Breakup Confessions - Moving on from a broken relationship.

What appears to be the end may really be a new beginning. No matter what happens, there is always something positive that you can take out of every ended relationship. Have you moved on? Don't go, I want to hear you say it. Confess.


Check out these true confessions from our visitors:

"i confess to you L W that we have to break up...for your own sake. no reason why. i love u all that we have been sorry"

"I enjoyed a lot. Thank you ❤. We both know this isn't the right time. And my heart cannot handle this on and off relationship of ours. Ending it is the best option. There may be regrets but hopefully someday, if it's us then it is."

"Im sorry...I just cannot deal with you being sad, and making me sad all the time. I love you, but things have really changed and I wish you the absolute best!"

"I'm sorry my feelings changed for you, but I will still always be here for you if you ever want to talk "

"I love you but I cant be with you because I dont want to be the man you want me to be. I love the way I am."

"I still regret the actions I've done to her four years ago. After she left, I've casually dated and been in relationships with many other girls, all are easier to move on. But her, I can't seem to move on. Memories of her keep on coming back to me even after I've tried a bunch of new hobbies and focusing on my academics and sports. Some days, I thought I fully moved on but mental pictures of her keep on coming back. I was just so immature back then. I didn't even realize that. But now I've grown up and became more mature, I was astonished at what I've done back then. Ugh, I wish I had realized earlier. I still love her. And I'm about to cry... I really want her to know I'm real sorry for my actions. I hope she's doing well in life."

"he broke up with me two nights ago with a text that said 'i don't want to hurt your feelings, but i don't see you as a long time partner. we should just hang out and make out.' i gave him a year and half of my time! i guess, i took it too fast..."

"I love my girlfriend since childhood. I proposed her after my graduation. But it was too late she already loved and ended relationship with her ex. She accepted me though. We continued a much lovable relationship. Recently i could not talk to her for 5 days due to my health problems, meanwhile she got angry and called her and he said that he did not marry anyone till now for her to complete her graduation. So she is ready to sacrifice me to marry him because I did not call her for 5 days. I was deeply hurt. "

"I'm 22 and she is 20.My ex girlfriend and me were in 5 years of relationship .We loved each other like crazy . But we always had minor arguments and many breakups since she was caught at home and was unable to contact me at all.For the first 2 yrs, she would contact me only through email. I was very short tempered and often abused her , but would always go back running to her and admitting her that I really didn't mean them from my heart.But during this year, last month on June 21st , I was the one who broke up with her because I couldn't stop missing her and being without seeing her . It was purely out of anger .Then on the 29th of last month , I seen her take a selfie with a guy which made frustrated and I spoke very badly to her and we both ended scolding each other alot. Then on the 4th of July I contacted her and begged her to come back to me saying I can't ever live without you and that I truly love you and was just my anger and frustration of being unable to see you . But she was very headstrong and did not want me at all .She hasn't been so cold to me ever before and she really meant that she didn't want me back. The next day I met with an accident, I told my brother to inform her that I wanted to see her . She cams to see me at home , but really didn't have any feelings. Then on the 8th of July , she said she really doesn't want me to beg her and again we had a small fight and I deleted her number and kept away my phone. After sometime, she contacted me and said she was really sorry and wanted me back and loves me alot. But again she said that she can't change herself and doesn't have any feelings for me ,she neither loves me or hates me and said she cares only a little only for me in this world. I was eventually forcing her to have feelings for me and take her back. She was more pissed off. Now gain on the 13th of this month , I told her that I want to see her and she accpwted. I wrote her a sincere apology letter and gave to her. But during that evening, I still couldn't stop myself from begging her and asked her to plz read my letter and she said that she would do it. But later that evening I couldn't bear it anymore and sent her texts saying that I really deserve better and wanted to move on and deleted her contact of my phone. But I couldn't be like that for a long time. I added her number back and said I really can't be without you . She was really pissed off and said she was really never coming back and told me that she wasn't my toy and told me not wait for me as she won't ever be coming back to me again and held on to my words , " u deserve better". I begged and pleaded once again but in vain . Now its gonna be two days since I didn't contact her . I really love her alot. Its just only short temper and I was emotionally hurt that I hurt her . But she doesn't ever want me back and is adamant wit her decision. kindly help me what to do in this situation. I'm really so much in love with this girl and am willing to take her back if she comes."

"I repress my feelings, my joy, my happiness, my excitement, my enthusiasm. Obviously I also repress, anger, sadness, and all the negative feelings. But I think repressing my positive feeling is wreaking havoc on my relationships. I have a hard time being vulnerable around others, I have a hard time expressing my true feelings around others, I have a hard time revealing my true self to others. I have a hard time with all of this, even with those that I love. I am almost positive that this is why Heather has left me. When you decided to leave me for the third time, I was shocked, and in denial for awhile, even angry at times. You said you felt like I didn't have your back, like I wasn't with you, and I only had my interests in mind. I wish you could see that is not true. Now I am filled with sadness and despair. All these problems I have keep, returning back to my sexual abuse as a child. The shame, the guilt, the fear, it has all caused me to hide my true self from others. I felt like I could break down my walls with you. I just needed more time. I felt like you were close to me. I needed you to be close to me. As a man approaching 40, I feel there like I am less than other men. I feel like I have been hiding my whole life, afraid to go out and live. I know you loved me. You deserve to be loved, and have a fulfilling relationship. You shouldn't have to wait for me to heal myself. I don't blame you for leaving. I guess I just wish you were more understanding, more compassionate, more patient. I think we had something special, and I wanted to vulnerable around you more than anything. I wanted to be able to bear my soul. I know you probably felt the way you did, because I repress my feelings, whether it be joy, excitement or anger or despair. I think I had a hard time showing my excitement for your triumphs, and victories. I had a hard time showing my joy for you. I wish you knew that just because I didn’t show my happiness on my sleeve, that does not mean I was not beaming inside. I am lost without you. Now I have to learn to move on, and learn how to heal my past. I have to get comfortable in my own skin, and let my true self be revealed to others. It will not be easy, I just wish you were going to be there to see it. "

