Divorce Confessions - Share your reasons for Divorce or Seperation

Confessions - Divorce and the Dissolution of Marriage

Many unhappy spouses contemplate divorce for months, if not years before finally pulling the trigger.

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Are you afraid your wife will start a custody battle? Are you scared to leave him, that it will break his heart? What's your marriage/divorce secret confession?


Check out these true confessions from our visitors:

Divorce Confessions:

"After what you where previously with and what you did, do you really expect me to have any respect for you!?"

"I wish you would stop portraying me so negatively. You have made me feel diminished. I feel like you peel away my soul one layer at a time until there is nothing left as you belittle me and pick me apart."

"I don't wish that I could undo it; I just wish it'd never happened. I think we both could have been happier with someone else. I care about you and don't want to hurt you or our kids, but I'm also drowning in disappointment and sadness. I wish I could get the last decade of my life back. You used to be emotionally abusive, but you've grown and changed. I'm just having trouble trusting you and wanting to put in the work, esp. because our love languages are so different. I always felt like loving my spouse would feel natural; instead, it feels like a 3-legged race."

"I truly did love you."

"You trapped me in a box and took away My personality. I have never been good enough for you, you tried to change me from day one and make me a "presentable man". My hair, my clothing, my way of thinking and Even My way of breathing was wrong! I was to weak and in love to notice and react before it was to late. Now I am nothing but an emty colorless box with only seeing a ray of light when I think of our little boys. Life is one long piece of shit and you gotta take bite every day."

"I stayed for the children thinking that things would get better but I was wrong. I'm emotionally checked out. I've been contemplating leaving you for years and the only reason why I believe we're still together is because of our son."

"Hear what I am saying. Just hear me, and stop pulling one word out and going with it because it isn’t about the one word. My words have value and worth."

"I really want you to understand how much i do for the family, help me with our home finances! I have too much load on my shoulder"

"I am saddened to think that our relationship has hit rock bottom, I have tried to cater for all your needs and wants but when it comes to me things are so very different. you have changed and become not an equal partner but a dominering one who has no respect for me and when I have an issue you dismiss it as you have to begrudingly step up to the plate. I invested heavily in our home only for you to say you now want to move but wont compromise on some of all youe 12 constraints making it impossible to discuss going forward. you hate sex but wont admit it but wont allow me to find a fuck buddy as you feel it is unfaithful. and your refusal to operate the tv remote and you sit there till i come and change the channel for you. I have had enough!!!!!!"

"I am sick of you and the way you treat me. I am only here for the kids, now. The lack of sex and respect have me wishing my life would be take prematurely. 10 more years of this hell and I am through. Fu*k you bitch. You have taken my happiness, made me pull away from my family while I have to worship yours, you are always putting me down and telling me how you would do everything better, you drove us to bankruptcy, and I am pretty sure yoy are f#cking someone else because you sure aren't f@cking me. I am on autopilot for the remainder of our marriage because I can finally say I do not care anymore."

"Your constant criticism is wearing really fucking thin these days. You've spent years gradually chipping away at my self-esteem and confidence and I am not going to take it any longer. You think I can't survive without you - you have no idea how wrong you are. Change, or I leave."

"Fixing and adding to my previous... you left the cats litter box unscooped and unchanged for over a month. Im allergic to cats and told you if you got them their care was your problem. My whole house smelled like cat piss. My neighbors could smell it outside with the windows closed. You changed the box finally after I told you they can't stay, complaining the whole time. You never EVER clean up after yourself. You call me names. You won't watch movies I like ever. You only watch fucking cartoons like a child. You spend money recklessly LIKE A CHILD. You buy stuffed animals, loofahs, journals, plates we DONT NEED... while we are financially in a hole. You say you can do whatever you want with YOUR money. Yes. Its your money. But you are legally connected to me. If you go into debt EVEN FARTHER, im not helping you. You never respect or listen to what I have to say. If I tell you something needs to ve done this specific way, you don't think im right until my dad or your friend or fuck, even my friend, tells you THE SAME THING. Then you come and tell me about it like I never told you the same thing word for word. You talk over me. You never let me finish sentences..... im done"

"You will never know how much i am in pain from your constant negative ways"

"You scare me. I think you're going to hurt me one day. I dont want to have sex with you because the sex is always about you and NEVER about what I like or need. You also never want the lights on for sex and you don't respect me what I say no or don't want you to touch me because I was raped previously and you SCARE ME. You put a hole in my floor when you threw the keys. You talk about quitting your job to stay at home if I ever get a job where I make a decent pay, which is completely unfair. You totalled my first car. You sold the car you were given. You've beaten MY car to hell and back. You act like my car is yours when its not. Im not allowed to say no to you without you throwing a little bitch fit. You never clean. I had to tell you I was getting rid of the cats because you left their litter box unchanged and uncooked for"

"I have learned so much over these 14 years. So much about me... how I see the world, how I react, how I show-up. A lot of what I see about the way I've been living I don't like. I've had several affairs. You have too. We've been evicted at least 6 times. Our kids are too old to brush that off now. I no longer feel much attraction for you and frankly, I'm in love with someone else. You say I'll have to make trade-offs. I know. That hurts a little. But I'm not prepared to have another 14 years like the last 14 years. Have we done everything? No. We haven't. I recognize that. I also recognize that even though I've brough it up many times in the past - I haven't pushed it too heavily but we can both agree that I've talked about ways we can be better, ways we can make things better, third party resources we might want to look at... NOTHING interested you until you told me three days ago (after I've already started the divorce papers) that maybe we should try to fix our problems. Only now that you see that I'm serious about leaving do you bring it up. That's frustrating. And I'm in a position where I just don't want to do it. I just don't want to deal with it. I don't want to rehash everything. I don't want to create a loving bond with you again. I just don't want to do it. I feel bad because I feel like I should. I feel like I should give that retreat you spoke about a fighting chance. I feel like I should care more about the time and effort I've invested in the marriage, instead of being willing to toss it aside so easily. But it hasn't been tossed aside easily. This is the fourth time I've vocalized divorced and that thousandth time I've thought about it. The most common answer I got from you when I brought up concerns about our marriage is this: "It's not that bad. Everybody has problems"... You're right. Everybody has problems. You never wanted to confront them... and now I don't. I just don't want to . I don't want to grow old with you. I don't want it to be just me and you when that kids leave. I look forward to you leaving for work everyday. And granted... a big part of that is because I am tired of pretending... pretending to be the person you think I am... the one you want me to be. I don't feel comfortable being who I want to be when I'm with you. I can't openly talk to you about things. Granted, since I've been talking divorce again, you've opened up and have given me a TON more time than usual. But it all just feels too little too late. I'm ready to move on. Last year, my heart was broken when I saw you were dating someone else. I couldn't eat. I couldn't work. And you kept telling me I need to buck up and realize that you're only doing it because you "borrowed" 30 grand from her and need to keep up the facade because she's easier to manage when she loves you. WTF? And she's like number 10. So I hurt. And I grieved and I went a little crazy and got depressed and in a sense I eventually moved on this year. I moved on. Time to show that on paper."

"You never were good enough for me. From the time I agreed to marry you, I regretted it. I faked it for so long and things seemed okay. No one I knew was especially happy married. So, I assumed it was natural. That was wrong. I may be a selfish bitch, but you are a lazy, fat, loser."

"After what I gave up and allowed for your happiness to be betrayed not once, but twice? You did things for me in your attempt to balance the scale in some sad way to outweigh all I gave, but it was never equal. Your cheating and lies have created a debt that you'll never be able to settle."

"You scare me when you are mad. I dont even think you like me anymore. You are gone constantly. I feel so alone. It's been like this for years now. I dont know how to continue living like this. I've given up hope that it will ever get better and know that I am just buying time until the kids are grown and you leave for good. I will be too old by then to start life over. What a waste of time."

"If you would have held me as tight as you held my wrist, the tree would still be there."

"Never thought I would be married and I enjoy our experience. I wish he was not hypocritical or judgmental of people who do not share the same culture."

"You're killing us. We're almost dead. Your lack of desire for a partnership - and teamwork - makes me feel like shit and has killed us. Your inability to be teachable, much as you think you're teachable, is laughable except I've involved and it sucks."

"Our sexual connection has been gone for years. I cheated with your best friend, and got pregnant. We had an abortion. I can't look at you, and tell you, and I feel I owe you a divorce...I feel you would divorce me, anyway, so the reason I asked for one, I told you because our connection is gone...I can't...I can't tell you..."

"You are truly a hypocrite, through and through. Live with it. I wont"

"I’m over everyone using me and not caring how I feel and just thinking I’m supposed to just condo to the standard and except that’s just how they are I want someone who sees things In my eyes and tries to change and compromise with me without putting up a a big deal I just want to be alone cause I don’t think at this point anyone is like that not even him at times awesome guy very loyal rarely argue but he doesn’t even try anymore it’s like idk were robots I feel like we just quiet and we just roll with the punches I just want to be alone sometimes so I can’t be recieved or used by anyone or under appreciated"

"I just want to be happy again"

"Dear husband , I wish you know how much I love you but also how uncertain I am about our future. My clock is ticking and I have invested ten years of our prime years together. I want to have a baby so badly but I don’t feel right bringing it to our toxic home. I don’t know how long I can bare this anger issue you have and I don’t know how long I can be this obedient wife you seek because it isn’t me and it’s never enough for you. Will you ever stop this emotional and physical abuse? I know you have improved but it’s not enough and I can’t keep up with being your maid anymore but I still need the courage to imagine a future where I don’t grow old with you because I love you and will always do even if I leave it’s because I love you and don’t want to get to weak one day and send you to jail ...."

"You don't listen and that's how you lost us. "

"She keeps our relationship in pending mode. I just want her to make up her mind. Does she want to improve our relationship or get a divorce. When she decide, we can do the necessary steps."

"I stopped loving you a long time ago. I have been trapped in this loveless and sexless relationship for too long. I deserve to feel that I am attractive and wanted. The only thing you ever care about is your job and money. I am always the last thing on your mind, if that, even. I feel ridiculed and disrespected more than I can remember, and you treat me no different like a boss treating an employee, or sometimes worse, a master treating a slave. We are supposed to be equals, and no one should ever have control of somebody else's free will. This has driven me to almost an insane state, which I almost had an emotional breakdown. I can't take this type of emotional abuse anymore, because nobody deserves this type of treatment. I want out of this marriage. This way we can set each other free and re-start a life that we both deserve to live. I just want to say good luck to whoever ends up with you; this person must be a masochistic. "

"Thank you for wasting my time but I got to go now good bye 👋"

"Selfishness kills marriages"

"I wish you would give me more attention and affection. I’m sorry I’ve been fighting a lot I just really feel left out. I know I don’t look exactly how I looked before the baby and I’m sorry about that too. It really hurts to know that you don’t desire me anymore because of my post partum body. I don’t know what’s going to happen between us now but I really don’t want to break up. I just want love from you but I don’t want to beg for it..."

"put more effort in our relationship, dont act like leaving you is not an option, pay more attention to me, "

"I think the time has come for me to finally accept that there's absolutely no hope for us to work things out. You telling me u needed "time," just had me all fucked up thinking that I needed to work harder than ever to try and save our relationship...but one can only do so much. I finally need to be able to move on just like you...I hope that neither of us down the road realize that it was a huge mistake letting go because our pride won'tlet us go back with each other. I'm letting go to give you your peace. Not for the same reason that you're letting go. I will be filing for a divorce as soon as I get the money...that will help me understand that it is for reals this time. Hopefully we can settle through a mediator and not have to go to court and fight. I'm going to be taking out all of my stuff the next chance I get. I just can't keep hurting myself anymore...I can't take this pain anymore...I still do love you..."

"You really could have tried harder"

"I wish I had left before my hatred for you became so deep"

"I just want to be happy I’m so tired of being town down daily, feeling unimportant, a bother, an annoyance and all that stuff. I had a college past before you. My past doesn’t define me "

"try this test... see the score. if a red flag is raised, ask yourself... do you want to work for it (improvement) or prefer to fly away..."

"Neither one of us is perfect… Each have issues we need to work through. I do love you but I don’t know where to go from here"

"You’re a total asshole 98% of the time. "

"I have so much resentment and wish I never married you. The kids are raised in a very disfunctional home seeing our lack of relationship. You are horrible in bed and a prude. There are men out there that would appreciate me so much more!"

"you can't abuse me and expect me to feel loved"

"I wish the true comes out "

"I miss the man I married. Your not the same. You changed and I can’t love the new you. You used to be perfect. My dreams came true when I met you and then you took it all away from me. Why? It’s cruel to do that to someone that give you their soul. You made me want to break down my wall and show you my heart. The moment I did you took advantage of it and now my wall is stronger and harder than ever. I just want to be with someone and make them happy and for them to want to make me happy. I’ll miss you forever. I’m sorry for whatever I did to make you change. "

"I’m sorry I can’t be everything you’ve always wanted/needed. I’m sorry i’m not good enough for you. I don’t know why you act like you hate me so much. I don’t know why you don’t talk to me... You make me feel so fucking useless. I deserve happiness. As do you I guess.. Maybe you’ll find someone who can do what I can’t. I’ll still think about our memories and stuff but I can’t be happy anymore... We’ve been miserable for a while and you just won’t admit it. You know it’s true.. I’m sorry. I loved you at one point in time but I don’t think we could ever go back to that. We’ve fucked up too badly. Im so fucking numb and fucked up I can’t even see the screen right now... I’m not sure what else to say."

"Please just fucking let me go... let’s make this easy. We can’t keep pretending"

"Am done.....I love dancing and going to fun outing s and you don't .... your greety.. never want to do anything fun ..fails to provide extra money for dates and traveling it's only healthy to get out of the routine .. am done ..am not happy ..... wish you the best....."

"Wish you were better to me"

"You make my life a living hell. You always try to control the things I do and always turn the blame on me and have made me an empty shell of a woman. "

"The results of this "test" have my heart broken even more. I was objective in my answers. Your'e my first and only marriage. I waited for the right person and thought you were it. Maybe I'm just unmarriable. "

"You shouldn’t get to comfortable. You should have been actively listening to my feeling and concerns. You should’ve been more understanding. Last but not least, you really should have been much much more sexual. There is no reason for you to not know what to do or say sexually fully grown adult. I’ve tried many options like sex toys, vitamins and enhancers for you but you still just claim up and is extremely boring. Another person will be very pleased to be with a person like me."

"Over a 4-week period in 2015, her response was to end all intimacy once and for all, after 23-years l. I suffered 7-months of depression and bewilderment, before I finally was able to figure out that my wife had all the traits of an emasculating wife. It has been 3-years, and I have not once laid even a finger of intimacy on my wife. She seems happy with this arrangement now. She continues to think that all is OK with the marriage at this point, and she continues to beat me down verbally at every turn. I have totally given up on her, and she seems not to even notice or care. I plan to leave her after our 2nd child finishes school, if I can endure the torture. I hope that she leaves before that time is up."

