difficult for me for you to be busy all the time. I fear that if this goes on I might hurt you and I don't want that to happen to you because I care about you"

"I dont want to hurt you anymore"

"I love you and I hope I don't lose you "

"It was a fun run but your have to grow up. Be a man.."

"I dont know i originally have been thinking about it and when she told me she liked my cousin and said she liked him more than me i admit i got jealous but then she completely ignores me and then just flips out on me for no reason and been getting on my nerves and asking for money and her little friends like to play too much and hit me and mess around to much i dont hit girls or at least i try not to but her friend had a fight with her over her spending time with me and then they both act like i said to fight and i get the silent treatment and its annoying"

"I am jealous of her ex."

"I love her but she's getting way too religious"

"I was in love with her. Probably still am. Time got the best of us. There's nothing we can do about it now. She can try to cheer me up all she wants but you cant change what is already broken"

"I do not have anything else to say except I loved him and somehow I lost him."

"i loved you so much. i really want us to work out, but you need to change your ways. I can cope being emotionally abused anymore. to be honest.. i think i am only in this relationship so that you dont take my dog away. "

"Yeah this can't work. I'm sick of feeling responsible for all your shit ... I used to know who I was, I used to feel secure, my friends say they hate how you're making me question myself, they say I'm sweet and kind and a good person ... You're good. But you're not kind. You're only sweet when you're in the right mood and I can't stand the way you talk to people sometimes ... I just wish I knew a good time for us to break up. Can anything be salvaged from this wreck? I'm coming back to this conclusion too often ... Something is broken. I just need to find some resolve."

"I really wish we could just see eye to eye."

"I really hope you shape up, cause I love you a lot But I can't take being ignored "

"Not everything is about you. Dont expect me to set aside everything i am while not doing anything back"

"I don't want to loose you. I love you and I love us. We are completely compatible in every way except in what matters. I want us to have a future, you want to have fun. Do I leave you now or do I wait for you to get bored of me? Either way it makes me feel like a piece of trash."

"I can't tell if I Love you anymore. You mean so much to me, but we differ on some really important issues. I always think about doing things with other girls, but only as a status thing. If I left you, I don't think I'd ever have sex again; at least not for a very very long time. You ARE the Love of my life, but I just can't feel my Love enough anymore. I just want it to be like it was; I was so happy. I know I have gotten "physical" when we argue and I feel so horrid for it, but my meds and everything. When I have night terrors, I wake screaming for you and when you aren't there I cry. I don't know what to do."

"I love you. But I don't know why. You yell at me all the time and expect me to do everything. One minute the future involves being together and the next it is the opposite. You never even attempt to spend time with me and get mad when I ask for your time. I have wondered why I am still with you for a long time now. "

"I feel so smothered, and you are way too sensitive. You make such a huge deal out of the smallest things. "

"I wish he would stop avoiding me. In 2 days he may never see me again and he is avoiding school to avoid me. I think he cant wait to never see me again. Maybe I will go live with my dad because he wont care anyway,"

"You tell me you love me, but seem to care less if i cancel plans or mention breaking up. So do you, or dont you?"

"Something about her makes it hard for me to leave but also hard for me to stay. "

"Idk what to do with you anymore..."

"You don't understand boundaries, I like you a lot but I honestly don't know if you really love me or it's just you're too attached. You ask so much of me and can't take a joke. You constantly lie and put me down when I catch you. I just don't know if I can take it."

"I love you. But you are where you were for all those years and never grew up. I need someone I can grow up with. You are holding me back. Please tell me what should I do."

"I love you.... With all my heart but I'm going one way and your going the other "

"I love her... But breaking up her family is too hard... I wish we were together without the idea of her husband."

"I bend over backwards for you, yet that never seems to be enough with you."

"you never make me feel like a man or resepect my authority in the relationship"

"I'm not so sure I love you anymore."

"I wish you would fight for me to be in your life. I feel like you just give up at the first bad sign and run away. You have mooched off of me, and I’m broke now. All I want is for you to get/keep a fucking job so we don’t have to choose between canned food and ramen. We need to pay rent, and I used my loan. "

"I love you but i you dont understand my mental health issues"

"I really want to be with you but in order to do that you must understand how important some things are to me as I do you "

"i don't love you anymore, go away go away, you're a bad thing, terrible thing"

"Fuck..... I relate to almost everything everyone is saying.... It HURTS guys it really HURTS .... Its no longer a mental pain... But also a physicsl one...fuck I wish you could grow up."