"Im a bitch for loving you.×.×"

"I breakup with my boy friend because he admit that he don't have backbone to tell his family about our marriage. Also he afraid that in future any financial problem will come he can not handle it by him self so he refuse to marry me. We did't see each other after knowing about his family is against our affair. We inform me all this thing through messages. At last he revealed that he have no guts to face me.I feel so pity on him.. How a boy can be like this for money? I feel proud that i breakup with him.. bcz i deserve better. "

"I had a boyfriend..we were commited for almost 1 year..He had proposed me because I was beautiful.. I had shared my body with him.. Now Iam all alone.. he refuses to console me wen Iam crying.. He does not like if I shared my problem with him.. "

"I can't live without you."

"I really love you but you broke my heart,not once but so many times.You're so cruel and heartless.You made me believe that long distance can work and made me fall for you but then you left for someone else.Then again you wanted me back so we started all over again.But then again you left me and blocked me.Wish you could see what I'm going through. I can't eat,I can't sleep.I'm just dying n I feel so depressed.I really loved you so much n still do but you could never see it.I sticked around even after so much.For once I wish you would know what I'm going through and save me.Sorry I wish I were better at this and wish I could move on.But I can't live without you and I'm just desperately hoping you to talk to me."

"I spent 4 and half years with a man I truely loved. I put my all into the relationship. We did long distance for a while roughly 8 hours awhile from each other for 6 months. I became a full time freelancer in May so I had the opportunity to relocate and keep my job. I moved from PA to NC in June 2016 and now September 2016 I am back in PA at my mom's house. I fought for him for so long. One arguement lead to a break up. I feel like it took me moving in to realize that I was the relationship. He hasn't even tried to talk through it. I am done fighting for someone who doesn't fight for me. He is a great person just not good for me. I hope things get better."

"i will die with out him.. i cant move.. even deep inside i dont want to move...."

"You're too sexual, you can't even have a decent conversation with me it's almost as if you're a robot that doesn't understand how human relationships work and I really really used to like you, I even loved you at one point or at least what I wanted you to be, which is why I have to end it. Sex is ok but I want a CONNECTION and I just don't think we have one, I really hate having to do this but I think it's better if we try to find people that better suit US as people. We aren't meant to be. I'm sorry, hate me if you want but that's the truth and we both know it, and the only reason I'm hurting right now, in this moment is because I know that I will have to break your heart and I don't like hurting people like that. Again I'm sorry and I wish you the best in life. ~~I'm saving this for when I actually break up with her, I wanna see if we can work things out first but if not look above."

"You moved, and you have a new bright positive life infront of you, and that's a marvelous thing, it's just obvious there's no room for me in it. You never make the time for me anymore, it's not like we didn't do the long distance thing before. 4 years is a lot of time I devoted to you. I only regret that I didn't love you even harder, but you didn't give me that opportunity, Lord knows I would've took it. I have to end it because I can't take this open ended ghosting. We had our fun intoxicating crazy insanity. Confiding like friends, sibling rivalry, mutual challenging and teaching, taking care of eachother, especially arguing and finishing eachothers sentences like an old married couple. I hope you don't care and that I don't break your heart, if you do commit suicide like you tried to, I'll never be able to live with myself. I pray you show up on my doorstep someday, I'll chew you a new one and then get a gigantic bear hug, doused in your overused cologne. But you won't, you'll respect me, and break my heart. I'll always love you, always be haunted by our memories, I'll never forget the Irish new age redneck of the north who tamed the rebel mustang in me. Love, Godzilla rawr "

"Im not happy with you anymore, i think ill be more happy alone, i know relationships require work but i feel overworked and under valued. Things are not at all the way they used to be nor the way i expected them to be. I need you to go find happiness with somebody else and fast cause i dont wanna be the one to say get lost"

"I wish you were more passionate in your pursuits and actually did the things you said you would do. I will miss you deeply and I will always cherish the time we did together. Don't let anyone tell you that you're not good enough, because trust me, I know that you are indeed. I love you, but it hurts me too much to be with you. "

"You made me depressed/mad/emotional you think you're so cool when you bother me with you're friends calling me drug addict whore or bitch this is over I'm not taking you're bullshit kevin, I loved you but then I realized you're a bitch to me. Bye bye "

""I sincerely wish that we were matched better in how we take on life. You are one of the best people I know and I want you to be with somebody who you are well-suited, who wants what you want from life. Don't let your sisters or anybody tell you you're not good enough and don't retreat back into your shell. Live life boldly and find what it is you're passionate about.""

"You're a great guy but I don't think it's going to work out... I know we aren't going to last forever but it kind of hurts when I'm constantly told that. We've had our fun but I think it's over now. "

"I use to be crazy about him but somewhere along the line something changed"

"I was in love with her but time has changed things"

"I feel like our arguments tend to be too much at times; which makes me rethink this whole relationship with you. Is this really worth it?"

"Stop being so fucking moody with me all the time! Stop constantly putting me in the wrong."

"I love you and I miss you. I wish things would work out, but I feel it's too late"

"I sincerely wish that we were matched better in how we take on life. You are one of the best people I know and I want you to be with somebody who you are well-suited, who wants what you want from life. Don't let your sisters or anybody tell you you're not good enough and don't retreat back into your shell. Live life boldly and find what it is you're passionate about."

"I love you, I'm in love with you & letting you go is going to be hard..."

