Confessions - Revenge on your Ex

What's the worst thing your ex did after a breakup? Would getting revenge on your now ex lover make you feel better? Our readers would like to hear your most shocking revenge stories.


Check out these true confessions from our visitors:

"We had just been on a break and decided to get back together while I was on a beach trip with a girlfriend. He called me a whore over the break for no reason so I decided to give him a reason and makeout with this random hot guy that I met and he fingered me. It was one of the most hot hook ups I've ever had. Take that you douchebag. "

"He played an April Fool's Day prank he wanted to get back together with me. FYI: He broke up with me! I don't know how to get revenge its the third time he hurt me!"

"Not giving a fuck is better than revenge."

"The best revenge is to have enough self-worth not to seek it."

"My boyfriend's ex wife sent me a fuck you message. We sent evil messages back and forth. The last message she sent me was calling me an old fat cunt. Then blocked me. So I posted a message for her on three different Facebook pages. Her boyfriend called and asked me to take it down. I did on one page. Then I copy and pasted the whole messaging to a private group.well I didn't stop there. I hacked my boyfriend's photo albums and posted a picture of her my Facebook with the label" this is the bitch that called me ugly" since I was already in his albums I shared them with a friend and they are being posted on tumblr."

"The best revenge after being hurt by a bad breakup is to move on and find happiness with someone else. Moving on and putting it all behind you is the only thing you can do without looking like an immature little bitch who is no better than the prick who mistreated you. On top of that, it shows them that they have absolutely no power and control over you, which hurts a lot if they ever really cared."

"Dear Manny, those flat tires you had the other day must have sucked!!!"

"Heather, hope your co-workers liked the pics!"

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