"I think I'm in love with your best friend"

"I honestly don't want to settle down yet and I have lost a lot of the attraction and emotion... I'm not happy with my relationship, you and I aren't perfect as I once thought."

"Have some empathy; try to understand where I'm coming from."

"I hate loving you sometimes because I can't hate you, and I feel selfish for asking even the smallest thing. Your not there for me and I've never felt more alone then these past few months."

"I'm worried that I liked the idea of her more than I'm actually liking her now. I'm seeing too much of her bad side recently, and maybe that's me, or just a phase, but I'm dropping on her priority list, I'm being taken for granted, and I don't know."

"I'm sorry, i'm trying my best right now. I don't want to break up but i feel like we're breaking apart and i don't like it. I want us to be together.. but I want you to try to make things up when we fight. I'm tired of making everything up and you blaming it on yourself and saying sorry, and you wont do it again but you keep on doing it again."

"I hate the way you treat me, no matter what I do to try and fix our relationship you dont care. You say you will do things and dont. I love you. But i hate you. "

"Do you have a fucking heart? Everything is a struggle, you do nothing for me. I'm not appreciated at all. I can't do anything right but at least I try. More than I can say for you!"

"I love you I just want time to think about where we are going in life"

"I miss what we used to be. I remember all the little things you said to make me feel better when I was feeling down. I felt like you could take any problem I was having and make it seem less important to me. It was something I needed. We were so in love. I couldn't wait to see you or speak to you. Why do things change? Throughout the years, we have been through so much. Many believe that staying through these tough times somehow improves the relationship - is our relationship so weak that we can't manage to stick it out after the tough times? I just feel so hopeless and lost when it comes to you. I love you so much and we have become the best of friends. I can't imagine my life without you, yet here I am... Wondering what to do next. We are currently on break and you are awaiting my sentence. Either I show up on your doorstep or I change our status on Facebook (making it official). These break up quizzes and online help have done nothing for me. I'm in square one, writing the positives and negatives down on a paper. According to this paper, the bad outweighs the good; something I've known all along. Still... It's so hard to let you go. After 6 years (give or take), you have become part of my being. I can't imagine the future without you. Yet, at the same time, I can't imagine a future with you, your children, a home, etc. The stress in the relationship now is enough - I just don't know if we can handle all the adult things that life will throw at us. I'm sorry. I'll love you forever, but we can't be."

"I feel like u dont validate the way i feel and your such an asshole its sickening. I always listen to u and u dont treat me with full reapect. "

"Im sorry but you don't pay attention to me and it's like you ignore me and you don't care. All I want is for someone to show that they care and to make a move to text me to actually talk to me. And be one person don't act different around me like one way around my family and friends then a different one around me. I do love you but I don't want to keep guessing if you love me"

"We have been dating over 10 months and you have never said I love you, you don't cuddle and when I try to you tell me to stop being gay. I try to kiss you good bye in the morning and you think its a joke to give me your cheek. You have never once incited sex and even after sex there is no cuddling... ever you just up and run into the shower. never text me good morning or goodnight. I feel I am in love with the idea of you but think I am more of a convenience"

"You're just not affectionate enough. You're not appreciative of me. You don't make me feel sexy at all."

"I dont think its working out"