"A loveless sexless marriage is a lie. People don’t get closer by being farther apart. My greatest regret was not protecting myself. No good deed goes un punished."

"I hate how you make me feel about myself. I wish you would just go away."

"Goodbye Good Husband You clearly love me and are a good husband, father and provider but I deserve better. I remember talking to you about taking time in progressing in your career to make more time for me and future children but your willing acceptance to this has shown your lack of ambition and manliness I desire. I am young at heart and am still very attractive to other men who want and crave me and are willing to go to great lengths to ensure my attention is thiers. Enjoy fatherhood and a comfortable life as I find the life I deserve and you fail to deliver. "

"we are just not right for each other"

"Some things you can't take back."

"Sorry I suck. I wish I could have done better."

"Although we are legally married I haven't felt emotionally valued by you in a very long time."

"I love you very much. I cannot imagine my life without you. But i do not think i am in love. My desire is to have a baby and i cannot see my self having a baby with you because you are not macho and manly enough for me and you don't turn me on. I see you as a brother. But i cant imagine my life without you. We have been together half of our lives. I can't imagine you not being part of my life :( thank you for everything. FOR EVERY LITTLE THING. You are the person who loves me the most in the whole world. Perhaps more than my parents ever loved me. I m not someone who cries easily but i m crying while writing this. You know you forgave me for having an affair, and you forgave me again.. you even found the divorce letter and kept quite and still bought me flowers and my favourite soft toy for Valentine's day. What have i done to you my love? What is wrong with me? I deserve nothing. You are loyal, sincere, trustworthy, caring and loving... and yet i am cheating on you with someone i dont love.. but i m doing all of this for a baby... i am crazy!"

"I deserve better than this."

"I love you so much but I know that we should have never gotten married. Our relationship was toxic and now our marriage is toxic. I found someone that actually loves me, and is a good fit. We need to move on please let me go. "

"I love you! But don’t understand why you are so mean to me. I love you unconditionally, but feel as if you love me if I meet your conditions. Why is this right? You find new ways to make me feel bad about everything I do. I look for ways to make you feel better. "

"I do not love you anymore. I need someone else who has similar values to me. Who actually tries at ANYTHING. "

"I am tired. I am tired of the controlling behavior and having to deal with your label. You need to get more help than I can assist you with. I am not angry, bitter, or anything. I want you to be successful and overcome your issues but I do not want to be here during the process. You are not a bad person but we are not for each other. "

"I love you in that your a caring wife, take care of the home and me and put up with alot, your also beautiful however if I had a chance to turn back time, I would not marry you. Not because your not a beautiful person but because I feel we are not compatible mentally and emotionally and intellectually. We have differing interests and different hobbies and different likes. The only reason I married you was out of respect to and care for your parents. The only reason I remained married is out of respect for you and obligation to take care of you. "

"You have lied to me so many times about big things, and little. I feel so confused and sad. I can never trust you again."

"You disappoint me. You make me feel alone even when your right next to me. I have never felt so alone in a relationship. You make me sad and feel like I’m not good enough. "

" I gave it my all and I'm done. I wish him well and hope that he learns from what we went through."

"I just wish we could be on the same team"

"I've cheated on you...i don't love you. You are an abusive person. You have cracked my head open, called me names, broken most of your promises and destroyed my children. You are currently dying of liver disease from your excessive drinking...i can't wait for you to die! The only reason I'm still legally married to you is because I truly believe that our kids and I deserve your life insurance policy as payment to us for physically, mentally and emotionally torturing us!"

"I am the child. I think my parents need to get a divorce. I look forward to that day."

"I feel that when two people lose sight of what we are and the true person we are you have to reflect to realize there's more to it. In 10 years we moved and had two children, I became a stay at home Mother and my husband worked 60 hours a week 6 days. I feel we have a chance however we have to be trueful about what we did wrong on both ends. I wish myself good luck..."

"I need my husband I was led to believe you to be or we need a divorce. I can't stay with the person you are showing me now. I hate them and myself for believing the lie you gave me in who you are. "

"I do not have anything else to give. I don't know what else to try. I've prayed. I've been faithful. "

"You are my soul mate, I love you on such a deep level. But I cant take the abuse anymore and I cant take your lack of momentum. I am so heartbroken."

"I really wish everything wasn’t about you and your anxiety. I wish you could get a job and help me with the bills rather than making me feel guilty for not wanting to go out cuz we’re broke. Saying that I never want to go out is true because I don’t wanna be in constant overdraft and thinking about our card getting declined everywhere. I want to have fun, I just can’t. I care about you so much that I shut down every time you say I don’t care or love you because that’s not true. I do care and love you with all my heart."

"I’m not Inlove with you. I’m not attracted to you nor do I ever want to have sex with you. I’ve been feeling like this for a long time and you know that. The only reason I’m in this marriage is because I’m scared you will hurt yourself or me or the kids. "

"Wish we could have communicated better and loved each other a little harder. "

"I still love you but not like I used to, you were my best friend but you've turned into a sibling or parent that I need to care for (you have your own life and only want me there when it is convenient for you). I can't talk to you anymore about what matters and when I do, you don't remember what I said. I'm not a priority. I took care of so much for so long and tried to make things easier for you but now I dread going home to you. I want you to be happy but I don't want it to be with me. "

"You were so foolish, you ignored every warning given by me and our friends. I loved you for 11 years, and did everything but you just ran it into the ground, I feel sorry for you, for these this needless divorce which ruin you."

"I can't anymore but I don't know how to tell you that, without you doing something crazy"

"I have nothing to say. I am waiting until the baby turns 18 and then I am out!"

"I hate that you didn't want to change for your son. You've been acting so different after we found out he has autism and epilepsy. There's nothing wrong with him. The problem is you and I regret marrying you every day"

"I never will understand why we weren't good enough for you. I guess your phone and video games are your new family. Enjoy them because that's all you'll ever have"

"I would like to say I have given it my all when your son said ? From me what are you going to do when mom and I are not here son response live off my inheritance and I know I am breaking up your marriage I want to my wife stood there did not say a word or defense of me 29 years old wants to move back home I am emotionally abused had lots of assets before her in my life I am physiology burnt out my mind is not what it used to be and she just doesn't get it rotten to me what more can I say I am tired I will die sooner rather than later if I stay with her yet I am in love with her afraid to be alone but I am afraid of dieing alone health is bad! Wish I had someone around that cared about me forsake all others that is what should be but it starts with a b /Brad//son not a G/Gary/husband! She should Be Married to him my life is a mess I had money's in the bank all gone! I am a gullible Idiot! I am done but the women has the upper hand !"

"I feel like I'm staying to avoid the unknown; however it's the "known" that is making me feel trapped and suffocated. I still care for you a lot and don't want to hurt, but i don't know if there is real romantic love anymore. A part of me feels like there is someone else out there that could be a better fit, but I can't trust myself enough to know it for certain. I don't know what to do."

"You took years away from my life, i cant wait to leave you and get my life back! "

"I'm not in-love with you, I never have been. I have love for you but it just isn't working for me. I think we need to separate, the kids will live with you and I'll stay with my mom until the house is paid off."

"I hate that you never help with the housework. I hate that you spend so much time playing video games and watching tv instead of doing things together. I hate that we almost never have sex, and honestly we are not sexually compatible. I'm so tired of being unhappy."

"I now know that I married someone like my mother. Who is an emotionally distant woman who I never remember hugging or telling me she loved me. I should have married someone else. "

"You were so foolish, you ignored every warning given by me and our friends. I loved you for 11 years, and did everything but you just ran it into the ground, I feel sorry for you, for these this needless divorce which ruin you."

"I just want a life partner, someone I can rely on and lean on for support. I don't ask for much...."

"I am don't want to be not happy sick of the messy house all day every day... Hate that you and your family make fun of the thing I don't like wish we had sex. An well no not happy makes me mad I am done."

"After I stayed with you when I found out about your 1 year affair you made promises that are being broken over and over again. It is time to say Goodbye"

"I wish things was different but it seems like you dont care no more i cant do this no more and it sucka but itqhat it is"

"F#ck you for screwing hookers you filthy lying selfish garbage dump of a person"

"I lost my identity while create yours... Thats my biggest mistake. Now i duno who M I"

"Thank you for the dreams you made happen with me and I hope life treats you well... I'll always love you"

"You f#cked a guy 15 years younger than You? Wtf goodbye!"

"I've tried and tried to picture us together after you've done so much. Every time we fought, you made me feel like it was my fault, and that I was the reason why we fought. I've been thinking a lot about our relationship and cant find a good reason to fight for it anymore. I've been trying to get you to contribute in the marriage but its always been the same answer. I know we said we would grow old together but i just cant do it anymore, please forgive me. thank you for 56 years of happy memories and good times, i'll always love you like no other, please stay safe, and don't do anything to harm our daughter's view on love "

"I never imagined that our relationship would end up being so fragile and unpredictable"

"You have never trusted me. Your insecurity drove you to the point where you no longer respect and love me. You have hurt me so much that you killed the love I have for you. I no longer love you. Thank you for everything but I'm sorry, you and me ends here."

"I can't do this anymore. Too much damage has been done to this marriage. I can't trust you ever again. You hurt me to the point that you killed the love I once felt for you. I got tired of walking in your shadow and you ignoring me like I'm not around you. I'm tired of you making me feel so unattractive and unloved. "

"Our marriage could be so much better with a little bit of respect and appreciation. I'm growing quite tired of being a single father with a wife that chooses not to come home and be with her kids or her husband. 14 years together and now it all feels wasted. At least I have my kids."

"I can't stand being around you anymore. You make me want to die with your nagging, your stubbornness, your childlike behavior, almost everything. Hell, your laugh is even annoying to me now. I'm so done. "

"I wish we wouldn't have gotten married so soon, but I still hope he's the one. "

"I just wanted you to try harder. Not just when you had to, be good to me all the time. "

"He is verbally abusive and he blames me for everything. It’s his way or no aY"

"Go away. And take your shitty family with you"

"Im tired of the arguing, the fighting, the abuse, your drinming, your anger. Too scared to get up and leave. You say you love me, you don't hurt somebody you love. "

"I am tired of being the one who puts most of the effort in the relationship. Your only contribution is helping pay for some of the bills. While you're having fun I am picking up the rest of the slack and barely getting a break. A full time job, school, taking care of the children, household work, dealing with the finances has taken a toll on me and I am done with the lack of help I am getting from you. All you do is play hours upon hours of video games, golf, hockey and play on your tablet. I feel like I am better off on my own."

"I love you but Im tired. So many things should have been done differently. You make me feel so sad and unappreciated. I talk to you and you show no empathy. Im emotionally exhausted. Your selfish and yiu never take responsibility for anything that you do. You minimize my feelings and try and make me feel like Im crazy."

"This is a toxic situation. I feel that at this point we are absolutely useless to each other. Other than bills and sex, we collaborate on nothing. Its almost like doing business for no reason. Like a runningback rushing for no gain. We are just going through the motions. If there is no belief that this will get better, why are we married still? I want my life back. Not the single life. I want being happy and enjoying every day back. I want to focus on establishing myself as an individual and being a great Dad. I have tof ind joy in these things because in being married to you, it is not there anymore for either of us."

"By dealing together, both of you can address problems of self-esteem and mutual trust. He is content, and the opposite of our opinion later years has in store for us."

"I would like to say no matter the test score I'm now and forever in love with my husband and i know he is with me.. We will overcome this and be better "

"Please respect and take carw of ur husband. Dont make ur husband do all the work in the house. Do not treat him as a service boy. Respect his family and care his family too once in a while. Do not use profanity words to your husband. Take permission from your husband and go for a trip with your friends. Cook him something once in a while. Dont be self centered and selfish. Know what is the true purpose of marriage before getting married."

"I look at you and hate you for what you make me feel about myself. You don't care, you are selfish and angry and I am just a bank to you. I have run out of people to talk too and feel I cant keep bothering the Samaritans anymore.. Please, I beg you, leave, take everything and leave me my life"

"I'm sorry. I tried. But I can't continue to feel isolated from everyone but you. I deserve to be happy and I want to feel like I'm good enough."

"please tell me if you don't love me anymore. I have enough of trying to make it better if you dont care. please stop pretending to care if you don't. Please let me be free. Are you only using me to care for our child.if it weren't for our child. i would have gone long ago. Why wasting my youth to a uncaring husband. i deserve better life and to be love. "

"I'm so fed up with you..."

"I'm sorry I about to hurt you. You have hurt me so much and I don't know how we got here. How did I let this all happen. I never thought I'd be divorced. I hope that you find happiness. I hope I find happiness. "

"I HATE you so much. I feel like I have been conned by such a stupid, unhygienic, uneducated, childish liar. You are your own worst enemy and you live in a dream world. I cannot believe I let a person like you have a shot with me let alone marry or have kids with. You are a disgrace. You should be removed from the earth because you are taking up oxygen that good people need. You mother raised a fool! Get a life because I am not facilitating a lazy, unambitious bum like you."

"You fooled me. I used to be very positive and creative. I loved the outdoors and helping others. I was spiritually involved. I liked to explore. I always thought you'd help me through our/my problems. Now I feel like a prisoner stuck in a tiny dirty apartment with you. You who doesn't ever want to leave, talk, or do anything but entertain yourself on your electronics. Who I have to clean up behind like you are a small child because we now have bugs from your filth. I feel like I died inside and have all this anger at you that scares me. This is not who I want to be. I hope your laptop can hold you, care for you, and have your babies (when you finally decided your want them again... you tricked me there too.) "

"If you would just look at yourself once"

"I've always loved you...I just have to love myself too. Our kids deserve to see us in our best light..and together we bring out the worst. I'm sorry"

"I hope you find happiness "

"I am Sorry but our marriage has failed "

"I want to stay with you for the best of our son, but i am sorry. I can no longer bear to be stuck in between your parents. I want to find someone that will cherish me and put me on his priority list. Sorry, i still do love you but you can no longer provide happiness and warmness to me.Hoping we both will find the one that is for us."

"We held on too long. Only a matter of time before it all came crashing down."

"If only you valued who I was and opened up to me along with participating and not just "being there""

"When I'm around you I can't stop thinking about how annoying you are. You've changed."

"I love you ❤️. I wish you would love me the same. I wish you would care about my feelings and desires as much as I care about your feelings and desires. Your ambivalence is killing my love."

"All I want is for you to actually care about me and to willingly help me when I need help. I wish I wasn't a disappointment to you."

"I wish things were still the same between us."

"I think about cheating a lot"

"I never thought we would ever get to this point. I thought I would want to be with you forever. I'm realizing that forever it just too long with you. I need someone else, someone better. Someone that makes me want to live. Someone that excites me."

"I just wish you would choose your family first for once. Money doesn't last forever and neither will a career. "

"We had so many dreams and they died one by one. We both went on to live double lives. How can we think the lie of our marriage is something worth fighting for? "

"I'm sorry I married you, you piece of crap."

