Confessions - Broken Hearts & Betrayal within a Relationship

Being hurt by someone you love and trust can bring some of the worst pain you can ever feel. Do you have a confession to make?


Check out these true confessions from our visitors:

"I feel I'm love with someone who don't love me and I put him out because it hurt but I didn't want him to go what be can I do to make him love me"

"You broke my heart, tear me apart. But I still love you I don't know why?"

"I'm sorry for all the pains I got you through"

"a man who only want that i listen to him, do everything for him,always only say positive thing.Is that even love. i cannot even talk about my feeling and thought. if i did, he will push me away because its annoying. why did i have a child with you."

"I thought you match with me so well when we first met and we know that we have a great chemistry together. You were always there to pick me up when I had very hard times, and you're the one who is truly able to get my shit together. But then, you cheated. You cheated on your best friend and your now ex-boyfriend. How dare you. You took me for granted. You should've just told me that you like another guy earlier. You lost all of my trust and I can never talk to you anymore. You truly suck at communicating and I knew it was coming. We were back in the stage when we're strangers, or maybe even worse than that. I hope your new boyfriend realizes that you are good at cheating and I hope you realize you used many people while you complain about being used, while I find a new and better girl to have a much better relationship with. Fuck you."

"Hey, last night I dreamt tht u came n kissed me, bt I pushed u away saying I'm nt ready for more, tht I want a career first, bt thn u tried to force me. U even haunt my dreams n yet wen I see u I want to b wid u, I'm becoming crazy n jst hope I nvr have any contact with you. Wht have u done to me?"

"married a month a fucking month and you cheated .....come on dude.... U could of been a man and not signed the marriage paper you whore... Married based on lies and fake promises im too good for this shit... I deserve better... And will get better .... Bye to man i gave my heart to .... lol You cant have your fucking cake and eat it too selfish prick."

"For five years, you led me to believe that we would share our future together. You took it away in an 18 minute break-up suddenly announcing that you had a change of heart and could not commit. You abandoned me, leaving me alone and helpless to process and analyze what went wrong. I lost my partner and my best friend. I hope you are as lonely and miserable as I am. "

"I came home form work early last Wednesday and walked into our bedroom to find my 35 yo wife performing oral sex on her trainer from the gym. She's been working with the trainer for a year and I don't know how long this has been going on. I wish I was dead."

"I really really love the way you make me laugh and the silly things we do together, but you make me feel small, unimportant, and youre practically a sex addict. If I don't have sex with you, you sulk and make me feel guilty. I don't know if you do that on purpose or not, but either way it makes me question my value as a person. Am I important or just a sex object? You've cheated on me once. The fact that you did that to me should make breaking up with you much easier. But it doesn't help. I can't imagine life without you, but at the same time, I need things to drastically change in my life. P.S: I hope you realize that I would never have cheated on you or even imagined being with someone other than you while we were dating."

"We both like each other but we both knew it was never going to last. We lost trust in each other. Hope u will be happy."

"I love you more than anything and we've put so much into our relationship for over a year; it honestly has felt magical for so long. I don't know what's happening or changing but now you're breaking the same promise over and over and I don't know what to do. you've made me so happy and I can't imagine myself as happy as you make me when I think of being alone. I know this is cliché but I do think what we have is special and I don't want to let go of it but it's hurting so much and you tell me you're "sorry" yet turn around and do the same shit. I've been so good to you throughout our relationship and have stayed with you through thick and thin but you're pushing it so far now. I hope we can work this out but I can't let things slide anymore; you are so important to me which makes it even worse to be brushed off or act like my feelings don't matter."

"I was so in love with you. I think I still am, but you have hurt me so much. I don't think I can ever trust you again. Everytime I think about all that has happened good and bad it just hurts, hurts that I love you, it hurts that I tried to forgive you but, you gave me so many reasons not to. You are not who you used to be, you are not who I fell in love with. It just destroys me inside knowing that it won't be you I end up with. You promised me a future and I tried to give you apart of mine but, I can't do this anymore, I love you but, You're not happy and I'm miserable. I dont want to live like this anymore."

"I love you so much and I can’t believe that you used me and I couldn’t see it all this time. I’m angry at myself for not realizing this sooner but mainly at you because you said you loved me, but never once have you cared. I want to break up with you so badly but I can’t because I love you. If there is any part of you that actually loves me, please don’t let me leave."

"You fucking destroyed me, I learned to trust again and you fucking destroyed me."

"I've never treated you the same shitty way you've continued to treat me."

