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Do you have a secret crush on someone? Has your crush turned into an obession? Don't worry we don't judge, let's hear your secret crush confession.


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Check out these true confessions from our visitors:

"I know that you notice my glances.. a few times I’ve seen you glance at me too. I wonder why you glance? I know my emotions for you are most likely unrequited, so I won’t get my hopes up. Do you find my glances stranger.. or can you tell that I like you? I believe you can tell, considering one time you even said you were good at reading body language. But if you can tell, and you have not made a move then, as I always knew it was in the back of my mind, my feelings for you are in fact unrequited. I would give damn near anything for you to reciprocate, though I know that you never will I shall continue to pine for you, pathetically so. If I could turn off my feelings for you I could, fore unrequited love- no, not love.. it can’t be love but I think it may be close- is very painful. Every time I see you, see me, staring and we have that quick embarrassing (for me anyway) eye contact moment, all I can think of is how beautiful your eyes are and how I long to be yours. As I said, I know you don’t feel the same, but I still will continue to pine for you. I will end this with a reference to one of my favorite classic songs: each night I ask the stars up above, why must I be a teenager in love?…"

"I like someone but i'm scared to know what he's gonna say"

"To: kaito Hiiii, I have crush on youuu"

"I love her so much, and I get so sad when she's having a good time with someone else. I get so happy when she texts me, but i really don't know if she feels anything towards me."

"i have a crush on u talia... ur so fckn pretty and cute and funny. ik ur two years older than me and youd never like me back but..."

"Liked this guy during my freshman year who was a grade above. We have mutual friends but hardly knew each other. He then added me on snap during quarantine and we talked like everyday but it was always about the same stuff: complaining about siblings, school and ppl. We didn't rly have common interests and weren't comfortable enough to act silly like we would with friends so our convos were bland. When we'd meet up at like lunch, we'd just be too awkward and go on our phones or talked to our other friends. I lost feelings and weeks later he confessed but I rejected him. He was decently respectful. Then I started to avoid talking to him since it felt like a chore to talk every single day plus I'm an introvert so my social battery runs out. But he told me after some time that he looks at my snap score to see if I was looking at other ppls snaps and not his. This made me uncomfortable and I asked my friend group on what to do. They said they didn't like him and to block him. I was too nice to do that so my best friend offered to do it. So we agreed for it to happen when she would do all my streaks while I was on a camping trip. We talked for nearly a year before he was blocked. I'm a junior now and it's been about a year since I stopped talking to him. I still see him in the halls occasionally and I'd just avoid eye contact."

"When I have a reputation between my friends of being the designated person who doesn't have crushes when I literally have a big fat crush on someone who's in band with them."

"He's a senior and graduates in 10 weeks and I'm a junior. We haven't talked or anything but I know him through marching band. But I'm so anxious that he'll graduate before I muster the courage to even talk to him. A crush has never made me feel this anxious. Thank you for coming to me TED talk"

"It's been about six years since I developed feelings for you. After all these years, the possibility that my feelings are unrequited appear more real than ever. Why did you ask about her? One of my best friends? I'm probably jumping to conclusions. I'm probably overlooking your genuine friendliness. Just.... Gosh, I can accept that one day, you'll get together and marry someone who isn't me. I can accept that you'll marry your beautiful soulmate. A person who is a stranger to me. But please, not my one of my best friends. Please. I know there's a chance of happiness for both of you and I'm so selfish for thinking like this. Just. I don't know what I'd do if that's how things turn out. I'm trying so hard to move on from you. This hurts so fucking much. How do you unroot 6 years of attachment? Of memories? Of hopes? Honestly, for now, all I can do is hope that I realize that I don't love you. That the feelings I've had for years were lies. It's so hard to be your friend right now, when I've always wanted to be something more. If this pain worsens, however, I don't think I can even handle a friendship with you. You're my favorite person. One of the best friends and souls I know. But I can't keep up the pain of pretending. I'm so sorry. I wish I didn't love you the way I did. I know you do love me in some deeply platonic sense. I wish I felt the same way."