"Since you haven't been reliable so much since we got married, and wasted too much time, I started slowly falling in love with somebody else. It just isn't what it used to be. You promised me flowers and rainbows, but what I got is sourness of everyday life, no sound decisions, dominance, etc. Especially since we got married relatively young, I am very disappointed in the decision. Should've listen more to parents, dated other people in those 5 years we had before getting married. Starting to get quite depressive, and since you're primarily cause of my depersonalization-derealization disorder kicking in, I am starting to feel hatred. Sorry, but this is not how I have imagined my life to be and turn out. Guess that I will have try again, with other person. "

"I hate you, good reddens "

"You have damaged me so much and abused me too long. Leave me please."

"I'm sorry. You're a good person who tries your best. You're a good friend, a good mom. We're just not compatible when it comes to intimacy, and I don't think it is fair to either of us. On your end, you are not getting a faithful spouse, and on my end, I am living a life of deceit and denying myself what I want."

"You've cheated on me multiple times, with multiple women. You cheated on me when I was 8 and a half months pregnant. You went home and watched porn while I was in labor. You told me you cheated because I wasn't as pretty as those girls. And for some reason, I can't work up the courage to leave."

"Thank you for everything, but im sorry i cant continue to be with you"

"My one regret was not foreseeing the troubled times we would have to endure together. The fighting the anger the violence the drugs... the age difference was fun and exciting when we were new, but as time went on the major issues that came with that began to surface. You Have twice the life experience I do and that made for easy manipulating of my thoughts emotions feelings and reality all because of convenience and Just because you could. I feel like you intentionally methodically planned how you would trap me and keep me in your life without Any possibility of living without me. At 23 I am the mother of a two and 3 year old Little girls. In the beginning you did everything with me by your side. You never made me feel left out or anything other than welcome. I was the center of your world. After or oldest wad born i realized you were like a kid who gets a toy. It's new and exciting at first but you tire of it soon, when you do that toy is quickmy dull and you're on to the next exciting thing. I get forgotten alone isolated, unmoved. My interest and desire to love care and nd with you became more intense. You okay your mind grants, turn me into a nerve wreck...i developed a severe case of every of anxiety and I still have panic attacks."

"You are a disapointment and have never given me 100%."

"I wish if he could be enough smart, strong and caring to save his own life from the hands of depression and on the way, our marriage, and our kids lives, too..."

"Marriage is a two way street, not holding on to the past and a loving partnership ."

"You make me feel like shit, you never appreciated me at all and you thought you were to good for me but you weren't I could do so much better I deserve better I'm a great man "

"To my husband, It kills me every second of every day to wonder whether or not you ever loved me. I feel that we got married far too young for you to have realized what vows really meant. Even as broken as you are I loved you to the point where you could choke me and I stood. None of these words could describe the amount of heartache and disappointment you have caused. I find no reason to relive the experiences of this marriage in trial because no one should have to endure the details nor do I believe any conclusion would heal such emotional abuse. I even find it hard to believe if any conviction at trial could justify the damage you have caused. Therefore, I find it a waste of time and much needed peace. I think about the fragility of my life several times a day as I contemplate how to end it just to save myself from the anguish that is unrequited love. As children, I thought the lack of love was you feeling like a fuckup. It only got worse from then. I still have a strong feeling in my heart of what you meant to my life, but it doesn't let me sleep at night anymore. So I admit, I am dreadfully afraid I will eventually lose the will to live, if life means you won't be in it. I feel bad for everyone that was affected by our marriage, but I sincerely cannot say that the damage dealt upon me was anything I thought humanly possible in the name of love. I hope God has mercy on you and shows me how to forgive you. Because if he does not, the rage I have inside me would have you beg for death into decrepitude. - AMJ"

"I will always love and care for you. And thank you for being there for me. But we just can't be married to each other "

"I love you but you're my best friend. I have no desire to be in a monogamous relationship with you. I'm sorry I've hurt you. I love you. "

"I honestly don't think I'll ever be happy in this relationship. I don't think you will ever compromise with me, and will always do what it takes to get what you want, no matter the cost. I don't think my feelings are a big concern of yours, and I think you will say and do whatever it takes to win an argument. You bottle up your concerns about me and then lash out unfairly whenever I bring up a concern of mine. You interrupt and condescend me when we disagree and argue. You are so controlling that you use your own personal issues as something to hold over my head when you want to control my behavior. You are unforgiving and and rarely give sincere apologies when you hurt my feelings. You are so disorganized and think living in a house where you constantly just drop whatever you have wherever you are is nothing more than having "a little clutter." You have never really met my needs sexually and have blamed me for years for your lack of desire. Your anti-depressants have killed any desire you used to have, and you are unwilling to live without them. You have risked everything going all in for your business and are unwilling to cut ties, even though you cost us thousands of dollars every month while I bring in the sole source of income for our family. You are judgmental, vindictive when angry, self-righteous, unfair, and incredibly forgetful. You're happy taking every holiday as an opportunity to spend time with your family, and I can count on one hand the times we have spent them with mine (under protest). You have a profound lack of physical energy and have slept through most of this marriage. Quite simply, you do not make me happy, and it isn't even close. "

"I hate him. He's a lying emotion free wreck unless he gets just what wants. And even then he's not happy. He's such a bitch and I effin can't stand him anymore. What a waste of time man. Fawk this."

"I told you this would happen. I need love."

"I love you, but you made a mockery of my sincere efforts in this marriage. I so wanted you to try hard n just be considerate but for you it was a relationship of your benifit ..... You broke me like no one could have or will be allowed to in future thanks for teaching me not to love making someone a priority over me."

"I love you, but you made a mockery of my sincere efforts in this marriage. I so wanted you to try hard n just be considerate but for you it was a relationship of your benifit ..... You broke me like no one could have or will be allowed to in future thanks for teaching me not to love making someone a priority over me."

"I have to laugh to keep from crying. You don't know how you have made feel and it hurts. We laugh but the truth remains that this isn't how I thought I would be treated and maybe this is the best move for us and out children. I hope it doesn't come to this but this quiz says it all."

"While some people are wonderful some just aren't wonderful together. There is always a tug of war on what to do and as we grow older and some things change there should still be core values to hold us together. Without the right mind set when stepping into something, we cannot have the right mind set to keep it going. My love for you will always be there its just time for me to stop living in a world of hurt, lies, and broken promises for me and our children."

"I'm sorry that I wasn't good enough for you and constantly trying to change me just pushed us away"

"Baby, i wish you would have been true to your marriage vows. I love you deeply & completely with no conditions. I wish you would have loved me the way i've loved you. You werent there when i needed you the most & thats a pain i will never heal from. You were suppose to be mine till i died but instead you were always someone elses."

"Thank you for everything. Thanks for the good and bad times because it all happened for a reason and I know it's making me into the woman that I need to be."

"I thought I will forever be in love with you, I love you wholeheartedly I never will hurt you, and I only want what's healthy for you. I'm sorry I lost my best friend."

"You are incapable of being happy. You refuse to deal with issues from your childhood, and you take out your anger on me. You've even admitted this. But you refuse to get help and change. So I'm done. I've had it with you, and I never want to see you again. I am insisting that you leave immediately. I will be filing for divorce and will make sure you are not part of my life going forward. If you fight for custody of the kids, I will crush you in court. I have evidence of what a poor mother you are. Just leave now."

"JK, I have recordings of you admitting you pushed me around. I hate you fir coming into my life and taking my peace "

"You chose alcohol before your family. When we met I was at my prime and the happiest I'd ever been. You destroyed me. "

"I hate that you are next to me and I know we shouldn't be together. Wants and needs are two different things and I need so much more. "

"I am chronically sick and I know that you use that to control me and make decisions. You work endlessly just to stay away from me. You use sex as a weapon ie, you sex with you because I felt sorry for you, I'm to tired to have sex, I find your body ugly - you know I want and need sex but you make NO effort to even try. Sleeping in separate beds is another great excuse. I believe you are trying to get me to leave so you can feel good about finding another spouse. You won't admit to the ongoing emotional affair with our "friend". By the way the only time we seem to have time together, when your awake in the morning, you use up the time to go and pray - what a great excuse to avoid me, Mrs "super" spiritual. We were in love when we married , and yes I to thought I'd married the wrong person on our honeymoon, but we stuck it out and had two beautiful kids. We have had fun and laughter together, and we can again, but endless working, tiredness and total lack of real time together and total lack of interest in sex makes me so despondent and angry - it seems all I can do is sit and hope you'll change but maybe we should admit it's over and move on. You can have the house, I'll disappear and you'll read about me in the obituaries one day. I do love you and want our marriage to work but I believe you hold anger and resentment towards me and just stay "married" to save face. Our girls mean the world to me but I have to go to give mum room to find someone she actually wants to be with. Goodbye."

"I'm still in love with my ex. But I don't want to hurt you. But I feel it's wrong to keep living a lie when you could be happier with someone better then me. I'm sorry "

"I care so much for you. But I just don't think we are the same anymore. We both grew in two totally different directions. "

"I don't want to be married to you anymore. I'm grateful for the years we struggled it out but I'm over this and want to move on on my own. "

"Stay out of my life so I can have one "

"You have made me feel like I should just end my life just to get out of our marriage and I should never be made to feel like that. You have now shown any interest in me as a person since we got married. I can't do this anymore and you need to know that its over between us. You cannot and will not keep making me feel like I am worthless."

"I was so in love with you, for years. You treated me like a princess, made me feel safe and adored. I would have crawled a mile over broken glass to save you from pain. What happened? Slowly, you started taking me for granted. You started being harsh, and critical of me all of the time. You treated me like a child who couldn't do anything right. You mocked me, made fun of my tears, threatened me, made me feel ugly and used. I became defensive: I had to. My heart was so weary, I couldn't be your whipping girl anymore. I was always wary, always waiting for the attack, and felt like I had to strike preemptively, to protect my wounded heart. I became bitter, unhappy. Stopped laughing all the time like I used to. I stopped feeling joy. I wanted to touch you, to try and bridge the chasm that had formed between us, but I was afraid. You had rejected me so many times, made me feel like a cheap whore when I tried to restore the intimacy. You were rough with me, callous. You told me you would slit my throat if you wanted to, and then engaged in something that felt like rape. I felt no love, no tenderness or compassion from you. Instead I felt like you were trying to punish me with sex, by making it as cold and impersonal as possible. I was humiliated. Every year on my birthday, you picked a fight with me, until I was miserable and in tears. You never acknowledged Mother's Day, except to tell me that I'm "not your effing mother." You made fun of me for trying to make holidays special for the kids, raged at me for spending money on stocking stuffers and Easter baskets. Told me I was "weird" for getting the kids a small gift on Valentine's Day. Everything I tried to do to create special memories and traditions, you mocked. The majority of the time, I worked and supported our family. I tried to be understanding of your physical limitations, and worked hard to make sure that we had what we needed. Yet, you raged at me any time I spend money on anything that you didn't approve of. Ripping in to me for s pending two dollars on bottled water? Really? Then saying I'm wasting YOUR money...when you hadn't contributed anything in months. How many times did we have this argument? You are cheap, a miser. I want to enjoy this life while I have it. Going out to dinner once a year is not being extravagant. Buying myself some new underpants once in a blue moon is not being wasteful. God, you were so hateful about money. It chipped away at my respect for you, little by little. What really killed it for me, though, was the contempt. The hateful tone of voice you used with me constantly. The rages, the attacks...accusing me of being selfish, a bitch, threatening me, putting me down, then freezing me out, giving me the silent treatment for days...until your urges overrode your anger, and you would expect me to shift immediately into sex mode, making me feel utterly used and disgusted. You killed the love I had for you. Day by day, cutting remark by personal attack, you have destroyed all vestiges of my once monumental adoration. All I feel now is indifference. I'm happiest at work, away from you. I've fantasized so many times on my way home, of just continuing to drive, until there are a thousand miles between me and your hateful, selfish, childish tantrums. I dream of starting over, changing my name so you can never find me. But I would never leave the children to be raised by you alone. What a joyless, terrifying childhood that would be. So I'm stuck with you. But I don't love you, not anymore. I will live my life, and you do what you want to do. Maybe someday I'll have the courage to divorce your sorry ass. "

"Sorry it didn't work out. I just felt trapped and manipulated in being in a relationship I didn't want. You seemed so sad and I couldn't bring myself to breaking your heart. I'm sorry "

"I wish I had been honest about not liking sex with you from day one!"

"I'm done. I love you but I'm not in love with you!"

"I'm a child doing this in place of my parent. I hope they get a divorce."

"I love you. I really really do. I just want you to be happy. I am very sorry that i can't give it to you. You must find your own happiness. "

"I wish you had listened to me more about how I felt and feel about living here. I told you I thought the place we lived would be toxic to our relationship and family but has usual you felt you know better than I. I've given emotionally everything that I could give, I left my family to be with you. I had no experience about how things were here, the bigots and the fact people have attacked me on the damn street, but you won't hear the pain I've been in. Every time you ignore me, leave to go on your holidays alone and don't touch me leaving me to go to bed alone, you are breaking my heart and what's worst you don't or simply won't see it. I can't help what I am and you knew of my sometimes strange why's and hows when you married me. I need and have needed you to accept me as I am without trying to control me. We've been together 12 years and I still don't feel like you really know who I am. "

"After so much betrayal and lies, I expect you to keep your promises to me. You can't do that. There is no future for us."

"Sadly, your daily drinking and lying about it have finally won. I hope you're happy."

"I wish you would listen to me and try to understand when I'm explaining why what you say is so hurtful"

"I fell out of love with you 8 years ago but I didn't think there was anyone else so I didn't leave Now there is. I cheated on you 4 times when we were dating and twice since we've been married. You deserve better."

"I wish you listened to me and fucked me everyday like we used to "

"I wish I felt like you really understood me. I'm much different than I was when we first met and you're exactly the same. My consciousness has opened. My entire world has opened up, but I can't share any of this with you because you don't understand anything that doesn't have to do with the logical mind. Right now, I feel closer to my friends on Facebook than I do to you or to my family. They get it. They understand. I'm tired of trying to bring you into higher consciousness. I'm tired of being around your weed and your excitement about it. I don't care. I've already moved on emotionally if not physically yet. I'm tired of bliss, joy, and magic for a couple days than back to the old way and feeling that disconnect. I need my space. I like being alone and I wish you would stop taking it personally. I'm no longer 19 and I don't want to be attached to you 24/7. I want you to be independent and to be less needy. I wish you understood and accepted me. "

"I'm saddened about the thought of there not being an US anymore. I feel as though this could of been completely avoided had you just been the person you really are underneath this mad man who has become of you. You used to be every girl's dream guy and I felt lucky to have you. But now it makes me so sad that every girl knows she could have you, and now the only girl who every really loved you doesn't want you. It makes me so mad that you messed us up and had me wasting my life chasing a dream that soon became my worst nightmare. I wish you well, and I pray that the man who once was can someday come back. -SKS"

"I cried the night before our wedding because I realized that you had no problem hurting me. I made excuses for your behavior but you blamed me for everything. You apologize now but only to assuage your guilt. If you want to apologize, pay me back for the loans I paid for you, and the years I supported you while you were jobless. I also wish to tell the next poor soul you decide to date the following: "J is abusive and angry. He will turn your words against you and he always has to be right. He also charged me for the engagement ring after the proposal. Run while you can.""