"I honestly only came to this website because i thought i would find like funny break up stories, but damn is this all deep. I mean technically thinking about my last break up bores me to death, it was like a year ago. I mean if i'm that lazy to specify every little detail i've moved on. But i guess somedays i'll think about my ex trying to get me back, and i picture what i would do. To be honest i have no idea what i would do because i think i mostly want that to happen so i can feel good about myself, to boost my ego. Who knows what would happen but he's happy with some other girl, he found her pretty quickly and they've already been together for a year. I've been pretty strong about it all since i found out about her, right now that is irrelevant to me. It never really affected me much only like the first few weeks but i mean i saw them at school so i was bound to feel that way. In a way i think it was one of the best things that could have happened to me i've grown so much as a person, i love myself even more, i've gotten my confidence back and to be honest that relationship was toxic. But now i don't think too much of it anymore, i guess there's a day you finally stop caring. I mean at the end of the day i never really genuinely wanted him, i only liked the idea of someone loving and being obcessed with me. I guess we'll just see what happens, i'm pretty sure he'll stay with that girl and she'll get pregnant soon enough. I'm preparing for that already i mean i'll be fine but it's weird to see that happen with someone who was your high school sweetheart you thought you were going to end up with. But oh well that's life and i'm in a much better place now."

"I love you so much and don't want to let you go, but the circumstances are leading me to think that we are becoming too toxic for each other. We are in an unhealthy relationship that has the potential to lead to only more fights. I keep telling myself to forgive and move on but someone has to draw the line. I don't want to be in a relationship that only causes us both pain. Maybe it just isn't the right time, I am only doing this because I care for you so much. "

"she just can't undertand how I could feel this way since they have been friends for such a long time in their lives.My wife claims she's friends with his wife, but they don't talk because they don't have much in common. Am I unreasonable? Once when he has returned home to visit in the past, my wife didn’t invite me to go along, and in fact, told me after the fact that they had met for lunch. I only know of this happening once a couple of years ago. I don’t know how often they met up when we were dating. She has told me all of the other times that she has visited him and his family on his return home visits before she goes- she takes the children. So, I’m not sure if I’m just being paranoid or if there is some type of relationship with him that exists that is out of the norm? I believe if I told him it was him or me, she would choose me but would be extremely resentful, which would hurt our marriage and children as well. She’s known him for about 20 years of her life, dated him 7 years, and considers just good friends. However, how do I know how this guy really feels? I just feel confused as to what to do!"

"For 5 years you pretended to be someone you were not. You put on airs. Pretended to love me. The day we broke up you told me I was amazing, we would always be friends, more lies. You found out my mother was dying, your heartless cold self never reached out to my family that was always good to you. You tortured me with cruelty, hatefulness. You have ice in your veins. I will never understand the type of person that could flip their emotions like a light switch. I will always love you but I will never understand how hurting people comes so easy to you."

"Its not fair that we were forced into a breakup. Yes, your dad despises us being together, but did you really have to give up? Why couldnt you just convince your dad that we could change instead? I even wrote you a letter suggesting the right solutions. Or is it because you dont actually love me the way you say it, or is it because you're a dumbass? I understand you're only 16 years old and you might not be mature enough to think whats right. But do you really want to lose me? Think about when you grow up. When youre finally matured. What if you look back and regret how you let me walk out of your life? Are you sure you would meet someone whom you love as much as me? And it hurts even more when im already gone by then. It will hurt you like how it hurt me. Crying everyday over the grief of the end of our relationship. Begging you to come back when all you want to do is move on. Im not gonna let you move on. I want you back. Yes that makes you happy as it proofs how much i love you. But remember, dont push me too far. I have my own limits and i wont be here forever. So start thinking like an adult, you idiot"

"I love you, you are the most amazing person I've ever met. But this life we have together is not at all how I want my life to be. I want to be out living life to it's fullest, with a partner next to me sharing the same passion I'd have for whatever it is we'd be doing. I don't want to escape from the world anymore, I've spent enough time in a stoned haze staring at a computer screen. I need someone who will push me to be the best me that I can be. Unfortunately you are not this person, and is unfair to ask you to change drastically enough to become that person. You can find someone who is better for you than me. I hope we can still be friends."

"Hey Elliot, guess what u asshole, we are breaking up. I like my boy best friend now. You're just not being what you were like when we were dating. BYE JERK!!! "

"I hate me for not feeling the same as him, or not to feel the as in the beggining of the relatinship, he is amazing and i would love to love him, but i can't force myself to feel the same again. It really kills me to think that i will regret it but its unfair for him that i stay with him and not feel the same "

"I love you so much but if you really think about it, this relationship is no longer natural and shouldn't be forced like it is now. I know you will achieve amazing things in life but the one standing next to you supporting you will be someone other than me and I know that person will be amazing just as you are. "

"The day i met you i thought you'll become a massive part of my life..and i wasn't wrong. You made me the happiest person in the world, that only for the first couple of months tho..after a bit, no more effort from you to make me happy ,no more effort to show me how much you love me..I kept trying , i dedicated everything i had way too much to you , tried to do everything i could to make you happy , make you things, write you long messages to make you happy .But i cant do this any longer , you put drugs before me, you put your friends before me ,you put small meaningless things before me.. you leave me hurting and keep arguing instead of admitting to your mistakes and fixing my heart after you broke it for so many times..You loved hurting me, putting me down , and leaving me there , until i would crawl back to you and apologise to you...I am happy though , you made me fall out of love with you, so now i can move on..I'm happy you never got to propose to me that day..i would've said yes and i would've hated myself for it...WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING"

"I hope you find what you're looking for."

"Our relationship is.......different. It's not as loving as before. I don't know. You just don't seem to love me, while I love you. Why should I put myself this way? Why should I make myself sad? I'm sorry, but I think we need to go separate ways. I deserve someone better."

