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Has a police officer ever bang on your steamy car window? Have you ever got caught having sex in your parents bed? Do you have a funny breakup story or confession? Come on, tell us!


Check out these true confessions from our visitors:

"My new jeans were rubbing me crazy today. When I got home i ran straight for the shower and put the pulse on clit; a favorite. Wow, so crazy. I want to keep these jeans. I told my mom I got my period because she was kind of freaking by the way I blew by her. Now I come here to confess, not that I did anything so terrible. I made myself feel good. I relieved built up tension. My mom sat me down at an early age and explained it was good to explore my body. She even gave me a few ideas. However I do confess to feeling a bit embarrassed when dad installed a long hosed shower massager in my bath, at mom's request. I recommend every girl have one. Pool jets are also great; but not everyone has a pool. Good thing with a pool, you don't have to be private, just discreet."

"I passed gas twice while were doing it 😶💨😳it was a while ago but I'm still embarrassed to this day . I know they already forgotten about that but its still embarrassing lol"

"2 years of promising me the world and nothing. Your nearly 50 still living at home with mummy and moan at me that I can't look after myself? Look who can look after herself without mummy! "

"Im sorry but ur kinda retarded "

"You hurt me a lot...I can't believe that you would even tell me that my dad turns you on in more than one way... Many and him or nothing alike. I want to end it with you but it will hurt to damn much... "

"Chill out and calm down"

"Help my marriage.? I feel like My marriage is falling apart. Before my husband and I got married I told him no porn or it will hurt me to much and it will end the marriage. He promised not to do that. A month ago I found out that he had been doing it up untill six months ago and had been doing it the whole time we were dating and after we got married. We purchased a book about how to survive an affair sice that is the way I feel about it. I have been using it and it has been helping. I have noticed though that sometimes after working on it i feel upset and it takes sometime for me to feel better, but once I start to feel better I feel better than I did about things. It is just that start of working through it. Is that normal? I did my first work yesterday and I found myself sleeping through the whole day. Is that normal when someone is so upset? It is also very hard to work through all these problems since we have 5 kids two that are still babies. Will our marriage ever be the same and if how long? My husband told me on his own and truly feels guilty about what he did and the pain he caused. He takes full responsiblity even though it is hard for me to not think it was my fault in some way. He has truely apologized for what he did in a pool of tears on my lap knowing that he crushed my world around me. He is also working through his part of the book and is better able to understand how I feel and how to get me to trust him again. This is the first long relationship he has been in and is still learning how to make it work. has porn hurt anyone elses relationship as much as it has hurt mine. Even my husband ageed that since he stopped our love life became better and that the coming clean to me let a big load off. Has anyone else noticed this in their marriage? help me and my husband out. Give him some advice and me some too."

"if she ever said i love you sober maybe id care more"

"Dude you work too much! >:("

"I wont miss being mind f u c k e d"

"im sorry susan. But at times your a complete bitch! like dont get me wrong, i love you, i do. but i mean, you make my life hell, so fuck you, fuck you, fuck you"

"She has nice boobs but she's an ass"

"Fuck you. I'm going with your sister, she's younger, prettier and not a crazy bitch!"

"Sorry for the crabs."

"I don't like that you can be condescending with your comments. I wish you could actually kiss (I'm not a hamburger - please don't eat me!). I wish you wouldn't pressure me so much to do things that you love but that I really am not into. I feel like I'm bipolar with my feelings for you. When I see you every other weekend, I tell myself I love you, but then I don't hear from you much until we meet again. When we do, it's always short things or condescending comments. I hate to be negative because you're really a good guy, and I know that I'm your first girlfriend (even though you're 21), but some of these things are just common sense!"

"show me the same attention and give me the same attention you do your phone and social media"

"You're too immature and your sex drive is unnaturally high. And you getting off after 2 pumps is not enjoyable for me and has made me completely lose my sex drive. You annoy me."

"She is fucking hot in bed and she is nasty as hell in front of others, thats hot"

"you piss me off when you dont answer my text messages even though you have read them"

"If you can't buy into the big dog concept then maybe we should go our separate ways"

"your breath always smells and kissing you annoys me "

"I might of been born female but I'm not female anymore, I'm a guy!!! So if you want to keep on going on and on about how gay you are maybe you should go find someone who identifies as female! Also you and fucking science, all the damn time. And science fiction. I fucking HATE science fiction. Go fuck yourself cuz I sure am not doing that for you anymore!!"

"I need a break a big one..."

"Im so sick of your fucking bullshit, you crazy physco bitch "

"I hate that you are so hard to hate but I really am not happy in this relationship. He is so awkward and he plays golf which to be honest is an old people's sport in my eyes. He is not manly enough for me and that is why I think we need to be friends since I see him as more as a girl than a boyfriend."

"I've got 99 problems,but you won't be one.B-) "

"Honestly i dont care, i would rather jerk off than deal with a woman"

"Too much like your mum"

"I sometimes wonder what it would be like, if I was the one thrusting into you. "

"youre really clingy goodbye"

"I love you as much as anyone possibly could, Brianna.. Although,getting caught having sex puts a damper on your mother ever letting me see you again. Nevertheless, I love you and refuse to see or have a fling with anyone else."

"Man up and call me or something."

"I don't know if I love you but I want you. Even after the way you treated me like shit, I still want you because I believe you know your mistakes and your lazy"

"Makaio, I am terribly sorry about the break up. I wanted you back but this quiz says we aren't meant to be. I'm so sorry"

"You don't have to react to everything. It's okay to allow things to just exist, that doesn't make them good or bad. Somethings just are. So just chill."

"Im tired of you being shy around my friends and not showing them the amazing person you are. YOUR FACE REALLY ANNOYS ME."

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