"You are a shell of the amazing person I fell in love with and married, and it breaks my heart everyday..."

"I feel horrible for the feelings I have been having. You are a good person and we did have many good times. The spark fizzled out so early and I have spent years trying to fix it. Once I realized I was the only one trying after trying to get you involved I started thinking about life without you. I can't say I relish the idea of walking away but if I keep feeling this way it is unfair to you to have to be with someone who isn't head over heels in love with you.I am still deciding what to do but I can't deny the warning signs. Is it okay that I don't feel madly in love anymore? Maybe I never fully did. I did and do love you. But the question is that "can't live without you" feeling..."

"I love you but you don't show any emotion back, I am dead to you and I would give you the world. All you are concerned with is getting high or drunk everyday like a teen"

"I Love As Girlfriend But I Want To Love You As A Friend"

"I don't even know if we're in a relationship, or "domestic partnership" anymore. There is no love, no excitement, no passion, just stress. I don't even know if I completely trust you. You leave every night to find something you're looking for and I'm left alone to take these stupid tests online. I hate what we've become."

"Why have you so hurt me verbally to the point that at times I have actually considered killing myself? I trusted you!! You led me to believe you were kind, loving, thoughtful, and virile. When you decided to sleep in separate bedrooms after only 2 years of marriage, you caused division and great damage to our relationship. You made me feel ugly, fat( although I am neither!!!)and so unloved and unwanted. What did I do to deserve you treating me like this?? You said in all your past relationships they left after 2 or 3 years. Have you always used sweet words and actions and then gotten tired of that woman and became cruel and mean like with me?? Did you take all of their money too?? Once you asked me for mercy, and received it. Yet you lied and used me. And you profess to be a Christian! I have never ever been treated so terribly or been made to feel everything wrong in a relationship was all my fault. And to think, I truly was in love with you and loved you so very much!!!"

"I can't fuckin stand you!!! Of all my mistakes, you were the biggest one. I'm such a dumbass. "

"If we didn't have kids I would never want to see you again for not working this out!"

"Marrying you was the happiest day of my life, right after the birth of our son, I have so much to thank you for giving me so much joy in my life. I wish there was a happy ending for us, but sadly we are just to different, and the respect and love is now gone.. You will always have a special place in my heart."

"I just need a new meaning to the term love. I no longer define it as what we have."

"You broke me in ways I can't even fathom....you ruined us"

"You can't be expecting it, but it has to have crossed your mind, right?"

"I love you, I really do. We want different things from life. Neither of us make time for each other, or want to make that time anymore. We both feel like we are working so hard to make this marriage work. We deserve more. Please, let's parent together. Let's be our best selves, but that means apart."

"I had multiple affairs and enjoyed each one."

"You've beaten me, I stayed. You abandoned me, I was right there when you changed your mind. I've set aside my dreams and aspirations for so many years that I don't even have them anymore. I've jumped when you said jump, as high as you wanted me to. I can't call on you when I need someone. I can't rely on you, I can't trust you, I can't believe in you. You've used my vulnerabilities against me. You've made me feel like I'm worthless. You've stolen all the light I had in my soul and now I feel empty just thinking about you. I'm a worthless shell of a person, always apologizing, always sorry, always a burden. You weren't there for me when I lost my mom, the worst thing I've ever gone through, and I had to go through it alone. I had to cry alone and grieve alone and it has alienated me more than anything you ever did before. "

"I just wish you loved me and treated me the same now as when we first got together. We used to be happy and wanted to spend every second together and would have sex almost daily. Now im lucky if you want to do any activities with just me or even look at me sexually more than once every two weeks. Your friends and your hobbies always take priority. You feel obligated to show me affection and you only want me around when its convient for you. I miss the old us. "

"We got married for bad reasons and I have never been happy."

"Hi dear, I know u r the best person that could hv walked into my life. Bt i dn deserve u and i am v stubborn. I will rather leave u than leave my habits. If u leave me i will b a big time loser. I love u totally. Bt i dn hv the right to screw ur life by staying wid u. "

"I still love but I do not deserve to be your punching bag. Nor does the children deserve to be neglected by you and left behind like they meant nothing to you. We meant nothing to you. You were focused on your money and physical pleasures while I worked full time and was a full time wife and mother. I don't desire any other man and never have while knowing you these last 2 1/2 years. My hearts aches and cries about every moment of the day because this is not what I thought my marriage to you would be. It affected my life and my career. Now, I have a message for the women after me to receive so that they can be more safe when it comes to choosing to date and marry an abuser."

"He ignores me constantly!! Making me feel very unloved."

"I know myself and my girls deserve a whole lot more of everything I think we both know how far we have grown apart and sometimes wonder if we really had a true marriage? You don't really know me like u should and I can't forget the abuse!"

"I know you said your ex only kept you around for financial perks she just wanted someone to work and give her money, I'm not her money isn't everything to me all I wanted was to feel loved wanted and desired I never thought that was to much to ask. "

"You are a great provider, but you are a lousy friend/lover and father. You put your career above all, and as long as you are happy, you don't care if we are unhappy. It hurts me to see how you treat our children. You complain about how your father was, but you have become him. When you are home, you are happy to sit on the couch and parent from there and not help out. Unless it is to wash your car. I don't know if I can keep doing this. I should feel happy when you are home, not dread it. "

"I want a divorce before I don't like you anymore."

"I love you but our marriage is broken. "

"I honestly can't handle it anymore the lies , cheating and the verbal and physical abuse is just to much...our son cannot go through this and I am just not happy anymore...."

"Last week, you said we made a great team. Now you won't even look at me. The truth hurts."

"I've spent more time wishing I was dead then being happy with you. You have made me hate myself."

"I love you but I think we made a mistake and would be happier apart"

"Never thought of such unhappy marriage and cant bear to think of getting old with you spending infact wasting my life with you"

"Why???? What have ive ever done to you for you to spy on me?? But thanks for waisting my time?"

"I married you because you were the type of person who gave me what I wanted. I needed to move on and felt like you were the safe choice. Our life is boring. You're abusive and a drunk. Not sure I ever loved you. I'm a selfish person but I just can't do this anymore. I need you out of my bed and life. I cannot stand your face, smell, touch, voice, etc. "

"Sometimes but it's coming a bit stressful with all the put downs and ultimations."

"We got married too soon. I got scared and before i knew it it was too late. I'm just not happy. I'm sorry "

"Stop treating me like a child and realize that I am another person and not just an extension of you that is here strictly to do your bidding."

"We shouldn't have got together. I tried too hard and i am so tired"

" I was to young to get married,I'm not attracted to u I don't like being around u I'm only still married to u bcuz I don't have the money to move. I'm not happy at all "

"I'm just not in love with you anymore. I want to feel in love again. I want to feel beautiful and wanted and desireable and interesting again, and I'm not getting that from you. I don't even know who you are anymore."

"Remember all those times you threatened to leave me just to win an argument? Careful what you wish for, because it's now what is yours."

"Screw you and your mama you jerk! "

"Wish I wasn't so insecure I would leave u. I'm tired of ur lies, cheating, emotional and verbal abuse. I feel trapped... sad...and worthless. I wish u would treat me better."

"I'm tired of the cheating, the lies and you getting mad when I ask you any questions that you don't want to answer. "

"I hate your drugged out guts"

"I found an emirati man!"

"A wife is someone you should respect and care about. We are not objects that you can play around with. I have feelings too. And honstly i rushed into marraiage thinking that you might be the one to take care of me like my father. But i forgot that my father didnt take care of me. He left. So you are nothing different from him.even you are there. You are never there foe me. I feel alone in marriage. You are not compatible with me."

"You're a monster. You cheated on me twice with married women. I will never forgive you and I hope you spend the rest of your life alone."

"I love you, but I don't know if I can do this. We rushed into things and I'm scared we made a mistake. I feel smothered. "

"You are a jerk and maybe YOUR 4TH MARRIAGE WILL WORK OUT. ENJOY"

"I know 100% you are lying to me about having that Ashley Madison account. Your excuses are laughable. I am trying to better myself but you hang by without emotion or concern. I am just another big screen TV or shiny red car to you. I won't hang around this stonewall stale relationship anymore."

"What a waste of my life the last five years have been."

"I'm so sorry to hurt you, but i can't stay. Everyday moments are full of strife and i think we would be better apart. "

"Stop being lazy. Grow up and carry some weight around the house. Stop acting like a child. Adulting isn't always fun and games. I hate fostering and don't want anymore kids"

"So happy to be back in California happy not being sexually abused"

"It's sad. I was so hopeful and committed to us actually but you never were what you claimed to be when we met. I know you don't love me anymore and I don't love you either. I don't think you're a bad person, you're just not for me. I will always appreciate everything you did for me but appreciation alone isn't reason enough to stay in a marriage."

"My husband and I have been the closest of friends. We have been married for 34 years. As I've aged, however, my attitudes on living have changed. I want peace and calm and I want to eat healthy and I would like to be close. While we do still do things together....well, here goes. So, I want to get healthy and we began hiking. We were both out of shape, but I am more fat by far. His job is seasonal, while mine is year round. So, we started our journey together. However, while I was at work, he would hike alone and began volunteering for the local forest service. Soon, he was fit and trim and hiking to beat a storm. I plodded along and he became impatient and remarking that he just could not believe how out of shape I was. I'm not a controlling type, so I told him to hike at his pace and I would be on the trail behind. I was surprised that he would leave me behind and alone. But I bought a camera and plodded along and enjoyed myself. But, our distance apart grew, both physically and emotionally to the point where I quit hiking all together. I began having health issues and it was imperative that I change my eating habits and I have, but he undermines my health by offering me candy bars and when he cooks, he cooks things that I no longer choose to eat. He is manic and impulsive and I have grown weary of it. I love him with all my heart and wish him no ill will, but I pray most every week that he would just quit loving me and leave me alone. I'm tired of his anger (which is not directed towards me). I no longer care to hear his griping. This past political year (the year of Trump) I have been involved and he wishes I would shut up about it. It's crazy, because we do love each other. We do. But, maybe not. More and more, it seems that if I complain and ask for peace and quiet or when I am annoyed with him ... we no longer address our issues. It becomes him telling me that I am crazy and we end up arguing about "how" i speak to him rather that "what" I am complaining about. It is more me than him. He thinks he is all healthy because he is now fit and trim and I just wish he would take his skinny ass and have a heart attack. Because his diet sucks. He would never say I'm fat. He would not. Generally, for the past year, whenever I am speaking he rolls his eyes. I don't really want to live alone, but I want to be left alone. Also, we are getting old enough to think about our old age. I have property that is rural and I want so badly to move there -- he has visions of getting an RV. He is not a money manager -- he would have us homeless within a year. It's irrational -- his dream of retirement. And I want a concrete plan. I do have bouts of clinical depression; it is real. But, somehow, anymore when we do argue ... my blood pressure does not rise ... I am calm, because I no longer care if he is mad or not. I am trying to be zen -- he's still fighting the world. I wish we would go through counseling. I wish he would come on a journey with me. He thinks I'm crazy -- I think he's a stupid angry man."

"Why would you cheat on me for 4 years. You are rotten"

"I feel that my mental & emotional condition at time of meeting & getting married was not well. Sorry , but time to be true to me "

"When you come back from vacation I will sit down with you. You've been gone a week and I haven't missed you. 22 years together and our love is pale our bond is broken."

"When we got married at first I feel we had a fantastic partnership. I would get excited about coming home. We agreed that starting a business so that you could stay at home if you choose to raise our children was the best choice. Now after the children are raised, the only benefit I see is that it gives you the time to sleep in, go to the gym attend the children's activities while I continue to work. You complain about me being gone to much but when I slow down and try and regroup myself from years of fatigue you complain about the lack of money. You say that you will get a job but the positionsolid you apply for you have no skills in and 2 or 3 applications are not going to get you a job in these times. Your ideas of selling everything to make life easier are selfish because they benefit you to continue to not have any responsibility and continue to enjoy your nap time and your normal routine. You never really listen to my feelings, you listen with with what you think I should be saying not what I am really trying to say or start to talk over me saying I am blaming you for anything I may be feeling when it comes to our relationship. We agreed a year ago not to rehire employees and work as a team well I guess team means me and as you say your a big boy figure it out. I am sick and tired of the one sided thinking. I am tired of working the hours I do to relieve Zero respect or no even the chance to voice my feelings to be able to hopefully work on a solution instead of your idea of selling everything before the time is right. I hate say this but you are not financial smart and never have been your resentment towards me has made me think more of leaving you to give you the solution you truly want. I don't because it would kill me knowing that I may have to pay you alimony the rest of my like. You show Zero interest in me and our sex life is the equivalent of a blow up doll.....boring. you never show any type of sensual or seductive actions. I bought a book that we could use to help our relationship by giving ideas of date nights but as usual it either has been thrown out or hidden in an area I can not find anymore. When we have gone out Iall I hear is complaining about how nothing fits, you feel sick, it's my period, I'm tired. So with that said why the fuck try anymore?"

"I tried for years and begged you to listen to my concerns. Now I just don't care nor do I want to continue. I have nothing left to give."

"I want nothing but the best for you. I know that you want better for yourself, but I can't handle the inconsistencies, the lack of commitment, and the financial instability. I am a person who thrives off order and living a life of uncertainties (not knowing how the bills will be paid or where we will be living) have led to me experiencing panic attacks, insomnia, and breaking out in hives. I know that I've said the words before and I apologize for that. I hoped that in doing that things would change. But this time I have to be serious and honest with you. I want a divorce. "

"I really wish that you would take the time and listen to what I am saying. I'm a romantic and have always been. I've tried to tell you this time and time again and I can't do this anymore. You don't know me or even want to know me. I feel more like a glorified roommate with some friends with benefits thrown in. I'm tired of feeling alone all the time. I'd actually rather be alone. "

"I wish I knew you were so controlling. Wish I knew its always you way or high way. Extremely sad that we have come to this. But I have to do what is healthy for me! "

"I want to feel wanted and desired, but since our son died it is all talk about future pregnancies but no personal intimacy. No hugs no cuddles. You're a great mom but I don't fit with you at all. I stay only for the kids we have left."

"He lives with his mother, 190 miles away, and claims its for his job. HAHA."

"I'm here now but I don't know how our future looks like."

"I wish you cared... I wish that you'd support me like I try to do you. I wish I felt loved... I wish I'd...maybe had just worked on me.... I love you but you don't know how much you hurt me..."

