Confessions - Long Distance Relationships

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With all the new technology and gadgets, can long distance relationships really work?

Sometimes being in a long-distance relationship is completely unrealistic depending on your family life, career or social life. It’s not for everyone (in fact, it’s not for most of us), so keep this realism in mind when you embark. Please share your long distance relationship advice with the rest of the class.


Check out these true confessions from our visitors:

"The pandemic was a bitch. It kept me from you, and caused us to cling to a relationship that lost clarity every single day. There was so much uncertainty, goals and aspirations were pushed off further and further. We were supposed to get a home together. To travel Australia, and the world, together. When the inevitable day came, and you called off the relationship, I was already steeped so far in denial about how dismal things were. The break-up made me look at myself, and I started to internalize everything. The pandemic may have been the cause for my absence, but my absence killed our bond. Now, after both of us have grown in the past two years, I find myself laying in bed still thinking about you. I thought I was past us, but there is unfinished business. I will not emasculated, absent, and non-committal. I want to be in Australia, with you. I still love you, and I want to continue to love you, grow with you, and hopefully, start a family with you. I am listening to myself and I will not hesitate. Just how can I let you know how much I love you? When will that day come? I am working on the process in the background of my life. You don't deserve to wait for me anymore, I need to be ready."

"It sucks of not only living far away from each other but not being able to talk or text as much since we both been so busy. But I am very happy that things have taken a better turn for you & how happy you are as well 🙂 Sometimes, or most of the times, I don't feel good enough for you,I will think to myself 'how does a complete loser like me deserves someone as wonderful as you'. I feel as though I'm nothing but baggage and a burden to you thats slowing you down and I know that there are so many other girls out there who live closer to you, prettier, fresher, more successful, more independent, no imperfections or mental issues like me & someone who also speaks and understands Spanish and is more similar to you.. Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve anyone especially with such a great gentleman as you. How is it that you are with such a loser as me.."

"There are 1200 miles between us, and for a while, we made it work. But it seems like the flame is dying. I love you. I truly, truly do. I cannot stand the idea of a life without you. But sometimes it's hard to trust you. It's gotten to the point where I'm not entirely sure you're ever telling the truth. School keeps you busy, and school keeps me far from home. We used to talk so much. We used to talk about the stars in the sky and the life we were supposed to have. We used to talk about true love and how you were the one who made me believe in it. We still talk a lot, but the conversations are shallow. They feel the same every day, they blend together and sometimes I know exactly what you're going to say to me long before you do, because it's the same thing every single day. We fight too much. We try to fix everything, and at least for a short time, it seems like it works. And then the next day, it's all the same. It's not long now until I see you again, but I don't know if I can hold on anymore. I know that it will all be okay, at least for now, if we make it until summer, but I don't know if I can. I know that it would all be okay if we make it just three more years, but this year has been so, so difficult for me. I don't know if I can do it."

"Sometimes being loved by you feels like a ball and chain-- but I can't even see my jailer. When you're here, things are normal. Things are perfect. But when you're gone I forget your touch, your face, our connection... And I start to want to live life for myself again; but then I feel the slight tug of the chain around my ankle. Like a weird faint memory of something I used to feel...something I should still feel though you're not by my side-- which makes me feel worse. Then you come back for a short period of time and the cycle starts all over again. An undying love or a never ending sentence?"

"We fell in love the first evening we spoke, were happy as can be, and now video calling and texting feels like a chore. Another mundane task that needs to be checked off a list. Just one year and I realize that long distance can't work for me. At once I dreamt of us marrying and growing old together but I can't seem to picture this anymore. Your sweet, kind, and funny but you deserve a woman who is literally close to home to you. We've dreamed, talked and planned of being together soon but seems like it will always be just that: dreams. "

"All I have to say is Im on my way and I have a plan. Run away with me. It'll be hard, but its easier than saying goodbye. "

"We do not talk anymore. Sometimes we go days without saying anything to each other because you are working and I am in school. I cannot do this anymore."

"You've been busy since you started work, but I'm holding on and I'm happy you notice :) but i'm so worried, that since Im starting work, and both of us will have work and school to do. We might be so busy that one of us will give up. And we've been through so much to do that."

"It's hard to be there for you when you refuse to let me in. I'm holding on but you're already letting go.."

"I do love you, and I think I have since the day we met, but our distance apart is to great, and I can't figure a solution. Julie, you truly are a great person, and I wish only happiness for you."