"i really like someone in my class"

"He has big eyes and everytime he comes near me he seems larger than life. I love his voice but have never heard him have a full conversation. He is impatient but he handles that well I think and I feel that since he knows his own behaviour he is able to pull himself together to do the right thing. I don't know why the actual presence of him kind of scares me but then again I can't help but like him. Been wishing that he would ask me out but nothing. Damn I don't even know if he likes me or if he even wants to be my friend."

"Okay, here's my obsession. C'mere it's a's asante sana SqUAsH BAnANA, WEWe NUGA MiMi HaPAnA! 🍌"

"Oh god I remember how weird & creepy I was being around you without knowing it. Following you around like a damn puppy & taking up your time by talking to you way too much, pretty much embarrassing myself and made myself look stupid and almost came off too strong or weird at times with you."

"I remember when you gave me advice and suggestions on how to protect myself going home (like holding a key between my middle & index finger so I can use to jab someone, ect.). I have been doing that , I thought it was really sweet & thoughtful. It makes me smile now, I guess it's the little things I remember back on that also.."

" sure though it was because you were looking out as a friend so that makes sense,it still makes me smile though"

"I still saved & listen to the music and songs you suggested to me from time to time.."

"I still remember us talking a bit while on a break and how you mentioned you may have preferred women who are older or more mature in a sense, while saying that I noticed you did a eyebrow and eye thing at me and I wanted to faint inside. I didn't show though and acted like it was nothing. I wondered if you even realized you did that or maybe you didn't think much of it..but knowing that I'm older than you ,years I'm obviously overthinking things"

"Heh..even if confessed to you the things I've confessed on this site, I'd definitely scare you off,creep you out than I already had before and ruin our friendship even though it's been a while..."

"With many things I've confessed here,I'm sure that my thoughts & feelings are in my head and that you have seen & thought of us as friends only. And that's okay, very understanding, I'm sure by now you have forgotten about me and definitely understandable. Hope I will try to keep forgetting as well & move still creeps up on me out of sure over time these thoughts, dreams, & feelings will pass as I'm sure you moved on too ...I wonder If I should of just told you before how I felt to at least get off my chest even if you didn't like it"

"Hey,dreamt of seeing you again few nights before. Our eyes locked onto each other from a distance. Not saying a word physically but felt like we were saying a lot with our eyes. Don't know how long our eyes locked in the dream , it felt nice,comforting, though it's been a while since I last contacted them."

"Cant stop seeing you in my head though it's been a while. A little more taller, black leather jacket, hair black as midnight, mysterious habits. First time he passed by me ,so close I couldn't breathe. I thought "God if he kissed me, I might let it happen." Haha Those eyes and that look when he was facing my way at times . It was normal of passing by each other, but it was too much for me to bare."

"I can't shake you out of my head when I thought I have. Coming into my thoughts, dreams and fantasies. Losing my grip but trying to hold it together , why now?"

"Can’t tell if you like me or if you’re just a Libra"

"I haven't forgotten, you know? Though I still haven't found you yet at the bottom of the well, I love not only one but every part of you even from a distance further. Though the radiant air has suffocated around us, be full of happiness, don't let the dark overcloud your brightness. Embrace both light & dark , don't let them both drown you out of your smoke signals. Take a step back for a second from the bumpy road, tell me how you feel even if you think it's dumb. Even though times have changed and we're different, we are all in the same plague. Different worlds yet the same."

