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Are you feeling a special bond with someone you really care about? Are you on the verge of breaking up because of secret intimate details you keep locked deep inside? Do you have naughty bedroom fantasies that you want to reveal? It's time to confess.


Check out these true confessions from our visitors:

"I missed & enjoyed listening and hearing you speak, your sweet,quiet toned sensual voice. I have fantasize how you would sound moaning underneath your breath if I were to feel you, riding on top of you . The pleasure you would build up down there as I go faster on you untill you start cumming all over."

"You don't know how bad I wanna ride you in such motions and rhythms. I wanna imagine hearing you moan & breathing each time I am sliding inside you back & forth. I wanna play with your dark slick hair,pull it to make your head suck on my tender breasts and stomach. I fantasize teasing your tongue with mine, slipping my fingers under your shirt to play with your"

"I love receiving pleasure so much, but I also really enjoy giving back twice as much while watching them shake , moan, biting their lips in pleasure and ecstacy."

"My God, I can imagine your body thriving as I pull your dark hair towards me pinning you to the ground."

"Yes I feel a special bond with my fiancé. No breaking up has never been issue. I do have a naughty fantasy that I like, one is to lend my girl out to a friend or stranger giving oral and f#cking them. Then coming home and explaining details on how she liked it. "

"Please stop telling me you are going to move out when we fight and talk to me. Saying mean things when we fight doesn't help anything and when you don't complement me at all any more, I just don't feel like you care as much for me. I love you and we need to be able to communicate better. I want you forever and need you to tell me you want me forever and that you are still attracted to me. All you say is it isn't you and I shouldn't ask. I only ask because months and months go by and you don't have one complement for me like you used to. "

"Try harder to make me feel special, because I love you and I shouldn't doubt that you love me too"

"There are things in our relationship that I need. I need you to love me and actually show it. I need you to hold me and kiss me. I don't understand why you treat me the way you do. I don't feel important. What happened to the guy who wouldn't let me go the first night I slept over? What happened to the guy that would ALWAYS tell me he loved me? This version of you is not who I fell in love with. "

"I love him so much.. I would never find a guy like him. It hurts because he just stop everything. He hug me like friendship he stop being romantic. Mostly he stop making me happy. Also, he started talking to his ex. I dont know what to do. I dont want to break up. I want this to work it out and being happy and loving again. "

"I have to stay, I don't know why I stay, especially considering the way you seem to think nothing more of me then just some pest, I still think things are getting better, even if I do seem stupid for thinking so. Just don't hurt me like he did, please?"

"I was engaged to her and she told me she had a rape fantasy. She said she dreamed of waking up to find a stranger in her room who ties her to the bed, cuts her clothes off and then uses her as a sex toy and has sex with her and then leaves. So, one night I left, kissed her goodnight and went home and changed into an all black outfit and waited until 2 am and let myself in the back door with a hunting knife and a 9mm pistol. Made my way to the bedroom. Sheree was sound asleep. I walked to the bed, put my hand over her mouth and the knife blade to her throat. I whispered in her ear that if she made a sound she was dead. She nodded her head. I gagged her, went to her closet and retrieved 4 belts ant tied her spread eagle to the bed with the belts. I then took the knife and cut her night gown off and her panties. She was not in the center of the bed, so I reached between her legs and stuck three fingers in her vagina and lifted her body up and pulled her hops over to the middle of the bed. I leaned over and Sucker her left nipples into my mouth and Sucker on it as it got hard to my tongue, then I bit it and she went stiff in pain and I chewed on it as I slid two fingers into Sheree'sweet pussy. I finger ed her roughly and grabbed her right breast in my hand and massaged it hard in my hand. I took my erect cock out of my pants and whispered in her ear that I was going to Ungag her and she was going to suck my cock. If she made a sound she was dead. I took my pistol and pulled the slide back and then inserted the barrel in her pussy and used it as a dido in her. I told her as I undid the gag, that one sound and she was going to die from a gunshot in her cunt. She nodded. I put my cock to her lips and she Sucker it right in and went at it eagerly until I shot a load in her and she choked it down. I gagged her again and cut the belts holding her legs and lifted them up and over my shoulders as I knelt on the bed and place my cock to her cunt and shoved it in deep and hard. I pounced her cunt hard and deep and was as rough as I could be until I shot a load in her cunt. I climbed off the bed and put the tip if the knife to her throat until it brought a drop of blood and told her that if she ever said a word to anyone she would die in her own bed while being raped again She nodded her year yes. I dressed and left, leaving the back door unlocked. I called a friend who has the same build as I have told him she was tied, naked and gagged, full of cum and what I wore and what I said to Sheree when I left. I then said have fun. He has always disliked her, but wanted to f u c k her. The next morning I went over to her house about 9mm and she was still tied naked and gagged. I apologized and said I over slept. I untied her and removed the gag. I asked if it lived up to her dreams. She said it did, but that I was much rougher when I came back and that she was really startled when I pulled out of her cunt and shoved it up her ass hole. She said that one act really made it "feel like a real rape" and kissed me passionately. I have to remember to thank my friend. "

"I can't expect anyone to say or do the right things, especially if I'm not communicating my needs properly. But on the past few occasions where I've tried to change up our routine, I feel stifled and limited by his own expectations. It may be a case of getting to comfortable, too bored. Granted, I'm not asking for any bad boy drama I've experienced in the past, but this also is the polar opposite of bizarre/unhealthy... it's lackluster!"

