Confessions - Infidelity, Cheating, Adultery, or having an Affair

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Are you thinking about having an affair? Do you think your partner is being unfaithful? Have you ever cheated on your partner while in a committed relationship? Go ahead and confess. We won't tell....


Check out these true confessions from our visitors:

"My husband doesn’t know i’ve been talking to my first love recently, i’ve been sending him sexual pictures and videos as well. He doesn’t know i’m planning on leaving him for my first love soon. "

"My girlfriend's sister. I had been going out with doreen for about 3 years and her younger sister lynn started flirting with me during the summer months after graduation. My girlfriend went out of town with her mom. I went out to a club and her younger sister lyn was their. We had a few drinks and talked. The talking turned into flirting, so I decided I would see how far she would go. I put my hand on her leg as we talked and she didn't push it away so I moved it up towards her inner thigh as we talked in the club and kept looking in her eyes she parted her legs a few inches, that was when I whispered in her ear that I wanted her to come home with me. She reminded me that I was dating her sister doreen. In which I reminded her that she was out of town and tonight it was only her and I. We were both so attracted to each other we just needed to convince ourselves this was ok. When we got to the car we started making out and I had my hands all over the outside of her clothes. At my place we barely got in the door and were making out again then I started feeling her breasts on the outside of her shirt her nipples were rock hard. Her hands started running around my back and ass. Things kept progressing as I unbuttoned her shirt and slid my hand inside her bra, she was really into this, which was still hard to believe being as she seemed like the innocent type. When I worked down to her zipper she put her hand on mine and reminded me of how wrong this was. After all I was sleeping with her sister. It just seemed to turn us both on more. After unzipping her pants I started feeling down inside her panties and first noticed how wet she was. Her sister the one I had been dating always got really wet but the younger sister was way more turned on and that got me really turned on. Her hands were rubbing my hard on and she was doing her best to get my pants unzipped so I helped her and after unzipping them removed them. I then took off her shirt and bra, then removed her pants and underwear. I looked at her and looked down at my hard on she was hesitant so I put my hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her to her knees. She said she had never done this so I coached her through it and she was absolutely amazing. I had to hold her head as I came because she tried to pull back, not only was it her first blowjob I also wanted her to swallow. I convinced her to take it all in and she did. I reached down and picked her up and took her to my bedroom and laid her down then put my face between her legs and started to please her. She was so turned on lyn was much more vocal than doreen who was quiet when she came. As I moved up kissing her stomach and breasts I requested her to guide me in, it was at this time she confessed she was a virgin. This was way to much, I could barely keep from cumming, being as I had popped her sisters cherry. She was resisting a bit as reality was setting in. I comforted her held her face in my hands kissed her told her how beautiful she was even prettier than her sister, as I was reassuring her it was ok I entered her and popped her cherry, she let out a moan. It was such a turn on as I was I was popping my girlfriend's little sister who was not only just 18 but also a virgin. I tried not to cum for a while but the whole thing was such a turn on for both of us. I couldn't help myself. I came inside her. We took a break and as we layed in each other's arms she asked me how she was compared to doreen? She confessed she had wanted me since I started dating her sister and was saving herself for me. She wanted to know if I had taken her sisters virginity too? To which I confessed I had. We both got really excited and ended up doing it again that night and in the morning. Neither of us realized it but a few mutual friends had seen us leaving the club that night. One says they saw us making out in the car before we left the parking lot. I kept dating both sisters for about 6 months. It was the best. Doreen seemed to get more suspicious of lyn and more turned on at the same time, but kept seeing me. Somehow their mom found out and confronted me. She got me alone and sat me down and asked if it was true? The summer of love after graduation."

"I confess that I cheat on my wife of 16 years with men and women. I've mostly gotten bj's from the men, but I've fucked a couple guys and been fucked by one. I'm hoping to do more. The women I've been with are amazing. I love cumming in them, knowing that they are not my wife and not knowing if they are on birth control. I've had sex with one couple. I filled his wife with my cum and watched him lick it out of her as she sucked my dick and got me hard again. Then he sucked me until I came in his mouth and shared it with his wife. I can't wait to find more people to cheat on you with."

"This is what I've done since I've been married: I had a 6 month affair with a girl that I worked with and got her pregnant. I was married. (Jennifer) Sex with an ex-gf in 2015. Once on a hiking trail and once at her work. (Summer) Slept with another co-worker's wife while he was asleep upstairs. I was married. (Sally) Got road head from another co-worker's wife while we were driving to drop me off to see my wife. (Amy) Had sex with a girl that was in the same college class as me and my wife. (Sara) Had sex with a co-worker 3 different times and came in her each time in 2016. (Daisy) Had sex with my ex-gf. I was married. (Brenda) Met a girl online and came in her in 2016. (Charity)"

"I've cheated on my wife many times. She only knows about one. The one she knows about was with a girl in my unit. She was beautiful. Great body, fun personality and had a very high sex drive. I would have sex with her when we had drill. She would come see me and I would skip class to go to a hotel with her. We'd have sex in public places (parking lots, in front of an adult sex toy store, on the side of the highway, etc.). She did everything my wife wouldn't do. She really got into the sex, she gave bj's and swallowed, she took pictures and most of all, she always wanted sex. She got pregnant and the sex got even better. She ended up telling my wife. I'm still married, but I'm always looking for another woman to have on the side."