"Dadhie I use to loved you but when time goes by the reality sink on my mind. I feel so lost right now. we know everything we have was all wrong. I want to make all this things right. It's not too late after all. I know its hard to forget about you but its for everybody's sake. Don't think by ourselves first lets think for the good of others. don't be selfish. let's just break up for the sake of our love one's. I love you but my conscience filled my mind and my heart. just give up on me. please set me free."

"Like the summer's calidity, it is only a temporary visitor of the year before winter purges man and nature of their heated beaches, barbeques, and bonfires. That is all over, now, my temporary visitor. Might I be too callous to say that our relationship is the equivalent? And considering that it is currently autumn, it only makes more sense to mention that I have fallen away from you. Winter is becking me from its corner with a white quilt to quench the last flame that softly burns within me for you. The only reason that flicker of fire is no longer the flamboyant flame it once was was because of all of the junk and trash you steadily put atop of it. Shame on me that I permitted you to do that one too many times. My goodness. After the first time you dipped your fleshly goods into another individual's pocket of warmth, I was disgusted with you (as it is reasonable to feel such a way). But what really put the stamp on the worn envelope was the fact that the smiles, kisses, and embraces you delivered to me showed no signs of infidelity. Devoid of guilt, you were; until I confronted you. We separated, with you doing what you could to win me back. And soon, we got back together. My friends calling me a fool to return to your arms. Yes, I am quick to forgive but unlike my friends, you took me for a bigger ditz. That was your number one mistake. You expected me to forget about it and thought I was being paranoid to question you about your whereabouts. I had every right to doubt. But is it not worse for me to not care? Yes. Yes, it is worse. Your lack of imagination to know how to court me as you once did was insulting. You would rather watch Netflix all day and do nothing productive. I would rather scope through Groupon to find deals for events and entertainment. You would rather smoke and drink with your pals all day. I would rather stick my nose in a science journal any day than do something as insipid as that. Your moves in the bedroom became embarrassingly predictable. I would be open to trying anything new each and every time. We had a balance, you and I. But you're not all that. Hence why you had to build yourself to be someone bigger than you truly were. Lies, lies, lies. Your tired and tedious lies. Pardon my negativity, but it is the truth. I love you and myself and know it is unhealthy to constantly battle with conscience for thinking I'm paranoid and constantly doubting everything you would say. Nobody can live happily like that. I thank you for the summer, but as winter is approaching, the fires can no longer stir for you. I must rest my heart during this season of hibernation. Summer will roll back around and hopefully, by then, I will let my heart open and my guard down just like the windows and the hardtop to my Jeep. Just not with you. Ever. PS - I sincerely hope you beat cancer. "

"Dear you, I love you so much. Or so I thought. I get confused with my own feelings. I do not see you as the one anymore. I don't know. I thought I just need some time. But whenever we are apart I don't miss you like I did. We've gotten into fights. But our last one didn't bring us closer. I think you can't make me happy like I can't make you happy. I want a better man and you deserve a better girl. "

"I loved you but it gets too hard. Dealing with this and all the things that happen. We can't even deal with the small things. You never message me back or you just say idk or bye. Maybe the ocassional k. I can't do this. It's too hard. I'm not happy. And you are most likely not happy either. We both don't want to do this so what can we even do. I don't know what to say. I love you and loved you so much. Maybe it's just time to move on. I'm sorry"

"We really broke each other. I broke you and then you broke me. I tried to fix it, but I'm exhausted. It's better if I just let you go. Who cares if I'll be mad seeing you with another girl. I got over the guy I thought I loved before you and I can do the same after you."

"I will always love you♕ and i hope we always are in touch.♥ "

"I loved you but it's not gonna work but I will always love you "

"You are my best friend, we have so much in common, plus the sex is great. I'm just not in love anymore. There is nobody else, but I'm sure your not the one."

"Fuck you and go to hell, my heart is not a playground, I deserve better."

"It just needs to happen for sanity's sake"

"I care about you. I really do. You have no idea. It's just I feel like we need to move on with our lives as we start this new chapter. Why ruin our friendship with paranoia. I understand if you don't want to be associated with me anymore. But... Just know this isn't because I dont think you're an amazing person. "

"There's no reason not to love you, but I just don't. I can't deal with feeling nothing anymore. I need passion, I need life. I'm sick of feeling tied down because of our relationship, so I can't do this anymore. We are both reaching different parts of our lives, and I think it's time that we both just spread out our wings and find what we really want in life. "

"I don't want you to be the one trying to find the right words to say to make me stay, but that's what's going to happen. I can only hide so much, because I can't hide the way I feel just so I don't hurt you. I do love you, but it's different now. It was fun while it lasted and I don't want to drag it out. I know I'm an asshole, but I think I need to end this before I really hurt you (by cheating). I feel like an awful person because everytime you say "I love you" I respond with "I love you to" but I feel guilty like I'm lying. I feel like there is something bigger and better for both of us out there, I am doing you a favor by ending this before it gets worse. Go listen to "You can't hide loved" by the Johnny Orr band, and "Break up with him" (I can't remember the singers) and you might understand where I'm coming from. 😪 sorry this had to be done."

"I think after 3.5 years, we should KNOW that we are in-love. We were GREAT friends, but somehow we lost the romance, the togetherness feeling. I feel so distant from you now, and yet I do not know what I will do not seeing you everyday. You have been my best friend for 3.5 years, I feel so lost... and yet, not sad. Who am I? If anyone reads this, never pretend to be someone you're not because you will wake up one day and realize you do not know who you are any longer. Be you, and someone will eventually love you for you. We only live once, be true to YOU!"