""Feels like we only go backwards slow dancing in the dark, as our lover is a day we break, while making the same ol' mistakes." "So breathe. Breathe in the air, that great gig in the sky called life. Cause when life ends ,when the riders come on the storm, it will soon be us and them,until we must die, you and I." "So take me higher my dear psychedelic rx queen and king, let me fly away with you in this experimental ring." "Lighten up my vision and let me see through in order to become one of the princes of the universe, then I will know what is love and what is war." "So let the bloodrock fall down there, I'm sure they will be alright my dear, after all, in our heaven, everything is fine. ""

""Feels like we only go backwards slow dancing in the dark. As our lover is a day we make, while making the same ol' mistakes." "So breathe. Breathe in the air, that great gig in the sky called life. Cause when life ends ,when the riders come on the storm, it will soon be us and them,until we must die you and I." "So take me higher my dear psychedelic rx queen and king, let me fly away with you in this experimental, endless ring. Let me see through from the false visions and into the truth to become princes of the universe. " "So let the bloodrock drop and fall until the D.O.A. calls of someone flying low , hitting something in the air, where that something falls and crashes onto a place burning everything to the ground. All except for a lady who no longer"

"I recently graduated high school and I still cannot get over a crush that I had since 10th grade. I have known him for so long and even though we don't talk as much as we used to, I think about him 24/7. I feel like we have this deep connection that no one understands. not even me. but it feels so wrong because he recently started dating my best friend and they look so happy together. I want him in my life so bad but I would never ruin what they have. It hurts so much. I want to pour my heart out but at the same time let my best friend have the guy she deserves. I've tried to forget him for a long time but he pops up in my head every day. i miss him."

"I'm a stay-at-home mom and my husband makes really good money. I was at a party this weekend and I told my friends about the arrangement that my husband and I have. Most of them thought it was degrading and insulting but I love it and it makes me feel good. My husband gives me $400 per week in spending money on top of what we need for groceries, gas, and everything else. I earn that money by giving him sexual favors. I give him a blow job every Monday and Wednesday night after we put our son to bed. We have sex every Saturday morning and every other Saturday, we do anal too. Any other sex we have does not count towards the arrangement. He and I love the arrangement and are easily the closest couple of our friend group but all my girlfriends think I am crazy. Am I crazy?"

"I have fantasies of my girlfriend's step daughter. Too many times I get a hard-on just looking at her. At times it is next to impossible not to stare. Bathing suits, nighties, and bralessness are some of the harder times; no pun intended. I have gotten worse to the point I think stick around for the daughter more than her mom. I've even convinced my girlfriend I cannot sleep in the bed sometimes and the couch is better. I quietly go to and lie on the couch in hopes I can here here the step daughter masturbate. I have only heard her a few times, but it was good enough to make me want more. So much more. I think of her while I pound her mother."

"I want to see you again..I just wish you were here .."

"I don't know if I can keep listening to the album and thier favorite band without thinking about them. I don't know why I suddenly feel so overwhelmed but it's slowly getting to me. It hurts thinking about them not knowing if they even feel the same way,what if they never have.."

"When my friend asked if I liked this person we both know I wanted to scream yes, but I held back and tried to play it off like I was confused about what he asked and made it into a trivial question just so I wouldn't answer a straight "yes""

"I almost slipped up by telling a friend how I feel about someone we both knew, I don't know what almost made me spill the beans but thank goodness it didn't escalated to there...on the other hand, I don't think I am supposed to feel this way about them ...even though my friend offered me thier contact I'm scared that the person I may have feelings towards might say no ..the fear of getting turned away or rejected by someone you like"

"I wish we could of been friends at least.."

"I still miss them..especially being at the same place I have to go to where they were, but I'm sure they have already forgotten or doesn't care much anyways.."

"I wonder..the times you looked my way ,even for just a quick glance a few times before , was it just out of curiosity, looking around..or looking right through me as if you were really seeing me...but I must be thinking too deep on something to simple.."

"I wish we could of talked sooner the first few months I started over there, I wanted to talk to you but I didn't think you would want to talk & rather be alone...and I was scared of how you would respond if I came up to you out of the took me months later ,almost a year to finally come up and ask you about something I needed help with ,then later on we started to talk more little by little , then more into interesting and serious conversations...i regret not asking to keep in touch with you so I could of told you what that album made me feel and experienced, I regret not asking you if we could hang out sometime as friends & go to the places you mentioned of going to before it rained, I regret not having the courage of coming up to you in the beginning..."