"Slowly I have come to find out that there is not enough respect or admiration on my part. If you were my kid, I would comfort you and treat you with love and kindness. But as you are not that but a grown-up man who should carry half of the responsibility, I don't feel that love."

"I still love you. I always will. You are my best friend. I'm so sorry that we drifted apart. I should have tried harder. Work and life took over. You're an angel and I will always be there for you."

"I know that you HAVE to wait to be physical, however I still want to be a cute couple in public, and when we are at your house watching a movie I just want to snuggle up and be with you! I know we cant move fast but I need some kind of physical contact even if it is only holding hands :'("

"I just dont want you to control my life anymore, you think you know whats best but in the end its just pushing me farther and farther away"

"I want to continue to love you... but I can't seem to look past the things that have been bothering me. I'm trying to put in all my effort to be happy when we are together or just talking, but I know that you're going to keep doing the same things and won't do what you should know you need to do... actually talk it out with me. You're scared and so am I... I know we have something that is or was great that I neither of us has had before and the thought of losing that is unsettling, but it's hard to hear you say "I love you" and hear myself say back "I love you, too" when inside, I feel my heart tighten up, almost like it has become a lie. You know that I haven't been feeling like myself lately and you know we have some issues to work on... but why do you say you're working on being better to me when you haven't even made a strong effort to ask what it is I want out of the relationship? Whether or not we can make it work and get things to change, it will never happen if you're just "trying" without knowing what it is I want. I know I care about you a lot still because I think every day how I want to be there for you when you're going through a rough time, especially since I've seen you have a lot of rough days, but is it love anymore when I can't even say with confidence that you're doing the same for me? I just don't know anymore... In my head, I keep thinking how it is going to end and that's a bad sign. The fact that I took this quiz is a bad sign. But I won't give up until I know I've tried everything and know that I truly can't feel the same again."

"I care about you so much. I feel like it would work if the small things weren't such a barrier. I am sad when you are sad. I am happy when you are just doesn't seem like you are ever truly happy. I want to feel free to be me and not like I am being molded by what you wish I was. You said you liked me in the beginning because of my confidence, but you broke that down, criticizing my behavior in the midst of emotionally heated arguments. Hence me feeling the need to walk on eggshells. I wish you could express your feelings thoroughly and genuinely while in a calm state.. Most of your statements toward me have been hurtful toward my character. I do not think you see the real me..just an illusion of what you wish I was. I hope you find happiness. "

"I love you, i really do, but you seem to want a different version of me which i cant and wont ever want to be."

"I wish you had some kind of plan for your own future/our future/fuck anything . just a plan, an outline, something!!!"

"You need to learn how to make me feel like I'm a girlfriend and not someone you hate instead.. But I do love you a ton. But if we cant fix this I guess ill have to leave.. "

"I wish you are as committed now as you were at the start. I wish you told me you loved me more and appreciate the little things as much as I do. "

"When I first met u, u were the opposite of the type I liked. That's what made it interesting! You chased me and showed me you wanted me. I loved every minute of it. Then I gave in, and gave u a place in my heart! Why the hell did I do that?! I feel so weak for u. I know u love me but it's hard for u to show it when u had a troubled childhood and the only person u knew cared 100% is now dying. I try to be here for u, but u won't let me. As a matter of fact, I have been here for u since we've been together.. Nothing is ever good enough! U keep mistreating me, and acting like u hate me! I just wish I knew what to do. Love will definitely alter a person's vision! I'm being held back in life because of this! I'm now 5 months pregnant, and I've just lost my job. I've done nothing with my college degree... I was once dedicated! Now I'm just lost again! I don't know what else to do but take time for myself. My love will never go away! But it's time for me to take care of me and take control of my life again! "

"You are everything I ever wanted, but your stubbornness really gets to me. Honestly, I'm one to trust, but that's also one thing I don't get from you, or at least I don't feel. I don't feel appreciated, and you need to work more on your goals."

"I have worked for so long to be with her, but I don't think anything will ever change. And my needs are eclipsed by her wants. "

"I just wish you weren't so prude. I wished you could love me the way I love you. I wish you desired me, or could at least initiate something (and this could range from sexual activity to simply kissing). I wish you wanted to dance with me; that we could party and have an enjoyable time together instead of me dancing alone in front of you and looking like a fool in a vain effort to get you to dance with me. I love you so much.. But I just don't know that we can continue on if I will forever have this horrible feeling inside every time I want to try something sexually new or dance with you. I just wish I had the courage to admit this. Right now, I don't know if I can bring myself to actually say this all to you."