"I want to Find someone who makes me happy. Someone who every time I check my phone I hope it's not a fight. Someone who is over all a great guy. Someone with goals. Someone who treats me with 100% respect. Someone who adores me. Someone who would do anything to keep me. & sad to say. That someone isn't you "

"I love you but not the way I used to. I'm so sorry. Are feelings are unbalanced and I just don't feel the same about you. "

"We are just so different. "

"I used to love you, but I'm not sure why. You steal the things I pay for, we rarely talk, and our humors clash. I've wanted an excuse to break it off for a while... but I don't have one, and I don't want to hurt your feelings. Sorry to do this online, but we're through."

"Thanks for raising my kid while I am gone. But I'm just not into you anymore. Thinking of leaving. Have been for a while. You clearly don't like my lifestyle."

"I wish you had of realised."

"I love you.. I really do and you've meant the world to me for over a year.. I want to fix this but I don't know how.. I hope this doesn't come to an end but if it continues like this I dont know how much I can take.. Your like a child, you talk like your something your not.. You slap me frequently. And I can't handle it. Goodbye.."

"If only I wasn't dumb enough to see the signs that you only wanted someone to help you escape from your loneliness, then I wouldn't have a heart that is ripped open that I had to sew back together. You have been using me for far too long. It's time for me to take back what's mine..oh, and thank you for showing me what kind of person you truly are, I would have been miserable with somebody like you! Now..go back to your millionth 'boyfriend' and never contact me ever again! "

"I tried fighting for us but you took advantage and you gave up and didn't try hard enough you lied and you ignored me and left me behind like everyone else and that hurt and I told you it hurt. I put our relationship in your hands and gave you another chance and you crushed it like it was nothing. You think I'll stay and be here and only be to our side when you want me too but in not a dog and you know me to well. I can't do this anymore. I'm tried of crying every night and of people leaving me and throwing my trust away like I'm a piece of shit. I'm done. Were done. I still love you and always will but you know I cant be with someone doing what your doing. You say you see me in your future but I see me working like my mom trying to support my kids while her bf would smoke weed in the garage and not work. I cant do that. I'm stronger than that I'm better than that. I'm sorry "

"I will miss you. But I just feel like we don't have the same spark we used to. Conversations and laughter used to go on for hours, but is becoming increasingly rare. I'm not sure this is the right thing to do, but my gut tells me it is."

"I loved you whole-heartly and would do anything to make you happy. But the whole time you've compared me to past girlfriends almost to the point that I can't deal. I love you and tried but this can't go on much longer. Thank you for the good times that we've had and pray that you find that someone special who will love you like you need to be loved."

"I love you but this isn't going to work. I know you want to find "the one" and you believe that I am but I don't think so. You can do so much better than me. I hope that you find her."

"I love you but I know we are not meant to be. If we were we wouldn't do the things we do to each other. I love you so much but I need to think about my happiness and my life. I hope your happy. I really do hope you find someone else."

"We had a lot of great times together and I nearly gave myself to you... But after that day nothing has been the same. I can't smile anymore when I think of you... We but-heads now more often than not and I can feel your coldness to me. I'm sorry that it's become like this. I will always love you, but not in the way I need to to be with you."

"I don't know what I feel anymore. I love you, well I think I do. I fucked up alone, Dee. I'm sorry, extremely sorry. I know you love me, and I should've done this before. Our relationship is going nowhere.. I wish we could be together, but until I'm emotionally and mentally stable, I can't be with anyone.. "

"I wish I was in love with you but I'm not any more. Our life together could be so good but it's too simple for me. Do you even know I'm smart? I have things to do in my life. I don't want to wake up one morning and be 50 and unfulfilled. I don't even know if you love me, really, or if you're just going through the motions. "

"I'm sorry, but i can't stay with you. Not when I love someone else. "

"The worst is having to hurt him, but I just don't see a future for us. I feel disconnected for too long now and I can feel that he does not trust me."

"We are too different yet she can't see it, she loves me so much but never shows it. And with the distance between us it is time for me to move on, but I hate the thought if hurting her. She doesn't deserve to be broken up with, but she also deserves someone who will love her the way she loves me. I'm not that person anymore."

"I wish you the best of luck on your journey. I know one day you'll be the man you wanted to be with me, but I've spent too much time waiting for that to happen. I need to move on. I will always love you and you will always have a special place in my heart, but I need a different kind of man. The future will always be a bit rocky at first, but you and I will make it to our own destinations. I wish you all the love in the world. "

"Honestly the only thing that kept me from leaving you all this time was the fact that I felt responsible for your happiness and helping you out of your rut. But now that I know I'm sacrificing my own goals, friends as well as the best years of my life. I cant keep doing this to myself. I hope you learned from our relationship to better yourself but now I think its time that I start to focus on myself and grow as an individual rather then being locked up in a dead end relationship."

"Best wishes to you in the future but I have had enough of feeling like your somebody some of the time. Its time for me to be someones all of the time. I have had enough of your confusing games. You are either in or out. No more sitting on the fence. If you aren't willing to make a decision I am. I am done. "

"I just really think its not working out..Im sorry. I know you have a bad history with your past GFs and you really thought this one was going to be different, but I just dont think we should be together anymore. We never have anything to talk about, we dont have anything in common, and I dont feel anything between us. And Im unhappy. In all honesty, I would rather hang out with my friends than hang out with you....I just feel like im being tied down...Im really really sorry, but i hope we can be friends...."

"Im sorry if this is rough for you. I just feel like i changed after this started and I feel like ive been putting off my friends and family. Maybe its best for the both of us to just end it now before things go any further. I hope you find the right guy for you soon. I hope he's perfect because you deserve perfect. "

"i'm done being your verbal and physical punching bag. i cannot in good health keep this up or else i am willing to give up on my own life. "

"I'm sorry to see the outcome like this, but despite the short term pain, I think it is better for both of us in the long term. And although we've shared many great memories, I personally can't sustain this lifestyle as I've become quite unhappy and disconnected from myself. I really need a good chapter on my own now, which although I had an inkling was the case prior to meeting you, it's a need that's getting stronger and stronger every day. I would like to be alone and end this before it just slowly dies out and fades away anyhow. I love you you and greatly respect you as a person."