"I used to love you, really. But somehow, that started to fade once you stopped trying to make me happy. And then I met someone else. I can't do this anymore, and I'm really sorry that I'm going to hurt you."

"I can hardly trust u now I honestly loved u but now u ignore me and just say things that you will never actually do or are just lies. U are so flirty with other guys it literary insane and so many of the things you do are just so annoying and we can hardly even start a conversation anymore. I think we should just end our relationship here"

"You hurt me so many times."

"I'm not sure if you feel the same way. I'm not sure if this relationship is right for me. You've said that we should've been friends, but yet we are together again a year later. I love you. I'm losing you. You aren't the same. You chat with my best friend, while I'm right behind you and you know I'm watching. You never say goodbye when we leave for vacation. I'm debating whether to part from you, or to stay with you, but I still love you. Please, prove yourself. I don't want to do this. You're different. See this, even though you probably don't. Change, because I love you and I don't want to hurt you and myself."

"He broke up with me over text when he saw me for a few minutes earlier that day he said he had been thinking about this for a while. I just don't understand. YOU SAID THAT YOU LOVED ME IF YOU FUCKING LOVED ME YOU WOULDNT HAVE MOVED ON THAT EASY. For what its worth I loved him I wanted the forever he promised the forever he wanted but I guess things change whether or not were ready or not, Its thundering right now he knows I am terrified and he would always text me to make sure I was okay but of course he wont text the only few things he has said to me since was I don't think we should be friends I don't want to talk to you anymore. He loved rain I asked him why once he said it reminded him of me I wonder if it still does I doubt it but god knows he will never leave my mind I wish he loved me and I wish I was better then this. I wish I had my life back."

"I still love you. That's the only reason I'm staying though. Cause when I broke up with you that one time, I couldn't handle the pain. It quite literally could have killed me. But... at the same time, I can't get over what you did and now people are seriously taking your side over mine cause of course HOW DARE I be angry about you betraying me right? I really wanna break up but I've got nobody else here who would go to the lengths you do to help me in life, with my head and money and just general comfort. You're overly kind in that respect but in another, you do things that show me you don't love me. Nobody in this world really likes me. I don't have friends, my parents just tell me to get over it, your parents act like there was NOTHING wrong with your actions and with everyone being harsh on me, its BREAKING ME. But with everyone babying you, you will NEVER be determined to be a better person. You're so spoilt and I've been so toughened up that... we will never work."

"You're in my head, you make me question myself all too often. You used to be the answer to everything in my life but I've looked into your eyes while your hands were around my throat. I don't love you anymore. Blame me for everything like always, break my things again, just give me more and more reasons why I need and want to get the hell away from you. "

"I love you but you broke my heart and I don't think it's fixable this time."

"I love you, this I know, its just not the same as it used to be and I know that's my fault for when I cheated on you but you forgave me and stayed with me and I will always be grateful for that from you. I don't want to hurt you because I know you think I'm The One but I just don't know if you are and idk if I see a future with you or not. I just don't wanna hurt you."

"I love you, but I don't think I'm in love with you anymore. I can't trust you after what you did. I like hugging you and kissing you, but nothing more. The thought of anything sexual with you makes me sick after what happened and the idea that you would try to guilt me into it (again) makes me insane. You've been using me for a year now. You don't try to get a job, you don't respect me enough to try to provide for your own things despite me being reluctant to and in college. You get angry over little things, you never apologize after you do something to hurt me and act violently if I bring it up. You think you're always right. You take advantage of the fact that I don't want to hurt you and guilt me into doing the things you want. You make me think you love and respect me by calling me beautiful and complimenting me but it's meaningless. I'm tired of making excuses for you. You violated me. You used me. You make me feel less than human and I want out. "

"Hah he cheated and I wanna leave but I don't know if I'll regret it later"

"I had trust for you then you broke it I don't wanna end it but I feel as if that's my best option I can't do it now I'm gonna cherish what I feel"

"You just so freaking confusing. I wish you knew what you want. You give me the vibe that if we break things off yall be fine and it's what ever. But that shit will definitely hurt me. Was it really worth it? "

"After we broke up I knew I'd see you around but I never thought you'd get Down with somebody I know but I guess that's just how it goes when you break up in a small town."

"Have sex with another boy and think I'm not gonna break up with you. FUCK YOU"

"Babe I love you so much and I worked hard to get with you. I was hoping you feel the same about me but I was wrong again. You hang out with other guys in school more than you look at me at this point. Every time I mention break up you get all upset and I can't help but feel bad. I don't know what I should do with you."

"I love him so so much but after he asked that other girl out, I can see he's not serious..."