"I loved you very much and you worked daily to destroy that love. You broke my trust completely in you. You treated me like a bank to get loans and an ATM to get money. I gave you all I had emotionally and financially. All you did for me was ruin my career with your lies, try to destroy my reputation, destroy all my dreams for a happy life and cheat on me at every opportunity. You took all you could. I will rebuild my life without you. During this divorce you will be exposed and that scares you. Don't fear the trust embrace it. Your a whore."

"you have no idea how great you had it... time apart has made an empty heart... the damage is done."

"I would appreciate a bit of help, attention and sympathy! "

"You've made my life miserable. You're fat, ugly, and a cancer to my existence."

"I'm sorry for who I am... how narcissistic is that?"

"Dear husband. I chose you when everyone said not to. I chose you against all odds. I loved you when you were still seeing your ex. I tried to make it work. I followed you. Gave up my career, my friends and family. Sacrificed me for us. Always giving of myself. Then the ultimate sacrifice to follow your dream to retire here. I have given everything. Then the ultimate betrayal of your violence towards me. That person that you became is not apart of my future. I am sorry for our kid because this will break her heart. I have to regain my life. "

"I know about your girlfriend, you piece of shit. "

"I just wish you cared. I wish you courted me like when you were trying to win me over years ago. I wish you could step outside of your own head for a minute and see that I've been miserable for years. I wish my efforts were enough. I wish I was now important to you. I love you. "

"I had high hopes but when you cheated it killed me I hate the lack of respect for me as a man I can't stand it when you hang up on me and I especially hate it when if I have a problem it is "my" problem and I just need to get over it your lack of appreciation for what I do and have done for our family screams at me daily but when you cheated that was the ultimate disrespect I hate my life and I'm in total state of depression 24/7 thank you for crushing my heart you soulless bitch"

"Babe, I love you. I wish that I had never met you so you didn't have to be hurt by me. I wish that we had waited longer to marry. Maybe if we had taken more time I would have known who I really was and that we didn't belong together. I wish there was an easy painfree way to do this. I wish you would get mad and leave me so I wouldn't have to hurt you. I don't know if I'll ever be brace enough to leave you. Brace enough to admit that I'm a lesbian that I belong with a woman and that I'm not happy with you. Frankly You bore me babe. I'm sorry"

"You were a mistake. the result of being the first woman after my divorce. i should have taken more time to see who you really are...a manipulative monster."

"Sorry for not giving you the love you deserved, I feel that I have caused you so much pain, and taken up time that should have been devoted to someone that truly could show you what you mean to them. I feel I have tried, but failed and my ignorance and selfishness has driven us apart, I at one point in our marriage could not live without you, and now I feel I should be alone to make you happy. I am so sorry I wish my heart and mind were one in this dicussion, but my heart just isn't in it anymore. Cheating on you was the worst thing I have ever done, and in begging for your forgiveness I felt that it would make me love you again if you let me back in. I was wrong, and I can't take back what I did, but I can't live to see you so unhappy, and insecure of me. Please know that I did truly love you, and saw a long lasting future with you. I wish I knew when it fell apart, and how to fix it. Sorry for my whole being. "

"You've been so selfish since our wedding day when you made me cry, you broke every promise you made me and completely let me down. You left me alone in supporting our family. You drained me emotionally without giving something back. My heart hurts so much for loving you."

"I'm leaving you for someone else I really don't love you anymore "


"You wore a mask and hid your true vulgar self to me well before having our son. I hope you can live with your ego and pride and all the verbal abuse was worth losing me. "

"I loved you wholeheartedly. I just needed to be loved back."

"I wish we could go back 7 years and start over. I miss how you were when we first got married. "

"Wake up and think before you lose everything."

"I tried so hard and you didn't. I'm just done. Almost 20 years of wasted time."

"Use your brain. You're ungrateful and you act like a man. "

"I am tired of feeling financially used and taken advantage of - and have finally had enough..........."

"Get out of my house and get help. "

"I respect the person you are and what you have accomplished but I don't like the way we are together. We've spent many years together and for a long time it has been a struggle. We've had good times no doubt, but they were always part of some compromise; we never could agree on even the simplest of things. Trust has always been an issue as well. We've caught each other lying and manipulating because we have been afraid the other would judge and use the vulnerability against the other. Our personalities are very different as are our values. I care for you and want you to be happy in your life, but I don't love you and cannot continue. I will miss some parts of our relationship, but I know that this is right. "

"I'm sorry that it didn't work out between us I've tried my best But we really don't belong to each other Our life is miserable Our lives will be better apart.. "

"Why cant you just say what youre doing and stop lying keeping me hanging on so that you wont be looked at as the bad guy you treat with no respect humiliation. Is always fear in ny heart blame me for everything that is wrong i dont think you love me at all u manpulate me constantly like im stupid blind its very hurtful to know that u know and you dont care im torn please just help me leave you instead of letting me suffer while you are planing to do whatever you want and i can do nothing and i can do nothing for you im useless to you and i feel that way and you dont care i see you never changing no matter what i say or do I feel like I'm going to left and have nothing as long as you are happy selfish is your main and only commitment hurting and you know it"

"Become motivated to live"

"I want to make "love" to a "friend" that wants to "communicate" me. "

"I'm sorry this couldn't work and I hope that we could still work together with the kids I love you always just not in love with you anymore "

"I wish the passion and energy was there. Not totally satisfied. And this small isssue and become a big issue over the years. And it has affected the other parts of the relationship and marriage "

"I will always love you. "

"I wish you well and will always be there for you when you need me. I owe you a lot and can't repay back the things you have done for me. I think if I am staying with you I am substituting your bad habits and making you more lazy because you do not have any goals or passion left in your life. I care for you and I will do anything to make you better person weather it requires me to live far from you. "

"I'm emotionally and physically lonely. We don't want the same things. I feel like we are together just for the girls. You never tell me your dreams hopes ask about what's going on or the kids. I don't feel love from u at all. I just feel so numb."

"Good luck on your next relationship"

"I stayed with you until our kids were done with high school and to protect them from your alcohol abuse. Now that you're sober (massive kudos to you for that) and the kids are almost done with high school, there's no reason for us to be together anymore. The last 5 years of the 25 year marriage has been hell and I'm done. "

"Husbands don't hurt your wife's "

"You killed our marriage. It wasn't perfect but it was alive and it was our's. Now, it's dead. You know you killed it. "

"Stop your addiction "

"You treat me like shit!!"

"What happened? Who are you?"

"It's like I no longer exist"

"I will always Love you and I truthfully wish you nothing but the best for your future I really wish that our marriage symbol (Today, Tomorrow and Forever) was an accurate representation of the length of our marriage Thank you for giving me the most awesome gift ever: Our Handsome, Intelligent son"

"I wonder if I married too young and I bet should have married you. Now that we have been married for 11 years and have kids, I have changed so much, but you are still the same person that lacks the maturity needed to successfully run our lives in mutual understanding and love. I only hope you can adapt to my current needs so that we can grow together instead of apart. "

"I would most definitely agree with the results. Similar to what I've determined. Too much stress in the long run!!!"

"Leave me a Lone!!!!"

"All I want is for him to put his arms around me and say "I'm sorry we're both hurting. I'm sorry we both made stupid choices that contributed to that. You're the most important person in the world to me and I love you. I'm so sorry for the past." Because right now he is losing me and I don't think I'll make it back to him emotionally."

"Be sexually unrepressed"

"it was great while it lasted "

"like can we just have sex a few times a week and be normal like before."

"I hate being with you and wish we would have never met"

"I have always loved you but once you have cheated 3 times, I think of someone better for myself."

"In the beginning you were the sweetest man I ever met, but you were not ready to be an husband, you began cheating the second year if our marriage, you took a big piece of my heart and I cant wait to be your ex- wife I hate being bound to you, I pray God open your eyes that you can see how your broke my heart, because you think you deserve me , to love , cook, clean, for you , your an idiot you will regret losing me. "

"I'm very sorry it didn't work out. "

"I'm filing for a divorce, as you have left very little options on the table. You are a great mother, you are great your job, but we have grown so far apart that i feel things would never be the same"

"Learn to love yourself & respect the fact that i gave up everything in a heartbeat for you. Only to be lied to DAILY, manipulated, abandoned by you. Oh & u cheating on me Good luck fucker!"

"I wished you didnt ignore me... you left me."

"I'm sorry I can't give you the life you want anymore. You as a 33 year old man should have known better to manipulate a 19 year old to get what you want in life. I want my old path back. It was dark but if I did not met you, I would have had by now a decent life with my true l ove. I still like you though. You can be a good friend and a great father if you choose your path wisely."

"I would like to say to him that our first 7 years together were perfect, I thought. Nobody could make me laugh this way, I could have never asked for a better step dad for my son. We took vacations, we always had food, we did things, we had fun, we had money and we never fought! Plus we had complete trust in each other.. Past 3 years, has been utter Hell ever since the dr put you on pain meds for your back. At first, it was fine but then as the meds were not working as well because the body gets tolerant to it then that's when you would sneak and steal mine from. Surgery. Now you are a HUGE LIAR, SHADY, MENTAL, VERBAL ABUSER, you say what you make in disability is none of my business, your mean, you sleep all day if you don't have your 3O pain pills, you call me names, you lost my car from repo, and our home was foreclosing and I never knew any of this, you had your dad live w us 5 years because the drugs and bills were too much. You are so lazy now, you can't even work, mow grass or anything. Your a dead, ball of addiction and you don't care about nothing or nobody but yourself. You have stolen from my grandma, you show no remorse, after my car was repoed, you live in dad bought me a car off Craigslist. When it broke down a year ago, it hasn't been touched since. You two had 3 cars my son and I none. I had the child and job. I had to go to food banks for food while u sat on couch like always..unless u get a call to run out to buy your pills from mostly girls. 3 years of hell is long and I'm not the type to ever ever cheat and i, first time in my life and can't live with myself because of it, I cheated. Something I was so against. I cheated after I filed. I felt like meeting those women for years, you had to have cheated. You've been caught telling other women that Your divorcing so I guess to let go of everyday anger towards you, I felt screwing whoever was payback. I don't want any of these guys either. So your actions have led me bad and not who I am. And throughout everything, why do I love you? I love the old you. The new you, I'd never even date!"

"I'm sorry i failed you"

"Nothing, I feel absolutely nothing.. I just want to start over again! 👗👠👑"

"You're a cool girl and I like you, but not in that way anymore"

"I was 18 when we met. I gave up school, career, everything to be "your wife" i thoroughly enjoyed raising our girls"

"nothing is wrong with you, even more than enough. In fact I need someone stronger, bold and able to handle me rather than a loyal follower."

"I'm beyond tired of life...with you. We cannot agree on the simplest of things, and something has to give. "

"I am sorry. But marriage is just not me. I want to live a carefree happy life and unfortunately marriage doesn't do that for me. I am sorry for wasting your time."

"I wish you loved me more"

"I'm not your child. I'm your wife. Don't tell me what to do. Stop trying to control me. I have feelings. I cannot stop them or get over them at your tempo. I want romance, peace, and laughter. I want great sex. Dare to be passionate! Take the initiative. Family is a blessing. We married into each other's families and with healthy boundaries and respect, it can be beautiful and enriching. Stop criticizing. Hold me when I'm weak and as long as it takes. "

"I wish we could see eye to eye on things bout moving or helping with the baby's some and maybe think of me taking care of the boys is a job I know it's not a job like your but it's still hard on me when your far away anyways it feels like we don't want the same things anymore 6years living with each other 2years married is a long time I love you but some times I feel like are marriage is falling a part your my best friend "

"After losing me you should treat wife #2 differently. Learn something from us."

"We could have been great."

"We should never have married. I'm sorry I put you through all this. It's time to put the past behind us. Take care."

"We've been married for three years, together for five, and he hasn't had a job since the day we said 'I do'. I'm sick of being the only functional adult in the house, I'm tired of having to work past my serious health problems because he can't be bothered to do anything except sit around all day and play World of Warcraft and watch porn and then has the nerve to act like he's the world's greatest husband. He's inconsiderate, lazy, antisocial and entitled and I feel more like his mother cleaning up his messes than I have ever felt like his wife."

"I tried. You didn't. And now I'm done. Not that you care, you bastard."

"My soon to be ex husband is scum. Yah we had anrough start but we have been doing so much better and getting along. And he cheats on me :( i was his first for everything and he was my first for everything. He slept with multiple woman and even had a threesome. He is dead to me. Probably because he is a horny military man. He cheated on me when i was even living with him. "

"Leave me but she is not ready "

"If I could use a sponge to soak up all if the hurtful things you've said over 10 years, and start from where we are now, I would. But I can't. "

"When we were married I didnt know it was a high point for your depression. I didnt know your diagnosis. I love who you are on the right medication, but I just cant keep being married to a child. Your only two years younger than me and honestly it feels like so much longer than that."

"If you love your life and the way you want to do things then stay in your picture perfect world and have your cookie cutter family but leave me out of it."

"I confess that I have messed up too many times and I'm sorry for hurting you. I hope you can forgive me and that I love you very much."

"I love you so so much. We've been through so much together, and for so long. But we don't click. We don't connect. And if I thought that you would be okay without me, I would leave. But I just can't hurt you like that."

"Well sheit. This survey indicated that I should get a divorce immediately. But I love my wife. It really just comes down to sexual incompatibility... "

"Don't marry anyone again, please"

"I never wanted to marry you, I felt guilty that you needed someone to depend on so badly in your life. But now I lost all the freedoms, fun, and social life I once had to a marriage where you stay home every day with no job, no income, and no drive. And the sad part is I know you are content with a caretaker and never working a minute in your life if you can avoid it. I want an equal partner."

"If you got the counseling you need for your depression, anxiety, alcohol abuse, horrible temper, learned to speak to me like your husband and not your child if we had any- We would be great"

"I wish you had the motivation to put me first sometimes, that you would show you care, that you would quit doing as little as possible in every area of your life. I'm so tired of carrying our family on my own, I've lost my best friend, and no one takes care of me. I know I'm burning out and I keep telling you this, but nothing makes a difference. "

"I suppose it has been moving toward this for a long time. You knew what you'd have had to do to keep me wanting to stay married to you, but didn't do it. You've been my only enemy on some important matters. Some things I just can't overlook anymore. "

"I wish you would help me, instead of always complaining that the house is a mess or the baby is crying or your not getting enough attention. How can you not have a job not let me get one then expect me to agree that you provide for me and the kids and that we want for nothing when I constantly worry about how im going to afford diapers and you can't even wash a dish or change a diaper."

"I am hurt you abandoned me and put your grown daughter before my chemo."

"I fell out of love with you right after we got married, you wanted children so we had one. Although I love my daughter very much I am not in love with you. I am still in love with my ex and dream about being with her, if she would take me back I would be gone immediately."

"I love you and please stay strong"

"I don't know who I am anymore."