"when are they coming back...last time we spoke they said they be there last week..I didn't know they had to go back taking Ed's again...then why did they say that if they might of known of going back to eds again...did they say that to avoid me in a way....what if they don't ever come hurts the more I listen to their favorite album because it makes me remember them and feel to where it hurts ....I can't ever let them know these things or the fact in ways I miss them even though we haven't spoken as much before in the past...."

"My thoughts of them have worsened today, cant sleep right, haven't eaten as much. It's becoming unhealthy to the point that I tried searching for them online but still can't remember their last name..what am I doing with myself??"

"This time I listened to the whole album yesterday they recommend me..I don't know why or how it happened, but while listening to it..I began to feel again took me in, each song became more deeper, most was bittersweet bliss..even working I felt I wasn't there in the present moment..attached to reality physically but not mentally, spiritually, psychologically. Was awake yet numb..haven't felt that in a while, reminded me of certain events that was occurring in other years..especially 10 years ago..I smiled softly and my eyes were feeling glossy from being engulfed by the music.. thank you emglmiu"

"If only I knew or remembered their last name"

"Once I see them again, I will just act normal like I usually do and casual hi's so they won't see the obvious flush and stupid grin across my face lol"

"I think I'm a little bit better now than before feeling overwhelmed with many emotions connected to them. They are still on my mind but as long as I keep busy,I'm ok . That , and the emotional pain has been replaced with physical pain in my lower back so that ,in a way its a good distraction from the overwhelming feeling"

"Hearing the songs over and over in my head now I am really feeling what the songs are feeling too because of the thought of you"

"I feel overwhelmed, I need to calm myself, take in deep breaths & breathe in some air before I lose my mind"

"The more I listen to the songs you like , the more deeper I go drifting into the music, even playing in my head over and over again while thinking of you."

"Did you or someone else cast a spell on me to make feel this way? Because its working & taking over me"

"I thought by letting out these strange feelings would help get it all out of my system and not feel this way anymore, its not working apparently, its actually doing the opposite."

"Looking back now, I remember when you looked my way a few times, I didn't know if it was just a coincidence. Your gaze would make anyone be reduced to a puddle, but I'm sure it was just a coincidence, I think.."

"Until then, I will still cherish, care and respect you as a person, a friend , a human being and understanding with your flaws and your strong points."

"I hope to see you again , eugmli"

"I couldn't focus or concentrate today from thinking of you.."

"It was hard listening to the songs today that you recommended me before without thinking of you . But ..then again it also feels bittersweet . A familiar feeling I haven't felt in a while. Being comfortable & numb, blissful, detached and lost . ."

"I was very down that you weren't there today ,was looking forward to seeing you again, don't know why.."

"I felt a little down today knowing you weren't there & dressed nice too . (Sighs) there's always tomorrow , got some new stuff hoping to impress you."

"I sometimes can't help but look at your lips as your talking, I wonder how they would feel pressing against mine"

"We are similar yet i know I can't have you, and your too good for me."

"I've had my eyes on you for a while but I don't think you noticed before."

"Would you freak out if you knew I like bdsm?"

"I wonder how your grip would feel if you held me by the waist or even for a quick hug with that fit body of yours"

"How would you react if I said you are attractively cute?"

"Would your body jolt and shake a little if I touch your skin and hands running through your neck?"

"I can't sleep because of you"

"I want to be your everything"

"You make me crazy wanting to get close to you"

"I crave you , I like you, I admire you , I adore you , I want you, I miss you, I wanna feel you"

"Listening to one of your favorite bands makes me smile inside"

"I knew your name before but was too shy to say it"

"Last time talking with you,I felt so much lighter,better and happy the next day than I felt in a while,that is until the rest of the day was ruined by someone haha"

"I'm crazy about you ,don't know why but its just something about you"

"I make an excuse or a reason to stick around longer than I should just to be around you."