"I love you so much and i know you love me but sometimes it feels like we are not Meant to be. And its killing me that you're mom told you that we should break up and you told me. I feel like a pos and i don't know what to do at this point. "

"I love you so fucking much and wish you'd stop lying to me and I'd wish you'd slow down and stop to listen to me and pay attention to what I'm saying before you respond to me."

"I love you so much and I don't want to lose you but at times I don't feel enough for you. I'm sorry."

"I have given up so much for you when is it my turn.. why is it always about you when you say we are a team.. i dont feel like a fucking team"

"i adore you so much...but i'm so scared of these tough times coming upon us...i'm scared of the tests that life is challenging us with ....but i adore you so much J ....i just want us to be happy ...i want us to start loving each other in the near future !!!! I'll always be here for you supporting you and having your back! And don't worry : all your projects will work out just fine...because you are such a hardworker, and because you are awesome . i hope you adore me too. i pray that God lead us to a good path , of happiness to the both of us !!!"

"I love you, I love you, I love you"

"I'm tired of making all the money and having no choice on what to spend it on. I want to be selfish just once. "

"I wish you were outwardly affectionate, I hate how emotionally unavailable you are . You won't even try to compromise with me :( "

"I love the idea of us living happily ever after, but I can't keep living in the I don't knows of your world "

"Honestly if you spent time with me more that once a week or every two weeks and actually texted me back I would be very satisfied with our relationship. You say you don't have time to hang out with me but that is complete bullshit, you always find time to hang out with your friends. You are so picky and don't ever want to hug or hold hands or have any physical contact in public but those are all things I can live with. I don't think its too much to want to hang out with you and for us to actually talk, in fact I think it's very basic but you can't even do that. I'm gonna give you one more week and if shit doesn't change we are through, don't worry I will have a conversation with you about this because I haven't fully voiced what I'm feeling but I promise you I will. I am not the kind of person to quit easily so this should tell you a lot about how unhappy I am with the current situation."

"Now i realze how much i love him"

"I'm really sorry about all of this... I don't like making you sad..."

"i wish we talked more"

"i love you more than i ever love anyone even if you stress me out most of the times i am pretty sure that i want to spend the rest of my life with you i love you Alana "

"I feel uncertain. I love you, and I trust you more than anyone, but I feel like we are both changing. I feel that we like different things, we cannot seem to hold a conversation that both of us are interested in. We want different things out of life. However, it has been a long time that we have grown together; almost a decade of stories to tell. We have become adults together. It seems as if there are as many things keeping us together as there are things pushing us apart. That is why it is hard to chose; whether we should be together or not. I do not want to live my life always in a state of uncertainty like this. I wish I could have a clue; I wish something could tip the scale in either direction. I just want to know, so I can finally be happy either with or without you. One thing is for sure, I love you, and I trust you deeply. It seems like we are both keeping us from each other. You have these expectations about life and family, yet I believe differently. But of these values that we hold, must we hold on to them more tightly than we hold on to each other. At the same time that we love each other, we seem to destroy each other. "

"I really did like u but I don't feel that spark anymore and I know it shouldn't be this hard"

"I wish you made me feel more desirable. "

"I love you more than you can imagine and i dont know what i would do without you babe"

"I'm not exactly sure how I feel about you anymore. I definitely want to still be friends, but I don't know about dating. I just feel really stressed out right now and I don't know if a relationship is something I can handle at the moment. "

"If you dont want to be with me, leave. I'm in this because I love you. Sometimes I doubt your feelings for me."

"i cant deal with your paranoia, possessiveness and being slowly removed from my life any more. You need to deal with your depression and become happy, because i dont have enough for the both of us."

"I wish he would do more to make me happy "

"I feel like I've given up so many things just to be with you and continue giving up things and you have practically not given anything up at all. "

"You walk away from me and our friends, you don't tell me much stuff anymore, and your not as intimate as you used to be. All my friends say that I would be better without you. Your immature, a troublemaker and a dickhead. But I think I may love you. At the moment it's not enough just to love you though. We are both going through hard times, you with your mum battling cancer and raising kids, and me with my shoulder which has a disease that is constantly hurting and my sister being very ill. "

"Why have you no friends? Why do you always get upset when I want to do my own thing? You're smarter than me and I don't feel man enough in your company!!!!!"

"I love you but I'm scared we're on the verge of breaking up because you won't have time for me anymore. I feel us drifting apart and it's scaring me. I'm scared and I don't know what to do. I'm trying to be happy for you but it's hard. It's like everyday I matter less and less to you."

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