"You can't have a relationship without sex and good luck finding anyone that will put up with it I'm done "

"I do not look forward to the rest of my life with you. I know this is hurtful but I want to be happy. I am not."

"1. I wish you would treat me as you wife, not as one of your "buddies." I'm a woman, I'm delicate, I have feelings, treat me as such. 2. Get off your lazy ass and do something every once in a while. 3. Think you'll remember my birthday this month? Probably not, even though it's 2 days before your own. 4. Think about other people, not just yourself. 5. You're not king shit, I have a full time job, too."

"I love you so much. But i cant forgive what your family have done to me and that you chose your daughter and your exwife, including your family, over me. I cant accept the situation where i have to borrow an engagement ring from her just because you think im worthless. Thank you for being a wonderful person. If i let you go, that because i love you so much and want to see you happy."

"All I wanted was to be happy with you, grow old with you. I need to know that I matter. The kids as well. You stay lock in your room and on porns sites more than the time with us. I am not happy and I am tired of pretending to be"

"I hate you. You f#cking cheating slut"

"i have married a woman who i have no feelings for whatsoever we relate in everyway possible she loves me a lot i have married her for one year and a baby is on the way i already went on with the marriage and everything (except for my feeling of intense daily depression) about the matter everything has went smoothly i never had the heart to tell her until now i don't know what to do i don't even know why i married her everyone thinks we love each other because of the way i act so when i told my family about the matter they never believed me please advise me what should I do because my emotiionless display of affection has shown itself and she is getting depressed and it's all my fault every other decision is easy compared to this one"

"1. Stop asking me questions like I'm a child needing to be tracked. 2. Let me have friends and go out. 3. Let me work, do my work, achieve what I need to achieve. 4. I'm not a servant. 5. Stop hitting me. 6. Stop threatening me. 7. Stop being a bitch in front of the kids."

"Well, i want to say only. when you decided to marry me. it was just for sake or you really meant by marriage. I try to give max i can and no one can be perfect. But every partner need respect and importance. Also, its not like you bad its only just after marriage and you change you start with job. if you have big dreams then why to get along with me. because you can't share burden.Also not ready to own responsibilities. I am really thinking to say facts to you but always get in fear with multiple people are going to affect by this including me. Don't know what will happen. But i know i don't deserve this much stress life."

"Everything I could do, I did. Everything I couldn't do, I tried. I was always working, always loyal, and always loving. I sincerely wish I could say the same for you."

"I just want you to know that I love you , you have a very special place in My heart. I am sorry to tell thIs but I feel as if I am not in love with you anymore. I am scared of what our future holds and can't keep holding in the way I feel. We have become best friends through the years but now that's all I feel we are. The feeling of rejection is too much for me and I don't want to keep my guard up any longer. "

"If you had slept with me and appreciated me and not bossed me around I would have stayed. It hurts me to know I let you get away with this for so long. "

"You make me sad, you dont apprecheate me. I dont feel respected or loved. I feel that you choose your parents over me, i am never your priority. You dont listen to my needs, you have no clue about my feelings, and you dont seem to care. Its so hard to speak with you, cause you always end it in anger and disapointment. I just see how our future is gonna be, and it scares me. I did love you for so long and i might still do, but that is just not enough to make me stay in this very distructive realationship. "

"You refuse to be intimate with me for 16 years. You lie every chance you get. You hide critical financial information. You have pushed me away. I'm done."

"It feels as if our marriage is always a struggle and I always feel admired by him but rejected as a woman. I'd rather be by myself than feel rejected and like a cow put out to pasture. it is not fair to me, I have worked so hard to keep this marriage in place, but I feel as if I'm settling just for the sake of being married."

"I would like to say that after 23 years of marriage I want my freedom. I've tried my best to be a good spouse (I have never been able to use the words "wife" and "husband") but I never wanted to marry you in the first place. You never asked me to marry you in the beginning. I was bullied into it. There are 3 things that you can't do to a person with mental health like me (bi-polar) if you want her to recover.(But it's true even if you don't have any mental health problems.) You can't get over-involved emotionally. I felt like I was suffocating. Second, you can't criticize. You were always thinking critically about me, you can't deny that. And third, hostility. I was always afraid you were going to blow up and get defensive if I accused you of anything, so I had to swallow all my feelings. But now I know I can leave and it's ok. It's not my fault. I don't regret the years we had together but if we stay together any longer it will wreck more havok on my body and mind and won't do you any good either. Lets be fair to each other and have a peaceful parting of the ways, with love and the knowledge that we can remain friends. "

"I just don't love you anymore. There has been too many issues, lies, and difference of opinions. You left me out of the blue and was gone for 2 months and someone doesn't get over that lightly. Not 3 months after that you lie to me about knowing this woman and I caught you in that lie! You had her phone number in your phone records and had been talking to her behind my back for months!!!! We became pregnant and you gave me an STD, so where did you get that if you didn't cheat! You refuse to try to quit smoking for your health and for your child's future. You lie about it, sneak smoke, and I'm tired of it. Your weird porn obsession has me stumped!? If it was just regular porn it wouldn't be that big of a deal. Especially if you had been honest with me about that too. I don't want you to touch me, I don't wanna talk to you! I tried to be a good wife and mother but I can't do it anymore! I try and stick around for the sake of our son. You rarely help with the baby! You don't know his routine, how to put him to sleep, where his things are, how to bathe him, and the only thing you can do is make a bottle. When I ask for help at night you get all mad and it makes me feel like I shouldn't even ask for help. I can't anymore. "

"For you to cheat 2 out of the 3 years we have been married is beyond unacceptable I'm done!"

"I think we made a mistake. I don't regret our kids, but we simply aren't compatible. I dont hate you and care about what happens to you."

"I am very sorry, that i disappointed you so many times. I am very sorry I could not meet expectations and standards. I am very sorry to say that I think you could done better than me. I am sorry I have been selfish so many times, and kept feelings secret. I am sorry i didnt level honestly and openly from the beginning, but i was silent and not open and somewhat dishonest because i felt i didnt deserve you to begin with, and I didnt want to lose you if you knew how things truly are with me, and how unstable i can be sometimes. I supplemented our relationship at times and didnt want to admit it even to myself. I thought i wanted to just get by because i thought it would never get any better than you. I thought we made sense. But so often we havent come together, and i eventually pushed you away and out by supplementing keeping distance and freezing you out. I did that because i couldnt stand to look my self truly, and i knew you couldnt and shouldnt tolerate the real me. I am truly sorry, because you always deserved, and still deserve so much better respectful loving affectionate faithful treatment than i have ever been able to give you. I apologize for being the one to end our marriage, but i have known for a while that you are to strong, committed but also soft hearted and unrelenting to end it, and i know it has really hurt your health. I am sorry from the bottom of my heart and always only want the best of you. You are the best person i ever met, and the best parent i could have possible picked have children with. Thank you for always trying to believe, forgiving and tolerating so much hell and pain for me and our family. I am sorry that i didnt honor you efforts and commitment to our relationship better than i have. I dont see any way to take away the sting and pain, by perpetuating our relationship. So i am ending it tomorow at 10 am. I will always love you. Good bye. "

"I hate that you are so afraid of kissing me! this man has never kissed my soul"

"I don't think I love you but i do care about you and I don't want to see you struggling. I tried to push everyday for 8 years to be independent but you won't. We haven't had sex for a year and you kiss me once a month and tell me you love me. I don't know what to do any more. I want a divorce....."

"I would say, I love you as a friend, but not as a husband. You are horrible horrible husband material. And I'm so angry at you, but I will always love you"

"The fact that you cheated on me, has killed me."

"It's a shame that we have reached this point but I can't spend the rest of my life craving affection and just the odd little bit of passion. I only ever wanted to feel wanted. I don't think I have felt that for a very long time. I have played my part too and I will ensure that I learn the relevant lessons so that the next relationship won't end in the same way as this one has. I hope we can remain effective co-parents for our two lovely children. At this point in time we are going through a 'one last heave' effort. I'm afraid I agreed to this in order to buy time so that I could plan my departure. I'm sorry for this. If only I could believe that you truly wanted this marriage for its own sake and that you were capable of warmth and passion. Your efforts on this front seem artificial and contrived. I wish I could have believed in them. I wish you all the best. "

"I love you, or at least I did. Now I am just scared, and I don't know what to do anymore. I have tried to talk out our problems, but you are not willing to compromise. I am just tired, and old. You are my wife, and gave me wonderful children, but at this point I think it maybe time to move on."

"I love you a lot as a person. I cannot imagine my life without you, but i am not in love with you. I do not want to hurt you but i am love with him..."

"I wish that I could feel wanted and enjoyed by you, instead you hide and lie to me. I don't want to loose my best friend"

"I gave you my heart... my fucking heart and you crushed it you dick.. You are the last mistake i will make... I love you but fuck you for real"

I love you but fXXX you""

"F#ck you selfish crazy prick"

"You say you haven't changed, I'm not sorry that I have. We married to young. I married more out of spite being that I wanted to hurt your mother (she never liked me, and knowing how she felt when she was not invited almost felt like we were even for everything she put me through). I did love you. I always will. But I am No longer in love with you. We all deserve to be in love and not tolerable. We deserve to Love and be loved back. I know you love me but I can't find it to Love you the way a wife should love a husband. I wish you were a better father to our son. "

"I miss not the best person you ever known and I know I can be hard to be around and u can never take back what I did but if I had to start over I'll still pick you"

"Stop being so stubborn and open your heart"

"I wished things weren't the way it turned out to be but I'm a strong believer of knowing everything happens for a reason.. I would always care for you but we just never was healthy for one another and we should've never ignore that feeling. I wish nothing but the best for you, and hope you get treated and get help with your behavior and not cause I'm saying I'm perfect but to better yourself and your health for your next relationship. I always appreciated everything you did for me and always did. Thanks and God bless you and your health. And may God keep your strong and keep you safe from anything you facing God is always there and he loves you. Remember his love is unconditional just learn to forgive yourself and move forward. Xoxo - Roxana"

"I guess I've always been scared of being ALONE but the truth is even married I've never felt this lonely."

"I wished this was just a nightmare I could wake up from, i don't even wanna look at you you annoy me, we don't even talk it's like it's all about your work or life and I'm like oh thanks for asking about me."

"I should've never married you ...i was too young "

"Marrying you was the biggest mistake of my life. I should've just moved on as a single mother and carried on with my plans. I wanted to do the right thing and make sure my kids had a home and a father but in the process I forgot who I was and became bitter and depressed woman... I gave up everything for you I stop living and isolated myself completely, I have never felt this lonely as I am with you, for God's sake you were never even a good lover. I can't even tell you my wants and needs because that makes you mad, you are controlling and always criticizing me, I can never go out by myself because you follow me or it makes you mad that I'm not home. You never supported me going to school or even working, I've thrown away 7 years of my life that I will never get back. You threaten me to take my kids every time I mention divorce, I don't understand if you don't want to divorce you don't even care about working on the relationship, you've also made your kids cry pretending to leave you should've just left. "

"I wish you would look at me how you used too. I wish you would hold me."

"I'm not invisible, and sometimes I feel like the big elephant in the room"

"My husband of 26 yrs cheated on me with 24 different women "

"Your a dick, i've been married to you for 19 sorry fucken years, what a mistake I made."

"I saw it mainly allow your family input cause our family marriage and relationship to fail big times.. So tell your mom and family thank you "

"At first everything was perfect but then everything started to go down hill after we found out we weren't able to conceive a child and I still love my wife but I feel she isn't sexually attracted to me anymore and we just can't find common ground on anything anymore"

"Our marriage was amazing in the beginning and I feel like I would do it all over again if given the chance. Having a baby, however, wasn't in the cards for me and it hurts that you used him as an excuse to completely cut sex and intimacy out of our lives. I don't know who you are anymore, but I'm sure that you are not the man I married. The man I married wasn't so angry all of the time and had no problem talking to me about important things."

"I wasted so much time and effort that will never be properly appreciated nor honored. What the hell was I thinking."

"You made me feel so less , life with you was like living in a jail, I won' t forgive myself for being so harsh & insensitive to myself give me my 8 yrs back"

"I think i will never mean anything special to you my dear husband. ... this relationship is suffocating me "

"I am tired!!!! I can't deal with the games violence anymore I just want to laugh and cry happy tears. You make me laugh from anger and cry from pain I just wanna be normal"

"I feel like you sold me a dream...you've become so boring. I feel like my time is wasting away being spent waiting for you to become the person I thought you were. I'm angry. I'm tired of being lonely in my marriage. I am unhappy."

"I feel like I am constantly flirting with you and trying to get your attention to gain your affection, but I typically get snubbed by you. I love you, but feel you don't love me. You take me for granted, I have been successful and try to make you and our children's lives as good as possible through my hard work and career successes, but feel none of you really care. You pay little to no attention to me, I feel I am more of a nuisance to you and you wish I would simply quit bugging you."

"My husband has brainwashed me into so many submissions ,just so he can continue this weird life of his. I know my faults and there is not many , but he continues like a. Token record using those things S weapons against me when I question his own mistakes , no sooner than I get out of my mouth why did u do that ,he while yell out "god damn ,do u have to start this shit everyday, !!!! When reality is he finds new ways of disrespecting me EVERYDAY ,so yes I will treat each day as it's own ,and if u do something dumb ,yes I will ask why and hope I'll see the error in ur ways , but 98% of the time he will reflect my question to his horrible attitude ,back on me so then I defend myself (which isn't hard) and the argument resumes louder and louder until ,we come back around to "damn do u gotta start this shit everyday. I'm twice the man he is but he will not treat me accordingly and never finds fault in his person. He alienated me and I'm penniless ,so he knows the pattern ,I won't leave him cause I have no where to go. Ouch reality , nearly 13yrs of this same distinctive behavior has turned me into a bitter , lonely soul ,which I never was before him. If he could own up to his wickedness ,,,,,,,,,,,............. he NEVER will. And has become progressively worse"

"U must let the past go, and when u do accept an apology for my short comings that is that ,u can not revisit it on a daily reoccurrence. U love me when u think I'm backed in a corner and want a divorce only because our home was paid for by u and u don't want to have to give me half of everything.ur selfishness has tripled in the last three years ,partners are suppose to be open with each other hiding ur comings and goings only makes me and most wives more attentive to u. If u didn't have to hide everything I wouldn't have so many questions. I know I need help ,but it is getting us no where for u to proclaim. YOU NEED NO HELP and everything is my fault. I've ask u do love love me for the last 3years and ur attitude and chuckle are not answers ,ur tired of me asking and I'm tired of NO ANSWER.. I've cried myself to sleep ,when ? I sleep, for years and I've come to believe I don't want u I don't need to beg for a hug when I'm upset , I don't need to have u keep a scorecard on my life ,and ur life is the one who fails marriage everyday, I can't love u any more and get NOTHING from u."

"Thank you for helping me grow. But unfortunately you and I have reached our end"

"We should have done this long ago. Doing so might allow you the chance to find a man who loves you. As hard as I try, the feeling, the passion that I so hunger for, just does not exist with this union."