"I have kinky fantasies about you"

"I fantasize role-playing as a music college teacher and you as being one of my students or sometimes the other way around."

"I sometimes fantasize seducing you and being on top of you, stroking your hair and tugging it. I fantasize your reaction of me running my fingers through your skin and my hand feeling underneath your shirt. I fantasize how your voice would sound like moaning in pleasure. I fantasize how you would react if I got close to breathing on your neck. Better stop here before I go any further"

"First dreamt of you was everything slowed down , I saw you going by ,I tried catching up but something stopped me . 2nd dream after a while of talking to you (irl)was you telling me in a sweet but joking way " be careful before I start catching feelings/feels for you". 3rd dream was sleeping my head on your lap. Forth was you standing up for me with another person trying to hit on me. 5th was something sexual I can't say on here , even now I'm blushing at the thought of that last dream."

"I'm scared you will push me away if you knew how I felt"

"I got jealous seeing you talk with another girl I had to rush away and I know I shouldn't have a reason to get jealous.."

"I can't stop thinking of you, dreaming of you, admiring you from close or afar. I view from a distance without you noticing and I quickly look away when you do notice. I try to memorize every little detail you tell me , I like to mimick & imitate what you do without me realizing it. I look forward to seeing you ,your scent,the way you speak , your attributes, your flaws. First few times and moments of seeing you around my heart always skipped a beat , my skin flustered and red, fast paced breathing and clumsiness. The times you'd walk by or got close to me I felt as though I was going to fall to where I'd rush to the bathroom to get my breathing in control. God, why do you have to be so cute & attractive with a cool ,talented personality? The more I'm getting to know you , the more I admire you and how I realize we have certain things in common. Even trying to talk to you like a normal person is like an alien trying to speak the human language. What have you done to me to make me feel this way about you? I want more of you, let me get to know more about you, open up for me as I will open up for you."

"My obsession with my boyfriend has turned deadly, I don't want anybody to look, speak or think of him. I'd harm another human if they were to try to take him."

"Ya know..I really am sorry that I couldn't be strong enough to stick around for your bullshit..your obvious lies you expect me to believe, the waiting to be your girlfriend for 8 months, the obvious signs you were talking to and sleeping with other girls while we weren't dating but still held each other down and lead me on, never wanting to do anything with me or spend money on me I'm always the one to pay for almost everything everytimw and you never paid for dinner, took me shopping, took me to the beach or did any of the things you said you were going to do. You don't care about me and you never have just admit it."

"I love u, i love u, i love you so much but i can't tell you this right now. U r gone forever from my life. I hate this distance. It kills me."

"I love you so much. I can honestly say without any fear of doubt or contradiction that I've had a wonderful 2 years of my life being with you, and I wouldn't take them back for anything. Yet... when I look into your eyes, the love you once had for me isn't there anymore. I smiled, I tried my best to be patient. I kept making tons of excuses for the affection that I was no longer receiving, the sincerely sweet words that I was no longer hearing. I gave you my whole world without any conditions. I pretended to be strong for the sake of us, for the relationship that I was certain would heal with the passage of time. I lied to myself. I was hurting myself. I was in denial. I became obsessed with the thought of repairing things, and as a result I was losing sight of my sense of identity and my goals in life. When your eyes spoke to me, they told me everything that I needed to know. It's okay, I don't mind if you are angry at me for giving up like this. I just don't know what to do anymore. I only want you to be happy, even if it isn't with me. I'm sorry. I'll let you go. "

"Its really hard to understand you. You avoid me just because of work and your co-workers. You are surrounded with girls and you say its normal although you have a girlfriend? "

"I really like her and care about her, but I can see it in her eyes that she does not feel the same way..."

"I think you have borderline personalIty disorder and need medication."

"I just want to be your #1. I want you to love me. I want you to be in love with me, and I can't explain why you aren't."

"I've known him for 3 years. I have had a crush on him ever since. He was the one who asked me to be his girlfriend, and then barely spoke to me again."