"i can't talk to you and we never see each other. I'm tired of waiting. "

" I don't like how you always busy and you want everything your way"

"I love him, but lately he seems so disconnected"

"I enjoy my time with you but I often fear we are not compatible. I find myself avoiding what I truly want to spare your feelings."

"I love you so much, I miss you more than anything... I wanted us to be together forever, God did make us for each other, but the devil got in the way. I love you, D. Please forgive me."

"Why cant you find a way? Am i just not worth it? you tell me"

"I'd say to her. ''I think we should have some time apart, because we hardly even see each other or even communicate at all on a basis that we can both handle. I don't think it will be permanent it will have to be our choice."

"it's really annoying that there's 5,000 miles between us. we're both too young for us to be together yet; we're both only 16. i know people will tell us that our relationship doesn't count because we've never actually met and people will tell us we're too young to know a real relationship but in the year ive known you, ive been the happiest ive ever been in years. it really won't be long until we can actually be together and im willing to wait. i just hope you can too."

"I really loved u and all the memories :/ anyway it's maybe better :/"

"We love each other so much, but I've been going through such a difficult time while I'm away at school. I've missed you so much, along with my family and friends and the life that I knew and understood, but graduate school demands so much more attention, so much more commitment from me. We don't see each other often and, when we do, we're increasingly uncertain of each other. We are crushed under the pressure of our situation. We are crushed by the question, "Is it worth it to spend another two years living different lives in different states, missing each other and feeling lonely and denying ourselves other opportunities for love in the hope that we'll be together in the distant future?" "

"I love you so much but I can't even get to see you alone anymore and it brakes my heart because I do everything for you but you don't appreciate it, and I lost you once and I know that I'm gonna lose you again."

"I'm sorry that we are not able to understand each other's point of view. I don't want to blame you for our situation because I love you and I know that we are both responsible, but I feel like you don't feel the same way. You keep blaming me for not being accommodating, but you changed your mind on a decision we made together and expect me to take responsibility for your indecisiveness. I love you more as much as I know how to love. I will continue growing and have committed to loving you better each and every day, but I can't continue in a relationship where I feel like you don't seriously listen to and consider my point of view, the courtesy I give you every time we speak. Distance will not end this relationship, incompatible definitions of commitment will ultimately lead to our separation."

"This is going to hurt me as much as it's going to hurt you. But I think we have to break up.. It would be better for the both of us.. unless you can love me and stay with me no matter the situation. No matter how far away we are from one another.. It doesn't feel to me like you really love me. If you did you wouldn't be making me feel so stressed out and scared and worried every day Hun.. I'm sorry, but if u can't do that we have to break up. Let's just be friends. If you really think we are soul mates then tell me you won't leave me just because of distance. Our paths aren't ready to merge, we are still walking separate paths for now. We can't fight our own paths.. Please don't make me do this.. I don't have any other choice, unless u can wait for me.. I can wait for u as long as I have to knowing our paths will cross when the time is right. :,( "

"I love you so much, but I feel like my life is being put on hold for you. I'm too young to feel like my life is over. I don't know what else to do. I can't take the confusion, the selfishness, or the pain anymore. I just don't know what to do. "

"I feel like you're no longer telling me things like you used to. It seemed fine in the beginning but you just stopped trying I guess. Maybe we need a break or maybe just be friends. If we were just friends I'd expect less of you so it would be easier for the both of us. This whole thing hasn't been easy for me but I've still put in effort. Work shouldn't be an excuse for ignoring my messages and not calling me for over a month... "

"Why do you keep fighting with me? You never trusted your ex-husband, but that's no reason to not trust me all the time. I'm sick of the constant fights, it creates so much stress for me, stress I wouldn't otherwise have. I'd be happier to break off with you, but you won't let go."

"Will you just tell me what is wrong!?!?! It is making me so worried! "

"I'm not sure it's working anymore. "

"I think you're a great person and a great boyfriend. I want you to get everything you deserve in life. But we are two very different people who were brought up differently and enjoy different activities. We have lost our spark and I do not think we will be able to get it back when this becomes a long distance relationship. I don't see this working out in the long run. I am so sorry. I hope you find someone that gives you the love you deserve."