"You took me for granted for much too long. Im no longer going to be held back by you. Im going to dance in public and not be afraid to be called "immature" or "a lot to handle" hope you have a fun life of being manipulative by yourself you inconsiderate jerk"

"I'm broken and torn. We've been together for four years and it's been the best time of my life. I still love you to the moon and back but I just don't know if I'm in love with you. I feel like you're not taking direction in your life and I. I'm going somewhere, somewhere far beyond what you're planning. Because you've been my only love the thought of leaving is scary, I don't want to live on without you in my life but we've been together for so long we couldn't just be friends... I want the best for you in every single way, I want you to be the happiest you can be, and even though I know you still love me, I just don't think I can bring you the happiness you're wanting and deserve. I'm afraid to end it because what if I leave and realize I needed to be with you this whole time. I just want to see what else there is because I honestly have nothing to compare us to. All I want to say is I love you and will NEVER forget you or the love we created I just don't think our paths were destined to align. "

"Its just not the same and I just don't know what to do anymore, he is not the guy i met and i don't know if i love the guy he became he has no faith that i can accomplish anything he acts like i am no one to him he thinks i am stupid but I am smart enough to know he loves his best friend who is a girl, but dumb enough to stick around hoping he will suddenly love me and only me but he never will but i cant except that i am not good enough but my heart is already broken so i need to leave him...... don't i?"

"I wish we could have made it work but you made your choice"

"I can't believe I wasted so much time on you. But most of all, I hate how after all this time, I still think about you. When I see you, I still have feelings. I wish I could look at you and feel nothing. In a month, I'm never going to see you again. That shouldn't make me sad...."

"I always talk to different girls on pof and okcupid and tinder and kik. Youre just not enough for me. you cant have any kids anymore, i want kids. I just dont want to be with you anymore."

"I just feel like your being sneaky...i know I've done wrong in the past but I've showed my love for starting to not trust you anymore "

"We spent almost eleven years together. I gave you everything I could. All my love, support and trust. You betrayed it. You knew what it would do to me. To us. I know I made mistakes, but what you did and all the men you did it with wasn't a mistake or accident. You did it intentionally just for your own selfish reasons. "It just happened" or "I was lonely" aren't excuses for sleeping with every man you meet. You and your last boytoy are still together nearly a year after our divorce. You both deserve each other. No doubt you'll keep doing it. But now, I'm stronger without you than I ever could have been with you. The absolute worst thing is I know there's still a shred of me that still cares about you. That's why I'll never forgive you."

"I'm tired of lies and secrets. I'm tired of crying and feeling depressed on and off. The last time that I felt this way was with the guy I dated before my current one. Once him and I broke up I felt relieved, like the weight of the world had been lifted up off my shoulders "

"I cant trust you and you arent mature enough to handle this relationship. Its over."

I have a really hard time trusting you. We have been friends before we started dating, and you lied to me. That hurt and I think dating you was a mistake. We are just from two different worlds and cannot be together. This saddens me, but that's where I stand. We fought the other day and you just went to party all night like it didn't matter. And to make it worse you went to the place we were saving to try out together. Not to mention that you lied about who was and wan't there... Good bye.""

"I think about having sex with--Not you! I am so weary of your past sexual abuse effecting the sex life we have. I have never met a man so screwed up about making love--Yet you do nothing to get help."

"I dont know what to tell you "

"It just irritates at time things can be different if u wud just have trusted me.....thats all I needed never have given u reason to cheat or that I did or would your loss in the end this is the reason y men have a bad rap and end up with another during a relationship "

"I wish you had admitted you still had a thing for one of your friends instead of lying about it and hiding it from me"

"You made me feel like the smallest thing on the planet. I loved you so much and this is what I get. Fuck you"

"I think you're an amazing girl. You are beautiful and have a wonderful personality. I wish it could work between us, but baby I just don't feel that spark anymore. I wish it didn't have to end like this, because I know this can only hurt you. But I'm sorry baby, this is the way it has to be. "

"Maybe if you had even attempted to be honest and loyal to me we wouldn't be where we are today. Whore. "

"You don't really love me and everything you do, say, feel is a lie. Boyfriends don't act like their gf isn't right there when talking to your friends about girl. Boyfriends don't tell their gf to not go to different events just so they dance, or mess around with other girls. You are always lying to me about EVERYTHING and I'm sick of it and you have the nerve to call me complicated. PLEASE! We dated 3 times, I have given way to many chances, I always give in to everything! Even when I hear all the things you do behind my back and etc. but there is always that one thing that brings me back to you. YOU HAVE DONE ME WRONG TOO MANY TIMES, everyone says you would be a mistake and they warned me and I never listened cause I thought I would be the girl to make you do right! You have completely destroyed me and hurt me. But Im giving up on you! IM DONE!"