"You are so oblivious to me and my feelings and I just don't know how to get you to care about me the way that I care about you."

"I like you a whole lot. You are the friend I can spend all of my time with. But I'm just not in love with you and I don't think I ever will be. I feel like we would be giving up the best lives we could have to stay with each other. I think there's something crucial missing, some spark that's not there. "

"I just feel so jealous when you flirt or have your mind set on another guy, I love you, I really do, but I can't take this anymore."

"My wife loves her sister's husband and she has also given him a blowjob... I don't think they've had sex yet but they're into smooching hugging n oral sex... I feel devastated!!!"

"Why does it have to be this way. If only you cared the way I do for you. It makes me so sad when we fight and I cant keep this up much longer."

"I'm in love with you, but I don't know if you love me the same way. I feel so alone sometimes, and I wish you cared. I wish you cared."

"I wish I loved you the way you loved me. I'm sorry I'm so distant but you tend to be too clingy. I think I'm going to break your heart..."

"I don't think I'm ready to have someone to share my life with just yet. Maybe I should find someone who understands me the most."

"I love you and I wish you would just let me love you."

"I love you, and always will"

"A coworker that I liked recently confessed that he likes me too. We are both married. I'm affraid this is turning into obsession for me. Need to stop thinking about him."

"Will never quit on her as long as it takes (for life with this girl)"

"I like you but I feel like you don't want me and have feelings for someone else and I feel like I should just let you go "

"We've had a lot of great times.....I'm sorry I never told you it's just sometimes you're too clingy to me and I know you always say you will love me forever but sometimes I think what are we really were just 2 highschool kids "

"So I I have liked you for lets see... 10th grade so I was 15 or 16 when I stared to like you. For some reason without really talking to you then I developed to like you a lot. I was very shy back then and to talk to someone was hard enough, but talking to you was never an option back then because I was shy yes, but because I didn't know how to tell you how I felt about you. I am now 22 years old, and although the thoughts did get suppressed since about senior year, I am starting to feel the same way again. I did just get out of a relationship with a friend of yours and you are in a committed relationship and have been for over 3 years, which makes it hard. There is something about you, idk what it is. It just makes me want you haha, maybe its how cute you are or how cool you are and nice. I would never want to wreck what you have. You are happy. I will just suffer in silence over here. Maybe we can one day date I hope. But the way things are going with your significant other I see you getting married =( I just hope one day we could have our shot I have been waiting for. I am not a shy person anymore and I know what I want... You"

"I really hate to hurt you like this but I never felt like we were meant to be. Since the day you met me you kept pressuring for something more and I only meant to be playful. Then we hooked up after you got me really drunk. You really guilted me into making this more and now you can see where this lead. The moral of my story is don't fake how you feel. Even if the other person really wants more than friendship from you don't give in because ultimately it won't work out. I'm sorry but this is for the best. "

"I wish you could love me like i love you"

"You literally drive me insane. Like leave me the hell alone. "

"I love you dearly and I don't know why I can't act right. It's embarrassing. "

"I want to be with you and all that comes with you. I will respect you and be caring so you can truely feel the inner person i am. I like you from in here."

"I wish i knew you loved me."

"You're in love with me. I don't even like you."

"You are poison to my soul. Yet, I still put you in everything I drink . Why? I dont fucking know. Jesus fucking Christ. "

"I can only say I think I love u"

"I really do love you, your my best friend."

""I love you and I hope you still feel the same way about me.

"I love you completely. Unconditionally. Always. "

"I love u just cant say it yet "

"i really love him but just hate that i'm sharing him with someone else"

"If u only knew how I really feel I don't think u would treat me like this..."

"I think I have a crush on my Biology teacher, one day in class I swear our eyes met and it was magical, atleast for me. I just can't stop thinking about him!"
"Please don't tell my husband, but I have a crush on our IT guy at work. Everytime I see him I get butterflies and I blush. I'm thinking about breaking my computer just to talk to him."

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