"Moving on would be so much easier if I didn't have to see your stupid face every day. You'd think after all you've done to me, I would hate your guts. i wish I did :("

"i feel better when i don't have to worry about you. it's too much. let's take some time apart. we don't need to be together doing the same thing all the time. i want other women. i want my life back. it will be a little harder to sleep. i'll regret it a little. but i regret staying with you more. let's stop now. it is only going to get worse."

"I wish we were both more mature to deal with each other and make this work out."

"I love you more than anything or anyone but I'm not going to waste my time dating someone who doesn't care about me. I'll always love you but I don't think you'll ever love me."

"I love you but I think it's time we both moved on. "

"I love'll be happier without me :) take care"

"I'm sorry. I just don't think we're the ones for each other. The time together has been great it really has but... I just don't feel the same spark we used to have anymore. We seem to have just drifted apart as of late... I'm sorry I really am but I just feel like this is what's best for both of us. Goodbye.."

"im not in love anymore..."

"I think I want to be alone. Not with someone else, just on my own."

"I'm sorry for putting you through this, but I am really unhappy with this relationship. It could be either my or your fault, and I'm not sure. "

"Something isn't right. A distance is growing and I feel like I'm being led on/taken for granted.. I'd rather put the attention I had for you back on me so I can be a better person. I was fine on my own before I met you anyhow."

"I am at a stalling point in my life, and I believe that with you out of the picture I would be able to accomplish many of the goals and wants I have "

"I love you for who you are on the inside, an angel. But you have no common sense and are just downright dumb. If we ever had shared resources or money your stupidity would not only infuriate me further, but the stakes would be higher. I see some sort of crisis happening because your lack of common sense, or just repeated irritations. Your an amazing girlfriend but for every great quality you have, theres a subtle terrible one that only rises every blue moon. I tried making it work despite all this because we were beautiful together, but we don't mix as well as we would like. Goodbye, I'll always hold you dear. "

"I love you dearly, but I think that we may not be compatible life-long partners. I think we have differing views on the world and we have trouble changing certain views to compromise with one another. I miss you like crazy already, and you have been my whole life. But maybe it's time we move on to a different path in life."

"I love you so much, and i always will but we just aren't good together. Sorry. "

"I was trying to save you from yourself, I was trying to help you. But you don't want my help, you don't want anyone's help because you don't want to be happy and that's such a shame and it breaks my heart. I will always hurt for you, but not because of you, not anymore."

"I can't take care of you the rest of your life, your not ambitious, wont get a job or take care of a car, your way to into your friends, that you have no time for me, your friend likes to lie cheat n do illegal things, n you two are trouble, so what ever he does I know you do. I loved you for 3 years, invested time and money into you and us, and it's gotten no where, you still aren't able to treat me right or be sweet n suprise me with flowers or help out with bills. You're not responsible nor mature, and your parents are the same way, bumming to get by. I think I deserve better, and i should've done this a while ago but I wasn't thinking of the future(HS sweethearts) Were grown now, I've matured n grown up n your still living like your 16, drinking and driving, and living off me. It's over. I really don't want you creeping back into my life, I don't wanna ever see you or hear from or about you. I don't want this mistake and hard words to say, be said again. We tried, and it just didn't work. bye"

"You were the best and the worst three years of my life. You put me through absolute hell, but you also made me more wise. We were both so young and naive when we first met, it all seems like a dream now. But this is the end for us. I can't keep putting myself through this pain. I no longer want to be with someone who makes me less happy. I wish you and your family all the best. Thank you for everything. I hope you have a wonderful life. "

"Every time you try to have a serious conversation with me, I get anxious, which makes my answers come out cagey and evasive. I am the reason we are not connecting as we should and I feel like we are too irreparable to continue this. It really is not you, it's me."

"Things are not working out and I'm sorry. I don't want to be your girlfriend anymore."

"i miss you but i dont want you back luv u"

"I don't like how you flirt with other men and go very far out of your way to make an impression on a man who has a crush on you. I can't be with you for this reason. I don't think we are a compatible couple."

"I think you are a good woman. You don't know how to be a girlfriend. This doesn't work for me and I need better. I'm sorry we don't fit. I wish you the best."

" I love you and I'll miss you. But sometimes we make choices for ourselves to be Happy. And that's Okay. I am sad now. But one day, we will know It's for the better. "

"I loved you I really do in fact I still do and this is so hard but I am not happy and I am so depressed and when we are together sometimes I go in the bathroom and I cry. I have been pressured by you to do things I don't want to do things that after we do I cry when u aren't around. I hate myself because I am always getting stepped on by you . you are so controlling and way to jealous and it make me lose interest in you. I always let you talk to me any kind of way and I am always apologizing even when I haven't done anything wrong. You've hurt me and I love you but I need to be happy with someone who deserves me im sorry but goodbye."

"I dont like how you never want to do the things i want to do,also you never stick up for me when it comes to your parents. Your family always judges people and i dont like that. It seems like we are going in completly different directions in our lives. So im sorry but i dont think we should be together anymore. It's not working for me, we have been arguing more and more and your family gets involved with everything and just makes it 10x worse. "

"I broke up with him cause his new girlfriend said that he was flirting with her and told the whole school and it got to me and it wasn't even true and he won't even break up with her when ppl told him."

"I think I tried my hardest and the best I could. We both made mistakes but sometimes trying just isn't enough."