"I took this quiz pretending to be my mom, answering the same way I think she would. Scored in the bottom 20%. Not even surprised. I'm 21, it's been like this my whole life. While I don't think my parents will ever get a divorce, because of who they are and because in a toxic way they need each other, sometimes I wish they would."

"Dear Husband, I understand that you are trying to get many aspects of your life together, but the sad part is that for the past 3 years, you have all but put your work before me. You never cuddle with me anymore nor treat me like your wife. We are only friends now, sadly. You do not care to touch me in a sexual way, though I am very attractive. I walk around the house butt ass naked and you are so busy working on your laptop to even notice or if I do bring it to your attention, you avoid looking at my boobs and ass. We don't have sex anymore, maybe once a month if I beg you for it! When I try to tell you about the issue of us not spending enough time together as a couple, you get mad at me and blame me, claiming that I am holding you down or pressuring you to spend time together. Well, if we spent time together then there would be no argument about that! I have never cheated on you nor disrespected you in any kind of way. I have always been there for you to support you, and give unconditional love, but hell I am LONELY. I am not going just be in your life as an option over your work, dammit. I am a person and need care and affection from a man. I do everything I can do to try and get you to want to give care and affection to me like you used to in the beginning. I am tired and fed up at this point. I have exhausted every option anyone can think of and it still has not worked. At this point, I am just going to finish getting my life together and once I am able to get my own home, I will probably move on with my life without you. If nothing changes. I have had this conversation as well and still you have not changed. I love myself and life is too short for me to wait around anymore. I just do not have that kind of time. Love you and have a great life."

"I loved you with all my heart. I wanted a loving wife, a friend and someone that I could share my life with. When everyone else comes first and when I sleep alone night after night, it tears my heart out. Have begged for your love and have given you too much of mine for too long. "

"I'm sorry.. wish you the best"

"I don't love you anymore."

"I felt like we have drifted apart! I am finding myself and I am happier when we are not together! I feel like I smile less with you and because of our marriage I lost myself! I need to find myself, especially after years of coexisting in a committed, long-term relationship. I know who I am in our marriage but I have no clue who I am as an individual... we have literally spent everyday for the past 6 years together.... I'm scared.... I don't want to lose you but I need to find me! I honestly can't even tell you what my favorite color is anymore, or what my favorite food is, or any personal thoughts... They are all influenced by you... Because that's all I know ... Idk ... I feel like losing mom has made me realize i don't know what I want in life anymore. Yes I lost a big part of me when she passed but I should still know what I want in life.... Where I want to be and I should be driven to get there but I'm not... I am tired of just waking up and going through the motions of the day... And with You it's easy to do that.... I can see the change that has taken place in me... I used to laugh and smile all the time and it actually be genuine, I used to do spontaneous things. When we go out on a date it's usually straight to the restaurant then home... I have to decide everything!... There is no intimacy... I just really feel like if we had space then we would both realize what we want in life and where we want to be! And I'd be able to find me!"

"We were never really married. 20 years of stress... Sex was a disaster. Work was a disaster. I've been trying to break through, I realize now, this was not welcome. I see now, I am not demanded. I seems serve some poor minimum. There is no strong exchange. No balance. I am not seen, not respected, not demanded as a woman. "

"I hate you bitch wish you die and I've only been married for 3 months worst decision I've ever made"

"I hate him for everything that he has done to me. We were happy once. And you ruined it by lying to me and cheating on me while I was pregnant. Even when I was in the hospital with a pulmonary embolism while carrying your son. But I was the crazy one. Let me just say that I'm so glad that I finally filed for divorce and that I'm leaving you for your best friend. "

"I will always care about you, but i dont know if i still love you and i know for a fact i cant trust you. With close to 20 years of marriage this rips my guts out! "

"I love you to the moon an back an that I feel like I exhausted all options with you before I emotionally decided to give up on us. I've fought 7years about the same person an I'm exhausted with y'all even though we have this OW blow up at least once or twice a year over the years but now it's worse an I'm stuck between finding myself again and finding out do I stay an fight longer or give up. "

"I love u I truly do however when you can't return the love given then how the hell do you expect any relationship to work it doesn't make sense and when your wife tries to tell you exactly what's bothering her instead of being supportive you say she is a headache I rather be a single mother and work my butt off to support my babies then to let them grow up thinking this is how a man should treat them I will die! I refuse this life for them before myself they deserve a better view on life so... I love you but not enough to not love myself or my children first because it's not in your nature to put us first ever Take care I wish u the best "

"I'm tired of being taken for granted and not treated like a wife."

"i love you but i don't know is it still worth to keep our marriage? sometimes i thought if you are not love me anymore, if i am wrong, i just need to be reassured, but you never understand what i need, you go into anger. that scares me a lot. sometimes i feel what a fool i am still stand with this love while you abusing me and not respecting my love. sometimes i feel like you just use my love feeling to keep this marriage and you dont care if i was hurt. i know i am fool. tell me if all of these was wrong. i am really hope if you want to love me back and show your love, and stand with our marriage, with fully love and respect, just like i do. but is it stil impossible?"

"You've been breaking my heart for years. Your hypocrisy is sickening. I do love you but your indiscretions sicken me. I want to forgive you but it seems more and more impossible each day. It's so hard to leave but each day is becoming harder to stay."

"You're so damn stupid and blind!!! "

"I feel like I have disappeared while you are doing well"

"you are too controlling, cant trust you and you cheated on me. i can do better. sorry."

"I often see a glass falling in the light; but it was really the daily "jokes" and orders that turned us. I wanted so badly to get better; to feel a rush of renewed life as we slowly worked to repair ourselves. But in the end, the damage was too much to overcome. But I do forgive you, and I know you tried."

"I wish you would treat me how you used to. I wish you would treat me like you treat those other girls."

"I knew I made a mistake the moment I said "I do.""

"I think we married too young, & if my family was more supportive of me I would have dumped your ass 3 months in. "

"I love you but wish you would spend more time with us as a family. Also wish you talk to me before agreeing to do things for others and realize I have things to do as well."

"stop being selfish and wake up. "

"Grow up, get help AND counseling."

"He tries to control me financially, dominate me, doesn't like my family, doesn't help in household chores and crys about his never ending problems all the time. everything bothered me a lot during the first year and things became ugly. I have worked real hard in improving everything. I dont let my family visit me at my home, I visit them minimally. I dont expect his help in any household chores. I did not give him my financial control because when I tried sharing it once with him, he abused my family for having used my money and had been continuously doing that since then. He now can see that I am fed up and imagines me preparing for divorce and is himself preparing for that in its anticipation. I know it has become way too ugly to stay in this relationship but my heart does not give me the strength to let go of it."

"You treat me with no respect what so ever! I don't even exist on your list of priorities! I've lost count of the times you have humiliated me with taking other people's sides against me! You make me feel like a child! I feel you only want to know me when there is nothing better for you to do! You have completely changed the person I was when we first got together for the worst in my opinion! I'm starting to hate you for the way things have become! I feel like I've wasted 9yrs of my life with you and now I'm trapped through our children and once we divorce you will gain everythIng while I loose everything!"

"I always thought there were other women but you were so good at hiding them and lying. I know now and I don't think I love you anymore. Beg all you want but I can't stay."

"I love him I really do but when we were friends he would try anything that I ask him to but now he don't he just not like he use to be I want the guy I fell in love with back"

"Anh dang suy nghi rat nghiem tuc ve van de nay.Day la bai test khong co y gi xuc pham em. Bai test nay chi don thuan la danh gia ve hon nhan theo quan diem ca nhan anh. Neu co the, minh nen ngoi lai binh tinh de giai quyet on thoa, vuot qua giai doan kho khan nay. Anh chan thanh chia se voi em nhu vay."

"I'm sorry I ever married you! I should have listened to my friend when he said it didn't feel right. I have a 2 year plan to get out of this damn marriage. It is going to be a long 2 years"

"We've been together for a while now. And I don't want to let you go but... You lied so much to me and I can't be with you anymore. You destroyed me emotionally. Sorry but I have to let you go."

"I hope you can understand what your next partner will want and need because as of now you are still acting like a child who is spoiled and wants the world to revolve around you. Better shape up because there are plenty of other women who are less tolerate than I am. "

"You abused me. We don't have the same spark we once had when we first met. I promise I did love you once but you don't make me feel special or happy at all. I'm not happy in our relationship, I hope you can understand and let go. Please don't be angry with me but I think this is what is supposed to happen. We are not right together. You don't even care about me anymore so I know you'll be ok without me ."

"I'm tired of being with someone who I've given the world to, but all I get in return is a lack of respect, love, and honesty. "

"I've realized that I've never been in love and that he's been emotionally abusive since day 1. Now, over a decade together and several kids later- I'm wanting a divorce but he has all the reason's in the world why that's not going to work. Can not wait until this whole shebang is over. "

"I almost didn't walk down the aisle. "

"I hate to be with you I want to move home and be with the person who makes me happy "

"I'm sorry we got married. It was a mistake. I care about you, but I don't want to be your wife anymore."

"i feel i tried and i am still trying but i no in my heart it is coming to a end"

"I never wanted to hurt you. You're a great person. We had a great run. We have beautiful children out of this union. I'm so sorry but I don't love you enough to stay in this marriage. I want different things than you. It's not fair to only stay with you out of pity. For that reason, I'm asking you for a divorce. I'm so sorry to hurt you but I have to love me more than feeling sorry for you."

"I'm not in love with you for a long time. I never really enjoyed sex with you, and for now I can't stand when you touch me. I don't enjoy the time spent together either, because you can't make me laugh. I never cheated on you, but fell for someone else."

"If you hadn't started hitting me, I wouldn't be in love with someone else."

"I don't know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I hope that it worked out better... good intentions, but not sustainable. She is a great person and think that there is better and more compatible people out there for her."

"Dear Best Friend, I feel like we are drifting apart. "

"adios to the next ex."

"I just want dis over wit so sum1 else can make me happy!"

"I came in to this relationship with an honest open heart. Giving it my all. You started off like you was genuine, then switched when you felt like you achieved what you wanted. You are manipulative and unfair. I stayed in this marriage trying to make it work by myself. You blatatantly refused to wear your ring, told others you are not married. Told me you prefer to be a friend. I am so embarrassed because I stayed praying and trying to see if things would change. But I trust God to take me forward. I know he's with me always "

"I just wish you wanted to be with me like I want to be with you"

"Thanks for cheating on me with a douchebag and ruining our years of love."

"I hate that you never help me around the house or with running errands or with the baby. Then you get upset when I ask for a short break. I'm constantly cleaning up after you because you leave beer cans and wrappers and food that ends up molding and stinking until I find it and dirty clothes EVERYWHERE!! You're the laziest messiest person I've ever met met!!! I haven't been able to take more than a quick five minute shower since our son was born!! Let alone do something for myself like paint my damn nails because it would take too long for them to dry. I haven't been away from our son for more than like 15 minutes since he was born 8 months ago(and that was only due to necessity) and im losing my fucking mind. I always feel overworked, overwhelmed, trapped, uncared for, extremely stressed and anxious, and unappreciated. Like the weight of our world always rests on my shoulders(which could really use a little massage but you never will cuz your hands get tired after a few seconds... but I have to massage you and scratch your back until you fall asleep). The worst part is I could go on much more but it's exhausting just thinking about all that typing. I can't breathe. I hate my life. Seriously considering divorce but I'm scared and don't want that for our son....wish I could just scream."

"I wish we could have stayed together til death do us part.....im sorry we failed eachother i really do love you and i don't understand how we let our life get so out of control. I feel a tremendous amount of grief because we lost what could have and should have been a perfect love.....i love you im sorry"

"It's sad that you failed to realize the love, the caring, the niceties and 100 percent financial support your husband gave you, his step daughter and you family, he made it possible for you to be a stay home mother, he provided medical coverage for both of you, he gave you everything he had saved for and you took advantage, drained his assets, and can only say, I'm sorry, and then say, I don't know where I spent the money. And don't upset my daughter by asking her how she spent 3,000 a month on your credit card while away in college. Her wi fi went down, that was a 1,000 a month. You gave her money each time you visited. You bought her groceries when you visited. Why are you upset? Not to mention the college payments. But I thank you! Sorry I hid it from you ..should I try to repay some of it?"

"I think that you don't deserve me and don't understand me for who I truly am .. It hurts me most that I fought with my family to be with you and you turned out to be such a big loser .. I wish I could go back in time and never have married you a divorcee I feel that I ruined my life and I don't think I can ever forgive myself for that .. When we have sex I don't have any orgasms I fake it to get it over with ... I have never been more miserable then I have in the last 18 months and everyday the guilt haunts me of marrying a guy like you "

"about 19 years ago when I was pregnant with our daughter, who I love dearly by the way, I thought "what the hell am I doing having this kid with you," unhappy as I was then... but like scarlett o'hara in "gone with the wind," I thought, "I won't think about that now, I'll think about it later." Well now it's facing me smack-dab in the face... should have divorced you way back then. You financially cheated me all these years. God sometimes you make me ill to my stomach that I can't get over the hate and anger for doing that to me! "

"We are different, and were too young to get married. I am becoming who Ian, as are you, and these new versions don't line up."

"I wish you would take life a little more serious. We are getting older yet you are still so immature. I hate that when I make suggestions to better our relationship, you make fun of it. Although I know I have love for you, I am not quite sure I am still in love with you. Maybe Im just not meant to be in a relationship, you deserve to be with someone who isn't utterly irritated by the sight of you. These feelings are recent and maybe due to the fact you find humor in mocking me but they are true feelings. I am past the part of asking for therapy or counceling... Im ready to move on,"

"I sometimes think about leaving my husband. It's not his fault. I'm just a fuck up. "

"So this is the nail in the coffin! Sad,but true!"

"You cheated three times over 17 years, the last time was with a relative of mine..i would divorce you but you have no way to support yourself,you have no friends and even your family doesnt want you around. We have kids that love you, and i love you still but youve destroyed our family during your manic bipolar episodes. I wish i could figure out how to leave you, i know youll destroy yourself or even kill yourself when and if i do. I know you're sick, and i feel that i need to help you get stable and financialy secure before we divorce... i wish things were like they were years ago when you were "yourself" and well. I will also feel guilty when i do divorce you, because i do believe marriage is in sickness and health, but youre sickness has consumed you and I'm married to a stranger. You have done evil hurtful things, i forgive you... but i can't forget...please hurry and get yourself stable so i can move on and heal"

"It didn't use to be like this - abuse, cheating, lies, and that all after supporting you financially and in every way possible with never a thank you for 5 years while you were unemployed - I'm the woman, the single mom and had been though this shit before - you knew & took advantage - and its gonna be my turn soon - I've gotten the help I need to see clearly though this mess. God give me strength I love you but that does mean I'm staying - I need peace - goodbye!"