"Listen,i don't know how i feel. i don't know if i like you or i'm just with you because its easy, but i do know that being with you is a choice, but actually having feelings for you is a feeling that hits you like a truck. The first days we talked it was like the whole world and us was different, but now we started dating...again. We've done this so many times and i'm tired. I feel like this is an obligation to be with you. I don't want to hurt you, which is why i'm not actually telling you. Maybe that makes me a bad person, maybe i'm a loser, but i don't feel like i can trust you or that this is real anymore. I don't think that it's gonna work over the summer or next year when you go to a different school and i don't feel like i want to spend a whole day with you, let alone my whole life. I feel trapped and suffocated. I feel like this is a toxic relationship. I also think that we come from two different worlds. I wanna travel the world and meet new people, i want to study abroad for one year in college, i want to move to California with my best friend and become a Cosmotologist and Event planner, i want to find the guy of my dreams, get married and adopt one kid, if we have any. I know i'm in 7th grade and this is ridiculous to plan so far ahead on my future, but i know what i want and it's not you. I wanna enjoy a summer being single, meet a hot guy, see where that takes me and party and spend time at the pool like summer's never gonna end. I can't take this. I can't take the clinginess, im not even sure if youre clingy, maybe its just me. I'm not a very lovey dovey person, that wants to have picnics on the beach or go out every weekend or call each other every night, or have some big date planned for Valentines day. To be honest, i hate Valentines day...i absolutely hate it. What the heck... its one day of the year where you get to spend a day with your gf/bf? and compared to every other day. Like whats the point, its not a special event its not even a freaking holiday. Whoever came up with this stupid "holiday" had to be on drugs but anyway im sorry, believe me, i love you, but not in that way..."

"I dont know if i can do this anymore. I feel like im not as happy as i should be when im around you or when I think about you. I feel as though im cheating you because i am not as excited and into you as you are into me. Its hard to keep a healthy close relationship when we are both so busy and travel so much and i dont know if it is realistic for us to maintain it, especially if one or both of us is moving away next year. I know we have said i love you but im not so sure i really know what it is and if it is what i feel for you."

"I think maybe I never got a chance to grow, you might be the right person but I think we just met at the wrong time. Maybe we'll meet again one day. You're the most amazing guy i've ever met and any girl would be lucky to date you and I wish you the best in the future. "

"i love you so much and i am sorry because i feel so confused and i don't know what to do. i'm scared of what will happen in a future without you thinking that you might be the one that got away but i really don't feel that i deserve you."

"I loved you so much, and it hurts hardcore that you can't be bothered to pay attention to my recovery now. Especially after I invested so much in helping you get better too."

"I love you, I want to be with you, but we're living separate lives from each other and going separate ways. There's distance without an end-date. It seems that there's unchangeable circumstance, and I wish things were different, but they're not. "

"I love you but I don't think this will work out"

"I don't know if our long distance relationship is going to work anymore, (insert name). I feel like we hardly see each other, and when we do, I'm not sure if we are compatible anymore... We are only sophomores in high school and we shouldn't be trying to plan future things yet.... Maybe when we graduate, if we feel the same for each other again, then maybe it would work... I'm sorry, I just think that it's best to hold off for now, goodbye..."

"I dont know how to make this relationship works. I've tried everything, I'm sorry."

"I wish you the best, you had a impact on me that I'm totally grateful for. But I think we should go our separate ways, because I never reach the same level of attraction when the first time we was together, so I thought we should break it off now before we get deep in this relationship "

"I wish you had been more understanding"

"I will always love you and I need to set you free"

"I have had a crush on another girl but she's not nearly as good as you."

"i dont see us working out"

"I'm sorry for breaking your heart, but I don't think we will work"

" I love her so very much but I have too much to deal with right now and long distance would never work if we saw each other on a very rare basis. And I'm sad having to deal with all of this but I can't get hurt and neither should you. You and I are two of the very best people in this world, but unless we see each other more often, things could get harder. This hurts the hell out of me because I know that I'll never find another girl that has made me feel the ways that you have and I'm losing out on the only thing that matters to me."

"Listen, I don't really think this is going to work out, we're just to different. I don't get what I need from you, and you don't get what you need from me. We're just to different, and I believe it will destroy both of us if we continue this, which is why I want to end this... I'm not sorry, because I am doing what I believe is right for bothe me and you. Godbye."

"I want you to fight for us. I want you to care. I want you to tell me you love me and without a doubt mean it. I want to know that I'm not the only one who gives a fuck. I want us to be best friends again. I feel like you replaced me with your new friends and your new home. I used to be your safe place but now you're far away and you don't need me anymore. I'm not sure if I still need you or if I can become independent. It's just so hard to think about us not being best friends anymore."