"You don't have any nor do you want to have friends of your own to go hangout with, you only want to be with me and you don't want me to have fun without you. You said that yourself, and I'm the selfish one because I don't see whats wrong with having a beer and burger with my work friends after a shift. I work hard for us, pay almost every bill, buy all the food pay for the dates and buy you whatever you want. You are hounding me about marriage and kids and thats so fucking annoying because you and I cannot have kids and we are only 23 and 24. It costs a lot of money to invitro fertilization or adoption. Money we don't have, and we aren't even ready for that. You can't even hang up your coat and put your shoes away after you get home. I do 80% of the housework while you do 20% and don't contribute much financially. You make waayyyyy less than me and I understand that so thats okay but at least come 50/50 on chores around the house. You're a messy slob, you have gained weight and say you want to lose it and when I try to help and support you, you think I'm calling you fat. When we fight you use ammo on me like things I'm sensitive about. Call me mean names and say hurtful things to me and you always break up with me when we fight. You get me all excited to hangout with my friends together but then you hate it the whole time and make me leave early EVERY TIME. You say I'm not allowed to carpool with people to work incase they want to go out because you want me to come straight home after work? Wtf. And on top of all that you can't even stick up to your own mother for us, and all I do is bust my ass at work so that I can take care of you. You're lazy, you lack ambition and your goal in life is to be a stay at home mom yet you have 22,000 in student loan debt on top of my 12,000 and refuse to take action with your debt collectors. You are so sweet and perfect sometimes and adorable as hell and great with my family but you don't like that I have friends and you are always getting jealous of them. It's normal and healthy for people to have friends. You are sexy, I love your body, I love that we share the same views on raising a family and where to live and how to manage money, and I love so many other wonderful things about you but you are just too much of an introvert for me. I'm sorry but I don't this can continue. No matter how hard I work, how hard I try to be what you want me to be, no matter how much I love you and vise versa, and no matter how many of my friends you force out of my life this relationship will never work because we are simply TOO different for each other and also because you're a crazy fucking bitch. "

"Idk sometimes I feel as though I don't love you"

"I wish that you would stand up to your mom now that your 18 and go to my concerts. I know you don't care about them but when you say that your homework matters more you hurt me and make me feel unloved. I wish I could tell you how many times I cry over you a day, I love you so much and I want to spend my life with you. I just wish you valued me and your singing and art career more than homework. I also wish that you would stop working every weekend all weekend. I never get to see you and it's starting to effect our relationship and it's making me really sad and depressed."

"I love you but your trust issues are a problem."

"I care about you but I just don't see a future together"

"I'm sorry, it can't work out."

"I can barely stand your attitude and I hate that you ALWAYS have to talk to me as an inferrior. I hate your personality, and I don't feel attracted to you anymore. The thought of marriage? Kids? a life together? I want to crawl out of my skin! Sex? Nope... You never take any initiative, you never consider money, you never consider ME! Never! Unless it benefits you. All hipocratic. Everything you are destroys me and turns me into a depressed looser. I want out. I want to be free. I want to be myself again..."

"How do you even begin to think that you know what's best for me more than I do?"

"I love you but I don't know if us being together is the best thing. We rushed into a relationship and I don't want to be alone or lose you, but I don't know if we should be together anymore."

"I really hate being the one to break things off but I just can't force myself to feel a way I don't feel. Plus I don't think it's worth wasting your time if I know I wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life with you."

"I'm so sorry. I really don't mean to play you at all, and I never meant to mess with your head or your feelings, but I don't think I'm meant to stay in this relationship right now. I honestly don't think I'm ready. I'm sorry.. "

"I dont know why I don't love you I wish I did but being with you doesn't feel right. Im sorry"

"I hate how you do things without telling me, and I dont trust you straight up. I think I love you, but I cant be 100% sure. I know you don't trust me because you check my messages and I don't even ask to see yours."

"Why can't you love me? You've told me you can't, please just tell me why :("

"I truly believe that our compatibility with each other is enough we are trying to hard for this relationship to work...i really dont mind it but i truly believe that a relationship should be smoother then what we have going for us."

"You treat me like I'm less than human when you get upset."

"I wish I met you later in life instead of now..."

"How can you say you love me when you never have the desire to show it? You depress me "

"I'm tired of the fighting. I know your past and you know mine. I know you don't trust easily but trust is crucial. That's why I trusted you immediately. I'm tired of giving my feelings and my money up. I'm tired of being put down. Suicide was my enemy last year..didn't think someone would make me this way again"

"Idk if u care about me anymore and it's been hard to talk to you lately and I don't want to be the over estimating girlfriend but when i really needed u last time I couldn't get ahold of you and I know its was cause u didn't have good service. Or so you say because you still liked my pic on Instagram. So I don't know what to think anymore. I do and I don't want you."