"I tried to get over the jealousy , insecurities and distrustful ways of yours but i can't take it no longer, ,,, blessings to you always..."

"You are a great person, but I fear we might be too different"

"I really tried to make this relationship work. I gave my time, love, money and heart without regard. All this effort didn't make a difference. "

"I love you but I get the feeling you don't really care about me and think of me as just another chess piece."

"I have always loved you and always will but neither of us is happy anymore and its time to cut our losses and find what does make us happy."

"I love you but not near as much as you love me. You deserve someone who can really love you. I'm sorry. I love someone else. And sometimes I seriously consider cheering on you and breaking up with you. And sometimes I really get the feeling that you are cheeting on me. And I'm sorry if I hurt you but I canny be sorry about how I feel. We never get to see each other. If I try to come back I want you to tell me to get over it because ultamitly it will end up ruining our friendship. Goodbye. I hope you can find someone who will love you right"

"I so desperately want this to work. But I don't know what it is u want from me. I'm not going to be the one reaching out to you. If ur not meant for me then I have to accept that and move on even though it hurts me so bad!"

"I wish you luck on your next relationships..."

"Why did you lie about every thing. I just can't deal with the fact that I don't trust you anymore. Trying to build something on a lie will never work. Good bye "

"I feel judged by you and don't want to be with you "

"I love u I'm a pussy im not afraid when we get in fights but this time i am Im scared to say this but I think we should break up. I just think that i have to focus on school. If we stay together then u will be like all mad cuz i wont spend time with u I luv u"

"I do like you a lot.. Why couldn't u just adjust, be normal like all other girls. I hope I'm making the right decision. God it is so hard...

"I feel like you don't get me. I feel misunderstood and lonely a lot. If you won't tell me you love me after over a year I have to wonder what you are really thinking about in this relationship. I think it is time for me to move on. It hurts me to say it, but because I have an image in my mind of you being very sad about it. In reality, I don't know how you feel."

"Not yet. It's hard to. I haven't fallen out of love with you.. But I have to. It'll be hard. But this has to come to an end."

"I gave you everything I could. Everything I had. I guess it wasn't enough. I'm glad I made your life so much better. I'm glad I made such a great impact. But the fact of the matter is, you're still a bad person. I deserve so much better. Someone that treats me right. I'm tired of being stepped on and waiting until I get stepped on again."

"I wish that things had been different in so many way but as hard as I try I can't forgive you for all the pain you have put me through. It hurts to walk away and say good bye but my tears are running dry. I know you tell me you can change but I can no longer believe it. Why change now when you couldn't before? My heart hurts, everyday. I don't want to hurt anymore . I'm so sorry but I must walk away."

"Listen, things just haven’t been the same for me. I’m not into this 100% anymore; I haven’t been since you told me, you know, what happened in January. I haven’t looked at this relationship the same, I haven’t felt the same, and, to be honest, I haven’t loved you the same way since. There really isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about how it changed something about this relationship. You can call me petty for not being able to get over it, but honestly, I can’t. We’re in two different places right now. Romantically, I can’t do this relationship anymore. It’s not fair to you that I’m not 100% into it; I can’t do it anymore. If you still want to be friends, I’m more than cool with that. But that’s up to you to decide. I just can’t be romantically involved with anyone right now. I’m sorry for all of this, but this is all hard for me to admit, and the last thing I want to do is hurt you, which is why I really had to think this over for a long time. "

"I'm sorry, but we aren't doing well. We argue 1-3 times a week and I honestly like another woman. So again, I'm sorry, but I can't do this."

"Just dump me, cause i dont want to do it"

"I mean everything I said to you. I take none of it back. You're smart and kind. I know you will go so far, as long as you are not held back by your parents."

"I'm tired of you not trusting me. I lied to you about having multiple dating sites and that was wrong. I created those dating site before I met you I don't use them. I dont have the password or login for most of them and I'm not about to waist my time tracking down every last dating site that i ever made cause its pointless. I do not use them. If its that hard for you to trust me you should let me go and move on. I have not cheated, and honestly I do think about it, but i could never do that because I have been Cheated on before and i would not inflict that feeling on anyone. You were wrong to Hire a some one to spy on me and that is a major breech of trust. You know i must be stupid or something to keep trying to convince myself that im in love with you. I do love you, but our relationship is not supposed to be this toxic. I want to leave so I can have my happiness, but i want to make sure its not a mistake, because even though i cant stand you sometimes, I know you truly love me and want what's best for me, and i don't wanna make a mistake of leaving you because you keep it real with me. there are so many fake people in this world today. I dont wanna Leave but i do gotta go "

"I'm sorry but i just don't have feelings for you anymore and I hope we can still be friends. Honestly, its really not your fault so don't take it hard on yourself."

"We both aren't perfect. I cant get over the feeling of being wronged by you for your past mistakes. I was a fool to be with you, but I cared and wanted it so bad to work. In the end we both ended up destroying each other. There's a lot of things I messed up and there's things you messed up. Were just burnt out. I hope its just that....burnt out. I'd rather we be burnt out than to fade away from each other. Something inside has moved in me, a hardness and negative feelings that lead me to protect myself now. It will be hard for the both of us, but this isn't working at all."

"I love you but im not happy. ill always remember our time with fondness."

"You don't even know that something is wrong, and I am going to be the bad guy when this breakup happens. You NEVER call me, our entire relationship has essentially been texting, thats IT. We've been together essentially 3 months and seen each other literally a handful of times, you've called me twice, factimed once and thats it. I cant be in love with you like I should be, I think you are an amazing person and i want nothing but the best for you, but it isnt me anymore. Please feel free to hate me, tell all your friends what a bitch i am anything that will make it so that you dont bottle this up and tuck it away without feeling anything. I would love to stay friends with you, no matter how cliche that is, but i want you to let go of this first. We are so young, we shouldn't be tied down when we don't have to be. Go have fun, be free, act your age. I am just now finding who I am and who I want to be as a person, but I need to do this alone for a while. Good luck with everything, I really do want nothing but the best for you."