"My wife met a man 20 years older than her (she's 31) and started having an emotional affair with him after two weeks of meeting him. A month later it turned sexual. They have been sexual for the last eight months. I found out last week and confronted her. I told her I wanted to know everything and am completely crushed! She said Craig is very handsome and fit and "fucks like a stallion". We've never ever had anal sex but she let him "fuck her ass after two days of fucking". He has turned her into a complete slut but only for him! I don't know what to do!"

"I am a married man with a discreet FWB on the side. "

"I am happily married and have a great sex life with my husband. I have two children and a good job. We are very comfortable in a very nice house so why did I risk all of that to screw a coworker? He started with our company a year ago. The day he walked in all the women where drooling over him. Tall, muscular with broad shoulders and dark hair. He would walk by and all the women would stare at his behind. And I was one of them. At first it was only a harmless flirtation. We worked closely and on a few projects and one night after an exhausting two week push to get a contract out all of us decided to stop and get some drinks. I called husband and said I was going to be late then went to the bar with everyone. I guess I got a bit too drunk and did a stupid thing, I decided against a cab and walked to my car intending to drive home. John came up to me just as I was opening my car door. He reached over and took the keys from my hand and said you better not drive. I guess I was sober enough to accept his advice but not sober enough to ask for a cab, instead I accepted a ride home from him. Just sitting in his car next to him being a bit drunk and excited about completion of our contract I was becoming very horny. I had no thought of my husband or family when I reached over and kissed him at a stop light. He drove to a deserted parking lot and like a couple of high school kids we crawled into his back seat and screwed. By the time he finished I had sobered enough to start regreting what I was doing. When he stopped bucking I just got off and looked for my panties and said I needed to go home. I never found them (the panties) and staggered in our house with him dripping down my leg. I have never been with a man that cums that much, it is mind blowing. I went to the bathroom and intended to take a shower but my husband walked in and asked if I was OK? I guess that is when what I had done really hit me, I had cheated on the love of my life! I started to cry and almost confessed but stopped before I could drunkenly ruin our marriage. He assumed it was from the alcohol. I told him I needed to throw up and he left. I hit the shower but that did not wash the shame from me. I crawled in bed and he cuddled me to sleep. I had dreams of what went on that night and woke up extremely horny. My husband thought it was because of my success at work and the loss of anxiety but it was because I could not get last night out of my mind. All weekend was the same, I was so sexually turned on I could not leave my husband alone. Then came Monday and time to confront John. He was always there when I came in and today was no different. I passed his desk and he looked up and smiled his usual smile and said good morning like nothing happened. I returned the greeting and went on with my day. He walked by and slipped a card to me. It said we need to talk and to meet him after work and it gave an address. I assumed we just needed to clear the air. I walked to his front door and he opened it. I went in fully intending to tell him THAT would never happen again but we ended up in bed. This has been going on for six months and I can't give him up. My sex life at home is gotten so fantastic and my sex life with John is just as good. I can't seem to get enough with either man. "

"What should I think when I get a phone call from a guy I don't know telling me how great she is at giving blow jobs. "

"Ok- yes my wife cheated. Her lover called and told me. So i would leave her and he could be with her..."

"I let you know that I did not want you to see your ex when you and your old roommate went to the reunion. Now you are back and very distant. No sex in weeks. I know you went to see him. What am I supposed to think? "

"Why did you cheat on me? Why did you fuck 3 prostitutes and give me a disease? Are you happy that I cant have kids now? Why did you deny the 4 kids I miscarried and say that they where not yours? Why did you abandon me at the hospital the night of my 2nd miscarriage? Why cant you stick up for me and put your family in their place? Why did you cheat on me then talk shit about our sex life to the other females you cheated on me with? Why do you have so many dating profiles? Why cant you love me enough to stop? Ugh."