"For a long time there has been a woman, I think i'm in love with her because in my head she is and will always be my soul mate, I don't want to hurt you but I am tired of arguing with you constantly and never coming to an agreement. I honestly feel like you will never be happy with any one until you become a happy person in general, it feels like you get a kick out of being upset and ruining shit, taking an attitude to another level, isolating, shutting down, ignoring, not speaking, is all kiddy shit. We are grown and I feel like we are 18 and dating sometimes. You want to get married, so do I, You want kids, so do I, you want to be successful, yeah? So do I.... but I don't know If I want it with you."

"He's someone taking the relationship nowhere slowly. He will forever remain a boy. "

"I really, honestly think that you are a great person. You're both brave and kind, and you make me laugh. And you're intelligent and fun. I'm just not sure I'm in love with you. I really don't know why!"

"I love you, but im not sure we should stay together. Im sorry. I hope we can stay friends and more importantly sisters. "

"I don't want to share my feelings with you any more because it's pointless."

"I love you, but I'm not in love with you like I should be and like you deserve. You deserve the world but I can't do that for you right now, and I want nothing more than for you to be happy, but I need to be happy too. Right now I am far from happy, this is an awful cliche but it really isn't you, its me. I need to make myself happy first and I want you to be with someone who will want to do all the things you like to go do, love you like you need to be loved, and just make you happier than I can. I hope you understand and I want nothing but the best for you. I want you to be angry with me, I want you to be able to let go of this and not just bottle it up inside, get angry and let me go. love always, A"

"i love him but im not happy"

"I'm not in love anymore I do not like living with you, you don't trust me. I'm tired of arguing and I want you out now!"

"you don't even try anymore."

"I thought I should give it a chance. I regret it."

"Im bored,i feel unexcited about the future and you never want to do things with me."

"You scare me sometimes. I honestly feel trapped on occasion. You hurt my feelings too often. But I really do love you and I know you love me too. I have been feeling so down and I know I've been denying your help. I love you for trying. I don't think breaking up with you would be the right thing to do. I want to be with you. If I didn't, I wouldn't be typing this right now."

"I love you, I don't want to break up with you, and I know you love me, but if you ever make me feel like that i'm not good enough for you, or your ashamed of me, LIKE I'M NOT WORTH THE FIGHT...I'll have to for my own self-respect."

"I just don't feel the same way anymore and sometimes i get aggravated by the things that you say, for no reason. you deserve somebody that can reciprocate the way you feel."

"I do think that we should never become a couple, what if? but there is no what if? I really don't want to lose you but it is for the best."

"im not sure we are right for each other but god i miss you x"

"We were clear that I was not ready for anything beyond second base before marriage. And I don't even know that I want marriage, you know that. But I don't know how things escalated the way that they did and I'm left trying to recover my dignity and purity. I feel like a wreck and a harlot and I don't know what to do. Our relationship has left me at a loss. i let things go too far. No I really went too far myself, I made us like this. You were fine but I did this to myself and to us and I can't come up from the waves of regret and guilt that are drowning me. I'm so sorry that I did what I did, and then cried and made you feel guilty. I'm not trying to hurt you, I swear. But I always knew I would. I tried to warn you that I'm not stable enough, looking for love with me is in vain. I can't give you everything you want. I can't help us much more. But you still love me. Or maybe recently love has turned to lust. I know what we started with, I know we really did love each other. But maybe, at least as of late, we have care more about making out (now among other things) and passion than we do about each other and feelings. I don't know anymore. I'm so scared that I've already hurt you beyond repair, and that we won't stay friends after the breakup like we promised we would. I don't know how not to hurt everyone. I'm sorry, and I still love you."

"You drive me mother effing crazy and you never trust me . ever. ever. ever. ever. you're smothering me and i feel like i cant breath."

"I love you with all of my heart and you know I'd do just about anything for you. But im so sick and tired of always being last in your life. We have been together and lived together for 4 years and yes some things have changed for the better but none of those things Make up for how used and abused unloved not respected not cared for not protected and the negative list goes on. I do love you but am now feeling I've only stayed with you for this long because im not just afraid to start over again but i cant stomach the thought of not havig you in my life. If I've jumped around in this message to you i cant help but to be that way because being with you i have so much to say to you that you wouldn't even care to hear."

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