"this is killing me to do this and I don't wanna do this but with what's happend I have I wish things could've been different I wish things were better but it's not so I'm sorry but I can't do this anymore but I still love u and I always will"

"you know we've been having problems for a long time now and it just seems to be gettin worse. we tried but its not workin and you cant deny it. time to break up."

"I never was attracted to you. I'm still not, and I'm in love with someone else."

"I'm not happy. I think about breaking up a lot. And even thouh I don't want to hurt you I think it's better in the long run if we take a break because I'm not sure if I see us living together forever. "

"I will always care about u . But it is time for me to go. I hope we can still be friends again?"

"I can't stop thinking about other women. I don't see a future here and you're not working as hard on this as I am. I just don't want the emotional backlash. I want to move on."

"I stopped having feelings for you about a month ago. im sorry."

"I love you. I always will. I don't feel like we're as connected as we used to be. I'm not as happy as I was in the start of our relationship. I don't think we're meant to be together. I'm gonna miss you terribly. You are a best friend to me but I feel like we aren't as close as we were in the beginning. We're young. And I really would like to explore more before I settle down with a guy forever. I know this is going to hurt you alot. I'm sorry but it has to be done. I won't ever forget you. You are always in my heart. And I believe in you and hope you'll do great things in your life. You are passionate, sweet, caring, kind, loving, funny, and silly. And you deserve to be with somebody who loves you just the way you are and appreciates every little thing about you so I'm going to let go baby. I'll miss you. "

"I'm so sorry, but I don't think I'm in love with you."

"You are annoying as fuck. You think you know everything but you don't. Hopefully you learned something from this relationship like I have. PEACE BITCH"

"I feel like I've wasted most if this past year. You don't know what you have and you never treated me right. Your loss "

"i love you, i just need some time for me"

"I'm clearly not what you are looking for so it is time to move on."

"We had fun but i think we both knew this wasnt a relationship leading to a house,marriage or kids together. Hell were still kids and i know theres more we both want to do but were holding each other back because were both so content with were we are at. I think that breaking up will be the best idea for us to move on with our lifes and do the thing we both want to do. I love you tho, so much. No one can replace you but we cant be together anymore."

"I think that we need to break up. I still have some feelings for you, but it's really just not working out. We aren't what we used to be. Nowadays, it seems as though we have nothing to talk about, and when we do talk it's really awkward. I just feel like it would be much easier for us to break up so that we can figure ourselves out, because right now it seems like we don't even know what we want from each other, which makes it tough to have a good relationship. I understand that you love me, but I don't know how I feel anymore. It's really not you, it's me. Yes, I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true. And I just don't feel as though it would be fair to you to have to be in a relationship with someone who can't figure themselves out. I'll miss you, but I need to move on."

"I have been talking to a friend and well before we got together last week, i felt like it was a mistake. Sorry all of this just made my love fade away ."

"Sometimes you make me feel really happy and loved, and I love to be around you. But a lot of the time, I find myself thinking of breaking up with you. I find myself looking at other guys. I'm not proud of dating you. And, sometimes you flip out over the littlest things which makes me feel like you don't want to be with me anymore. I want a simple relationship, but you seem to make things so complicated."

"I just wish things could have worked out better. I wish that you didn't act certain ways. I wish that you protected me. I wish that you really cared. I wish you knew what love actually was before thinking you fell in love with me. You don't have feelings. Why would I ever think I could be loved by you or anyone? "

"You were great and all but my feelings for you have changed and I don't see the same way anymore. You seem more to me as a friend than my girlfriend. "

"I feel like we've started to grow apart, and I don't want to drag it out. I don't want another year of distance, and it wouldn't be fair to keep it going over the summer with you knowing I wasn't as into it as before."

"I care about you. I really do. But I don't love you. It's hard for me that our interests are so far apart. It's gotten to the point where I'm bored with you, and I don't feel we're right for each other."

"I love the fact that you slowed me down and gave me a glimpse of a proper life but I can't do this anymore. I'm purely miserable and you're ashamed of me deep down inside and u know it. I can't handle this anymore at all, it's time to move on."

"I still love you but I know you dont love me, I think we should move on if that is the case."

"Wish you would have listened..."

"Thanks for letting me see that I am better off without you. Having your own sense of self is attractive, and being a fake poser isn't. Thanks for teaching me what I value. And next time you want to blame someone, don't pick me. Im over you. No shame."

"Sometimes the hardest part isn't letting go but rather learning to start over."

"What's done is done. What's gone is gone. One of life's lesson is always moving on. It's okay to look back and think of fond memories but keep moving forward."

"Steve, I have to let you go, because you really let yourself go."

"No se puede amar por siempre. el amor que no recibe amor se oxida y no puedo esperar que se levante de su comodo sofá y se de cuenta que hay alguien que se merece mucho más y que ya se ha cansado de dar tanto. me estoy perdiendo oportunidades, quien sabe si quizás mi futuro esposo o un buen compañero. la vida no espera a nadie y yo no puedo esperar a que el sea la clase de pareja que me merezco."

"I feel like we have nothing to talk about. I never know what to say to you. I feel like it is just empty awkward space between us. I feel bad that I am still with you but I still want to go to prom... I'm sorry"

"You never seem like you wanna hang out with me at all, after i asked you out, i guess you assumed I was your fallback plan if you had nothing else to do...unfortuanatly you always had other things. I am the kind of person who gets stressed over things likes this and I have not spent a night without stress since we started going out. I just think it will be easier on me if we break up"

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