"I love him, or I once did and don't know if we can get back to that place "

"I have some difficult news to share with you. I have decided our relationship cannot continue. This is something I have been struggling with for a while and I suspect that you are at least aware that we have been having a hard time together. But I have reached the limits of my pain threshold and just cannot go on any longer. I know this will be a difficult and painful process for all of us. But I believe that we can do it with decency and reasonableness and hope you will come to believe that as well." "

"I am just not happy anymore and feel trapped. If I felt you were on board with getting a divorce I would happy with that decision and would not push back on it because that is exactly what I want and need. I will always care for you but the only thing that is keeping me in this relationship is the worry that you will not make it alone in the world without me and feel guilty that I would be the cause of that. I am just not sure if there is love still there and because I have lied so many times in the past and kissed a person over 2 years ago that I have never brought up I feel like we will never be able to move on with all the other issues we have. I am sorry but I cannot do this anymore."

"Hoping he can change, but I don't think to give him many chances. How many chances must be given so he can change his attitude and keep his promise? "

"I lost my family and you said you be my new family, my everything, my world. You treat me like a princess, fragile and breakable one minute, but in the next you scream and verbally abuse my character. I am not your walking vagina, and if you can no longer respect me and my wishes, then I think this calls for a divorce."

"The emasculation of men is systemic in society and home life, why? To coin a phrase, We never asked you to stop being a woman do ask us to stoo beING a man. I suggest it be manditory reading before marriage."

"i cant stay in this marriage"

"cheating self centered wife with no regard to anyone but herself"

"You just don't care anymore. You don't care if your children hear us fight, you don't care if anyone needs you, you don't care about anyone else's space, or time, or effort. You tell me everyday about how much you hate being home, and you will say it in front of our children, without any consideration as to how your statements may hurt them. All your problems, your anger, your insecurities: they are always "someone else's" fault. You pick fights all day long, then blame me if I get upset. You criticize every aspect of my life, and every decision I make. You randomly "explode" into tirades over the smallest things, and then nag about them all day long. I'm tired, I'm lonely, I'm scared, and I can't wait for this to be over..."

"I am only with you because I am afraid for your wellbeing."

"I'm am not a Stepford wife who can be intimidated into conforming to your idea of the perfect wife who lets you think for her out of fear and emotional abuse. I am no longer your source of narcissistic supply "

"It's too much. I see only bad things ahead."

"Wife, this shit is over! I'm done being a push over and letting you have your way with our money, future, and my sanity. Pack your shit and hit the road!"

"We're great friends but I feel like we have different Financial, self actualization, and family goals. I feel like we have different base arousal levels and sexual motivations. I don't like that you only like doing sex things that I like when you're in an emotional low. I dont like the norm of open critization of each other that has predominated our relationship. I dont like that when I do something wrong It's because of a flawed attribute I have. I dont like being intellectually bullied when I'm exhausted from a long day at work. I've tried to work on things and took the big step because that's what you said we needed to do to fix things. Nothing feels right now though. I hate how we aren't sexually compatible anymore, I hate how I feel like I'm coercing you into sex, I hate how I feel about myself. I hate how sad you get when I talk about this with you. I hate how you get so worked up and angry every time I try to have this talk, I hate how you hit me and yell things to embarass me. I'm afraid of the fallout from our eventual divide, our friends are shared and there is a massive social pressure keeping us together. I don't want your family to hate me but I know they will. I want you to do well and be financially fulfilled but I find it difficult to support you and my dreams. I think you deserve someone who is better fitted to provide you with what you need. I'm exhausted, stressed, depressed and lonely. I feel like our relationship had taken a few wrong turns and changed from a partnership to a paternalistic relationship. All i feel now is bitter and sad. If it's possible I'd still like to be friends, I'd like to leave our relationship here, while things are still sort of okay."

"I feel as the the sun that once shone upon your face has turned to a dark shadow. "

"i love you.... more than anything, but i love myself and i cant take those treatments anymore"

"I sincerely thought this would last a lot longer"

"If u didn't have to try to control everything u would have been perfect "

"If you want to be loved, don't be so selfish. If you want to be popular, offer to help once in a while. Don't think others are so dumb that they don't notice it when you try to manipulate them into doing what you want. "

"Sex is a stress relief. You need to understand that. But clearly u dont.you can live in this misery... Im out"

"I loved you and you treated me the best you knew how but I can't do this anymore, your not who I thought you were and I'm putting myself through a lot just for the sake of you ... This time it's really over and there is nothing left to say. "

"Don't get involved with someone while your going through a divorce."

"Im in love with him but i feel that you do not love me the way you used to and you dont show me affection as you use to.you always say you love me but your actions say otherwise we have two kids together it breaks my heart that you dont try to fight for our relationship as you use to 6yrs just went down the drain i guess..."

"I love you and care about you so much, and thinking about losing you makes me sick to my stomach. I want to be with you so bad. But things are different now. You claim that you love me, but you haven't proved that to me at all and I feel like you don't want to be with me. Like I'm always the one putting effort into our relationship. Like you don't love me back. And like I'm losing you. I hate it so much and it kills me to think our relationship may be coming to an end soon, but I don't know how much longer I can deal with another one sided relationship. I wish things could go back to being as amazing as they were to start out, but I don't see that happening since you never give me attention anymore, seem to only want me for sexual things, and don't usually change when you say you will. This relationship is becoming toxic, but I don't know if I'd survive ending it... I love you so so much. Why do my relationships always have to fade away and become one sided......?"

"I loved him with all my heart and it's been hard to see past that. I'm scared to be alone and to break his heart, but we are just so toxic that it's going to destroy me. I just wish he understood that giving up all that we have worked towards is the hardest thing i've ever done, but i know it's best for my mental health as well as it's best to help him. I wish i could take all the pain on myself."

"I love you. There's no doubt in my mind, but you kept questioning my love even when i'm going through a rough time. I can't handle it anymore. I'm only still with you because i saw a future together, and i can't handle the thought of hurting you. Maybe one day you'll change? Is that all i can hope for? Stick around and you'd one day become a better person. My love for you is real, but its also starting to cause me pain. You act like a child, and when you complain about petty things i see you as a different person. I'm sorry. "

"you're a great person, but we really just aren't a right fit for each other."

"We used to be unseparable, now you don't care about my life, my emotions, my opinions. You've become egoistic self centered supetficial business woman. I can't imagine spending my last 10 good years with. I've given you everything I could, you took it all and now you take me for granted. Have your own life and don't enter mine."

"I love you but I'm not IN love with you. I've realized I love someone else. I know this will hurt you, it hurts me."

"The thought of loosing you tears me up, but living like we cant stand each other is like a slow death with the thought of a brutal end. "

"I wish he knew how alone I felt and would work on his communicstion skills. Instead, he isolates himself then blames me for not being there when he needs me. I can only be pushed so far. "

"I love him very much. But he is not compassionate or understanding of how fragile i am. I do not think we can be together anymore. I am the one who has experienced so much pain. Death and neglect. Yet i always have to baby him. Im done but i cant say it to him."

"i will always love you, but i am no longer in love with you."

"I hope that one day you learn the world does not revolve around you."

"We have been through a lot the past four years. I have done things for you many thought I was crazy for doing, but I wanted the best for you and still do. Sadly, that's exactly what has brought us into our current dilemma. I do care about what happens to you, and hope you have a bright and productive future, but I believe it would be best without me. You are sad when you come home, act as if you have to walk on egg shells around me. I don't know where that behavior came from, so it just makes me feel as if I need to pull the plug for you because it has started to get to me as well. I love my job, but I shouldn't feel happier at work than I do at home. At our age, we need to be independent and enjoy life. I do hope you meet someone kind, and affectionate. I apologize that no matter how hard I tried, I am not comfortable with you on top of me all of the time, which you have taken as you can't kiss me at all. I don't know why, but you did. I apologize to those reading this long winded message, but it has given me the privacy and clarity of what I need to do. Best of luck in your endeavors, and again, I really hope you meet your one true love."

"We love each other, but I just don't love you anymore"

"I wish you had tried harder"

"I always loved you. I just can't handle the constant yelling and the lack of patience and the physical/verbal abuse. I have feelings too."

"I wanted our love to last forever. I hate the dysfunction you carry from your family and upbringing that you're unable or unwilling to let go. I feel guilty that I'm unable and unwilling to live with your physical and verbal abuse. You have the potential to be an amazing person; the glimpses of him made me stay. Leaving you feels like leaving my own hand or heart. This is the most difficult thing I will ever do. I want you to get the help and healing you need. Even though I will not be there to see it."

"I wish you cared more and I wish you would communicate with me "

"I wish you'd been more supportive."

"Why in the actual fuck did I give you so much and you give me so little. It honestly doesn't take a lot for you to do to make me happy & you can't even manage to do that. I wish we could be back how we were or first year dating it was so fucking nice, that's the girl I fell in love with not what you have become now. I'm sorry but ill get over you in time..."

"I realized while raising your child that I didn't want you to raise mine."

"I've been unhappy a long time. We have children Together And That Is Beautiful. We In My Opinion Have Grown Apart. I Don't Trust You. We Really Have Nothing In Common. I've Really Never Been Satisfied With What You Call A Loving Relationship. Its Not Anyone's Fault. We Have Just Arrived At The Inevitable. Ppl With No Compatibility Won't Last. God Bless You On Your Journey. Your Husband For Now... "

"I feel like if we can work through this we can make it. I'm starting to doubt that's possible. I'm not even sure you respect me or appreciate me anymore. Everything I do is wrong. Everything. I know I love you but I'm not sure that's enough anymore. "

"i just dont have feelings for you anymore"

"I wish you understood how hard I'm trying."

"How can you feel this way after 5 years? One little thing tore us apart because neither of us could let it go. Rather than live together in resent forever we can go our separate ways and hope for the best. I've loved you and always will but resent was our poison we both drank deeply. Goodbye my love may we meet in another lifetime under different circumstances."

"For the 7 years we have been together i have loved you.. A lot but I never get any kind of affection from you at all. We have broken up twice and during our first break up i got with a woman that made me feel something I have never felt before. After I ended it with her (to work things out with you). After two years I still think about her every day and I love her more than you. I want to be loved again i want to be with her"

"I would say thanks for a great time but I think our paths are different. We don't always see eye to eye and there are to many issues surrounding us for us to grow. I think the time has come. "

"I would like to tell you I love you, and I'll always love you in a way. You are the most amazing man, and I loved everything about you. I never wanted you to hurt, and I wish I could be with you forever. I wish I never fell out of love. I want to go back to the times when I knew you were the One. We are very good together... but I don't feel completely fulfilled. I wonder if I'm making the wrong decision. I wish you wouldn't get mad that now it's my turn to feel unsure about the relationship. I've been the sure one all our lives. I wish we could go back to the time when it was wonderful. I wish I knew what went wrong. But all I know is that I do love you. And I wish you wouldn't leave my life.. even though I'm the one who left first. "

"I can't be with somebody who fuels my self-loathing and depression and doesn't respect me. I can't trust you and you can't trust me. I hate myself for wanting to stay but I'm stuck on this sliver of hope that we can work through all of this and be happy again but I think the damage has been done and I think it's time. If things aren't better in a week, it's over."

"If you were more understanding, and willing to make compromises as I often do and be more focused on personal growth and maturity as I like to be, I wouldnt be wondering about whether or not I should be staying with you. Women with BPD tear a man to shreds and dont even know how badly it hurts."

"I like you, but I'm tired of being the only one who remembers our anniversaries, i feel pathetic and obsessive in our relationship, and I'm not happy with us, maybe we could use some time apart"

"You can't / aren't willing to give me what I need. You need to understand that my feelings need to be acknowledged, too. I've done everything I can to keep you happy, even at times you didn't deserve it. I feel like I'm always the one taking care of you, and making sure you don't feel an ounce of hurt.. but what about me? Why did you stop caring..?"

"I don't love you anymore, I'm sorry. It's been really difficult between us lately and I don't feel happy in our relationship anymore. It's not your fault, I just don't feel the way that I'd want to feel in a relationship. You've manipulated me, belittled me, controlled me, and I don't want to do it anymore. Goodbye."

"I wish you had truly appreciated all of me before it was too late "

"I'm sorry. You never let me speak, and it hurts having you try to assert yourself over me all the time. I can't speak up, and you ignore me after you get what you want. If you're not doing that, you're insanely possessive/ jealous and you want to be violent to people who make you angry. You scare me. You say you need my support and yet push me away when you close up. You make me feel like a statue, something to admire and stare at, but I'm not marble. I'm a human being with feelings, emotions, wants, dreams; I'm not yours. Stop trying to claim me like I'm one of your possessions that nobody is allowed to even look at. When I speak up even about the smallest ways of how you make me feel, I'm needy, sensitive, and a crybaby. I never tell you how I feel. Not because I don't want to, but because I can't. I mean, how can I after you never listen to me? You're trapped in the past, but don't want to come out. You told me I brought out humanity in your heart, but I no longer see it. You're animalistic, hungry, and it frightens me. You lie all the time, but get enraged when I make the smallest fib. I've had it."

"I loved you but the lack of moving on and getting a divorce is killing me inside. I don't know where we are and often think you are seeing others. I have seen another and felt guilty as hell. But, once again don't know where we were and are. I think it is best that we become friends as I cannot control my feelings and myself and I know it drives you crazy and it is driving me crazy."

"I dont know whats going on with us anymore."

"I love you with all my heart and soul. I hope we can get over this rough patch soon. I miss how we used to be and I know that "us" is still there. The "us" that fell so strongly in love with each other and laughed every second of every moment we spent together. I hope those days aren't gone forever. I know we are both holding on...with so much hope in our hearts. Please dont let your hope fade."

"I loved you the best way I knew how. "

"I've given you so much of myself and I feel you've just taken advantage of my love, I only wish you could stop lying to yourself and me because it's pretty obvious that you don't want to have any emotions or touchy feely with me because your all over the web on porn or looking for a new mate. I guess it really is time for me to move on and break the bond forever. "

"I love u so much but I can't see a way through this."

"I feel a numbness that makes it hard to say I love you. I feel your daily actions show your core being to be selfish and I worry that as we face the future together it will not be a team. I feel you are angry and judgmental and are unable to be carefree to let people just be who they are. You want me to lead but don't like the direction I chose, so make your own choices. What you are interested in are things I am not, and they are taking precedence over any time that we would share together. But when we do get that time, I find it boring and unfullfilling. I look forward to you being gone, but I still like knowing you are around. And your view on money and how you handle it and use me as your buffer feels very disrespectful to me. "

"My love for my husband has diminished. We have been married for 3 years and everything that I loved about him, now irritates me. Sometimes I can't even stand being next to him. I think I want a divorce."

"After marriage, the dark side comes out. My wife bitches about everthing! Nag, nag nag..."

"It's time to tell the kids it's over."

"My wife has avoided being sexual with me, we only have sex like once every two months. I see divorce papers in her future."

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