"I dont know why I don't love you I wish I did but being with you doesn't feel right. Im sorry"

"ive sent nudes to other guys"

"I love her, but I would like her to stop filrting with people"

"You hurt me so bad i cant beleve you lied to me when you saw it was killing me."

"The pain and hurt over the last year is the worst I felt. I see I am alone in my goals and you only want me for sex and emotional support I feel I have none from you and you are selfish with pleasing me in bed. You do not answer your calls and you accuse me of cheating and you do not stand up for me or defend me. "

"I wish you could grow up, be mature and understand my feelings better."

"i hate that you lied to me and broke our trust"

"J, You and i have been togther for a year and ten days. in that year you have hurt me so many times, you use to be sweet and caring and passionate full of love and we had such amazing sex but now i have to basiclly beg for attention. I think i stay because i am scared of change and to be alone. I feel that I am to dependent on you. This hurts me knowing that you dont want to show any effection towards me at all. even after everyting i have done for you. i gave you a second chance after you cheated on me, i gave up my house and job to move with you. This is how you want it to end, with me scared shitless that I am to dependent on you to survive for myself? Thanks for nothing."

"I just don't think I can handle the fighting anymore. Honestly, I feel like I can do better, I'm just scared to break his heart."

"I was sexually abused by different people when I was younger. So I had (and still often struggle with) self-esteem and being open and especially vulnerability. So I am sorry that I can't be everything you want. Also, the fact that you're not a christian like me terrifies me."

"I wish you weren't so sneaky and invaded my privacy you phycopathic bitch "

"I put absolutely everything into this relationship and haven't been given the same back. You hurt me and don't put enough effort in and I never know how you're feeling about me/us but i love you so much regardless i just want to feel special please just do that for me."

"Calling my friend a c*** was uncalled for. Grabbing my face and telling me to shut up was uncalled for. Lying to me was uncalled for. Telling me to get out of your house every time I came over was uncalled for. It's clear you never respected me. My mother was right about you."

"Deep down i love you but i just cant be with u. You took me for granted. U didnt show that i was really important. Treated me like i was nothing in your life. "

"Hi, I know we have been mariied for 5 years and that sometimes it feels more than that. I love you but i will always have in my head you being unfaithful to me after i've been with you through it all. It hurts me to think that we couldnt commit to our relationship."

"You walked away when I did no wrong, tried me when there was someone already there, left cause he said he'll marry you. Woke me up early in the morning just to tell me that... I let you you be cause that choice was made by you. Fate brought you back after 8 months? I doubt it! Yet everyone deserves a chance, don't we. Mercy and cordiality is what a relationship is, you showed none when it came to me... I am better then you in many ways yet not perfect. More merciful then you but not a fool. One day YOU WILL look back an say "if only I was I wouldn't be divorced". Yours. G."

"I always loved you no matter what you did to me. I'm done letting you break my heart. We should just be friends cause were both young and make mistakes so text you later bae "

"I don"t like how you wanted a threesome with your friend and me and your very pushy and I'd rather be with someone else who is going to love me so its over between us."

"Fuck you for all the pain and hurt you've caused me. "

"I almost cheated on you by kissing another guy but I didn't. Now I'm texting him. Let's break up. You're boring and you're ugly and you are wayyyyy too nice. You always agree with me. There's no fun in that. Learn to have your own opinion. I'm going to dump you. I feel so bad. You're so sweet but I don't like you"

"I wish she hadn't kissed him."

"I like you, and you've become a best friend to me. But my instinct just like in any relationship is to run away, and I'm beginning to care, which means I have to say goodbye soon. You deserve someone better than me, eventually I would have cheated if I stayed with you. I'm sorry"

"It's been 12 years my heart belonged to you in the beginning. .we had 3 wonderful children..but time and time again I tell u the things I need as a woman and I get told I'm stupid or find someone else to make me I did that but stay with you found out so I left him alone we were suppose to be working things out but I'm feeling very alone again.."

"I caught my ex boyfriend playing hide the sausage with my younger sister. Talk about double heartbreak and betrayal!"

"After two years of marriage, I found out that my wife has been having an affair with her boss. All those businees trips together, I should have known!"

"I didn't know love was supposed to hurt like this. For years, I been a fool in love but now it's time to end this relationship once and for all. I'm all out of love; this is not how love is supposed to go at all."

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