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Is true love just a theory? Are men more romantic than women? What is your most romantic true love story? It's all about romance and true happiness so go ahead and confess...


Check out these true confessions from our visitors:

"We got together in beginning of high school at 14yrs. We were each others First,-Everything. We went on bike rides & walks. I knew I Loved him, told myself we'd be together forever. Sadly, for me, 23 yrs was as close to forever as I was going to get. I made a few mistakes, played a game or two of revenge. Never imagined things would ever slip away like they did. He (want) thought he could be with her and WE'd just be friends.?¿? Our relationship was the most important part of my life! I stayed focused and dedicated, spending with it, all of my time. I'm a Gemini and he a Saggitarius. Why Me? I mean really?? I deserve so much better! A lover with a hater.I sit here in heartbreak, gasping for air. I can't let go. I've given this man plenty of proof that I love him, and no reason to hate me. Everything has always been rough, it's hard to feel love when Love's nowhere near. My heart is broken for everything I hoped we could be ); all our intimate moments; The plans I had for you & Me...He feel in love with someone else.. "

"I just really love you and I can't live without you. I want our relationship to go to the next step soon. "

"She wants me to be her everything in life and spend the rest of it with me. Im not sure if i can do that. I want to go my own way but im scared if im meant to be with her if im messing it up."

"I remember my first glimpse of her face I saw you smile then I smiled I was straight blown away Mesmerized by your beauty from your feet to your hands How can one be so beautiful? l don't understand Heaven-sent, God's gift without a doubt in my mind Sometimes I wonder why our paths decided to collide We started off as perfect strangers Boy meets girl Infatuation to love Now you're my whole entire world Destiny taps me on the back saying hello But really it was your touch knowing I'd never let you go Then you spoke I never heard a voice so sweet Heavenly, and from her words I knew this girl was deep just like me With times to worry and times to play we'll sit and stress over life or just burn the day away I know for sure in our past lives we had to be friends, living and dying together knowing that we would meet again It's just a blessing to have you in my life I was destined to be with you I'm priveilged So amazing No question And I'm knowing soon enough we'll get where we're going Just thinking about it, I can feel my heart growing Am I trippin' Or is it that I finally see? I don't know But my heart is saying you're the one for me Please believe me I'm exactly where I want to be This rhyme is written from my heart to you sincerely No reason to live without you No reason to live without you No reason to live without you No reason to live without you You turn a cocooned soul into a butterfly And I lose control Can never turn aside You shine like summer skies Like when a lover lies next to me and says to me "You make me wonder why" You are a beautiful mystery Every note carved into musical history A simile A metaphor Words not enough to entrust to you Trust that it's true We must have a clue But we ask for evidence, dwell in passing setiments though we bask in eminence Every moment every day busy, getting paid away, the soul fades away into a grainy shade of gray I pray that you listen to what I say Cause I feel like a missing shoe This is to everything that you are The wild earth, a child's birth, Sun, Moon, and the stars No reason to live without you No reason to live without you No reason to live without you No reason to live without you So I ask "What would I be without you" Like stevie without wonder, hunger without food, a sheep without a shepherd, asleep without your message Despite the skeptics in the end you were true And I knew that there was more to life And I grew living for the light I took my answers, combined them with yours It made life exciting but it closed some doors Word to Christ My life accelerated then deflated, sunk to bottom then elevated until I made it But you always had my back though When kids threw rocks at me or on stage rappin' Still I see kids without love It brings tears to my soul But why they always drop up? The world's gone bonkers You've conquered fear And as long as I believe You're the reason I'm here No reason to live without you No reason to live without you No reason to live without you No reason to live without you L O V E you I was made to be with you, made to be with you, made to be with you"

"I love you that much that I would let you go and have you be free like you want to, just not to lose you as a part of my life,"

"I love you baby....i dont want us to ever break up. But if its whats best for you, then i will allow it to happen. "

"I love him so much. I know we have fights and I maybe have doubts but I feel like we can be together forever. I feel like he's the one that I want to be with forever and in my future!"