"Honestly I don't even know if what we are can be considered a couple. We rarely see or talk to each other and I don't think either of us is trying. School is wearing me down and I don't think I have time to date anyone at all. I would highly rather spend time with my friends at club than go out with him. Right now my classes and my friends are most important for me and I rarely think about him. We haven't spoken in probably a month or two and if we do its just a simple and extremely short conversation. I think he deserves better than me even though I told him how I could be but I'm afraid of loosing him and leaving him alone knowing what he goes through practically every day. But I'm not sure what I want. Half of me wants you to move here and the other half of me doesn't."

"I love my boyfriend, or at least I think I do. But, he lives an hour away and we don't get to see each other very often because I'm too busy with other things, like: cheerleading, dance, volleyball, and my school clubs im involved in. When my boyfriend and I first started dating I thought I wanted to be with him forever but now I'm not sure if I really do or not."

"Honestly I don't even know if what we are can be considered a couple. We rarely see or talk to each other and I don't think either of us is trying. School is wearing me down and I don't think I have time to date anyone at all. I would highly rather spend time with my friends at club than go out with him. Right now my classes and my friends are most important for me and I rarely think about him. We haven't spoken in probably a month or two and if we do its just a simple and extremely short conversation. I think he deserves better than me even though I told him how I could be but I'm afraid of loosing him and leaving him alone knowing what he goes through practically every day."

"I'm scared to lose you. You're the best thing that's happened to me.."

"I love him but I am not sure we will last."

"Long distance is very hard"

"You've cheated on me twice and who knows how many other times... And I haven't. Cause i love you too much to hurt you like that... I can't do this anymore. Goodbye."

"im sorry but i cant do this anymore"

"Just be honest, and don't hold back anything. Say what is on your mind. Truth needs to be blunt."

"I'm sorry this didn't work out it would have worked out if we went to the same school or text each more "

"I love you with all my heart and I know you love me too but we are not meant to be. I tried and force the situation so we could be together, ignored all the facts that this thing is not working out but I just wouldn't let you go because I love you and it will break my heart to lose you but what would break my heart even more is to keep on holding on to something that I know won't last. Even though I really love you but it's time for us to end this and say at least we tried."

"I'm scared. I just want us to be happy like we used to be. I don't want fighting cuz it's bad for our relationship, I think we can change and turn this around. I love u"

"I can't do it anymore , F#ck you."

"I feel it breaking. I feel myself getting mad over little things, and catch myself imaging other lives without being with you. I care about you so much, but after tonight it might be inevitable. You've changed since your new job. Your not as fearless as you used to be. Maybe I have too, but I need that fearlessness. I need us to crave each other, and to do battle together. We either fight together or seperately. "

"I wish you would have trusted me, I was always true to you and tried my best to make things work."

"Distance does to love what wind does to fire, EXtinguishes the weak and fuels the strong."

"I'm not sure what I want. Half of me wants you to move here and well be happy and have our apartment time together and our nice (sometimes stressful) life but the other half wants to take a chance on being just me and just living for me and maybe ill meet someone who's everything you can't give me---but maybe ill never meet someone as good as you?? And what if maybe im just holding myself back in fear, what might I miss?- either way? And maybe it's my new job and my new town and maybe it's that it's what I've always feared that after these years Ive realized I can't change you and I've accepted that but I've also accepted that things won't change for better or for worse this would be my life and there is love and care and supportiveness but is there desire and hopefulness and a future that I want for myself? Is that there? Will it ever be there? How long should I wait for it?"

"If I stay in Philadelphia, I have nothing to offer you. If I go to California, I will be my best self, but thousands of miles from you. At this point, you've made it clear you're an East Coast person, and I've been miserable here since returning from L.A. Until I went to California, I never had the feeling of "I want to go home." Now, I want to go home, but I know I'd lose you if I did. It's completely unfair that I have to choose between you and my true home."

"You hurt me badly and you should have taken everything with you when you left for your new job. And save me from you cheating. "

"I know I've had my moments of annoying you, but ignoring me and making excuses to see me, isn't helping. I love you, you mean the world to me... I want to be with you and share everything in life... Please don't let our relationship slide. You say you miss me too, make an effort then and not an excuse! When you love someone, you want to be with them!! Please let's see each other very soon. Always be my babe ;-) xxxxx"

"A long-distance relationship isn't really a relationship. It's just the promise of one."

"Having Skype open, having regular visits and having an end game helps immensely"

"Couples who lived apart tended to have fewer daily interactions, but those interactions were longer and more meaningful, with each person revealing more about him or herself."

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