"There are so many things I like about you and we spent so much quality time together that I forget we haven't known each other very long. I want you to know that I have irrational thoughts about you and me sometimes and I don't know why for sure but if I had to guess its because I am scared of messing this relationship up or not being able to fall in love with you or not having this feel as magical as I've been told by the media that its supposed to. The weird thing is that I usually have thoughts to convince myself to stay in a relationship that is upsetting me or is clearly problematic, while in this functional and almost perfect relationship I have thoughts to break up. With no reason attached at all. I hate that my brain does this and I can't turn it off. But all the evidence indicates that I like you. That I immeditaly want to talk to you when I have these thoughts and not hide them from you. That I want you to stay over to make me feel safer. I can't know for sure where we will end, but everything you've done so far has been amazing and perfect and I couldn't improve you if I tried. Thank you so much for being so understanding and patient with me. Now that I've written all this out, I think my crazy onslaught of emotion might be a bit attributed to how hard I'm falling for you so quickly"

"When I first met you, it was love at first sight. And I still am so in love with you it hurts my heart. But you've changed. You've become so rude and hurtful to me. You make me feel like a burden in your life, an annoyance to you and everyone around me, and like I'm completely unimportant to you. The only time you show affection towards me is when I'm naked. I feel so worthless lately. At one point when I came to you with my problems you cared.. Now you just say I'm dramatic and a cry baby. It hurts that I'm terrified to cry in front of you. You're so careless and I need to find someone who will cherish me every day of his life. Because that's all I want in return for the unconditional love I give you. "

"I love you so much and I would do anything for you. I can even imagine spending the rest of my life with you but... You just don't reciprocate it all the time."

"Its funny how the person that treated you like there everything one day can hurt you an treat you like noting the next day. :(... . It hurts me to be with you but I cant be without you. Im just always thinking about you. Fuck what everybody else says your my everything. And we do fuss alot but thats what makes us..... us. "

"I hate fighting with you it breaks my heart and makes me feel worse then having the flu does. I want to go back to the very beginning when we first started dating, the time where we held hand til the very end and we just absolutely lit each other up like nobody else ever was able to. I want to go back to be with the girl that I met and fell in love with and not the girl that I've tried to make you become because I was wrong to ever try a change you; everything I ever wanted you to be was exactly what you already were from the very beginning and that’s the you that I want to be dating now and that’s the you that I want to date. We're different people so obviously we're going to do certain things different ways and we may be cleaner or messier than the other person and hell yeah we're probably going to dress differently but that’s ok because I love you for you and not for the clothes you wear ad whether they match or not and not for your room to be clean vs dirty. I love you because you make me happy and that’s the main reason I fell in love with you and that's the person that I want back in my life. I want the girl that I first met and stayed up with on Facebook talking to for hours into the night falling madly in love with and realizing that she was the one I wanted for all time and that she was all I needed because she was enough for me. I was the dumb one who wasn't smart enough to realize that the girl I met and fell in love with was the girl that I really wanted to be with and not this girl that I've wound up with. I didn't realize that you didn't need to change and I screwed things up by trying to change you and I just want the very first you that I met back because that’s the you I fell in love with and that’s the you that I wanted to date!"

"I love you so much, to the point that I'm scared to show my true feelings or how much i care. You are/were my first true love and i can't believe i have to do this but even though my feelings are so strong, the best thing to do is let go. It's hard for me to gather up the courage to do this but i think it may be the right thing to do. You were my backbone but now i have to do this. Goodbye my pride and joy. "

"I wish we could be together forever, but I'm not sure that's a reality. "

"I came home from a long, hard day at work and decided to take a nice refreshing bubble bath. When I got out of the bath my boyfriend was waiting for me with a warm toasty towel that he just got out of the dryer. I thought this was so sweet and romantic that I just took him right there on the bathroom floor."
"Dear Sarah, I just want you to know that I burned my little black book! Your the only one for me. I love you and only you!"
"I walked over to make conversation with her and that conversation is still going on today after 25 years..."
"My boyfriend of 2 years always leaves me sweet messages on the bathroom mirror before he goes to work, so when I get up and he is already gone, I see them... todays message... can't wait to hold you! ...god I want him!"

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