"Yes I lie and cheated on you but it was a mistake"

"I'm married to "Janet", a Filipina, for 14 years. We have three kids. I'm white, 38, and she's 35.She's very attractive. She gives massages to friends and family fairy often and is so good at it that she makes enough to use for food shopping, etc. without having to work 40 hours a week. She almost always does them in our house, using our guest room for it, sometimes on vacation for relatives we're visiting and nothing weird has ever happened until last weekend. I worked on Saturday and came home early to find her cousin, "Annette", in our backyard watching her two kids and our three kids, all are under 12, in our pool. I asked her where "Janet" was and she replied that she was giving her husband, "Brian", a massage. She offered me some food and I told her thanks and that I'd eat after saying hello to them. I didn't realize at the time but "Annette" really wanted me to stay outside and eat. I walked down the hall to our guest room, heard music and saw the room was lit by candles, and that the door was slightly open. I started to open it and, without either noticing me at all, saw "Janet" standing to the side of "Brian" as he laid on her massage mat on the bed on his back. She was topless and in her thong underwear and facing towards me. She was masturbating "Brian" with her right hand and rubbing oil on his chest with her left. I could see a few things right off the bat: 1) "Brian" also had his hand on my wife's ass tugging at her thong and 2) "Brian" had a penis like an elephant trunk. Then, as my wife was stroking Brian's penis, she looked at him and said "You like?" and he nodded his head. I watched "Janet" lean over and begin performing oral sex on him. Brian then strokes her hair, brushing it away from her face, and I swear he clearly whispered something about "fucking you real good today" and "Janet" going "Ummmm hmmm" with his cock in her mouth. I swear I heard it. I'm positive. I was in such stunned disbelief that I walked out and back to the pool area. I sat down and "Annette" began talking to me but all I could do was respond with head movements or one word answers. She must've known I was rattled. About 30 minutes later "Janet" and "Brian" came out to the pool area. "Oh hi!" she said and kissed my cheek and began asking me about my day. "Brian" sat down and said "Awesome massage Janet! Thanks!" and began eating. I noticed that "Janet" didn't have her wedding ring on. "Brian" had his on. After they left I confronted "Janet" about it and told her exactly what I saw. Her response was that she "wasn't having sex" with "Brian". She was just doing that to relieve his stress because "Annette" asked her to and was paying her. I was dumbfounded and asked what the hell she was talking about. Janet replied that "Annette" has some sort of vaginal pain issue and sex is extremely painful for her. She hates having sex apparently.Her and "Brian" have been married seven years and he's been getting very frustrated with lack of sex with her. She's worried he'll leave her. Janet says that they both massaged "Brian" one day and she taught "Annette" how to give him a blowjob but "Brian" thinks she's awful at it and prefers "Janet" to give them to him."Janet" told me "Annette don't like to do that for him". My wife claims that "Annette" gives her $50 a week for two massages/blowjobs for her husband. I asked her "Don't you consider that adultery?!?!/!" and "Janet" replied "No, because we're not having sex. " and I'm like "A blowjob is sex!!!" and she says over and over "It's not". I asked her if she'd ever had sex with "Brian" and she said no but I informed her that he looked pretty comfortable grabhandling her ass in there and she said "Oh, he just likes to look at that and touch it, we never had sex" and I'm finding it very difficult to believe her. So I went to "Annette" one day and told her that our spouses were having an affair and she breaks down and tells me exactly what my wife told me. She said she was afraid he was going to leave her and it was her idea. When I asked her why she thought "Janet" would do it she said because "She used to do that all the time in Manila" before she came here. My wife was a blowjob girl in a dance hall she tells me. Then she says it's ok with her if he's having sex with "Janet" as long as her & "Brian" stay married. "I don't wanna know what they're doing in there as long as he's happy and still loves me!" she says to me as she is crying. I'm in total shock over this and I'm pretty damned sure "Janet", my wife, is fucking him. "

"I know that my wife of 15 years is having an affair with her cousin's husband. I came home from work early one day and they were in our bedroom. I heard and then saw them. She was riding on top of him and completely nude. I am so humiliated. She thinks that I do not know and,obviously, thinks or knows that her cousin doesn't know."

"For the past year I have been having an affair with this amazing guy who I have know for over 15 years. We have been very close friends to each other even before he met his wife. The strange thing is we have loved each other for years just not sexually, but now, it's as though a switch has come on and we are both so into each other.Just hearing his voice makes me wet. This week he came into work and we ended up going for a walk. We avoided the security cameras and made out in the stairwell as he fingered my pussy while I rubbed his lovely cock. I had not expected to see him. The way he kisses me with so much passion. he left me in a mess and so horny. The next day he came back again and this time we went for a drive. We parked between two other cars a relatively quiet area. I went straight for his cock. It is fucking delicious and makes my mouth water. While I am not normally fully into sucking cock and it seems like and effort with him it is like I want to swallow it. I licked the end of it followed by a deep throat gagging suck while I fondled his balls. He was fingering me with 2 fingers then three nice and deep . Then he had to taste me, pushing my panties to the side I pushed his whole face in my pussy. I went back to his cock and just sucked and licked it making me wetter till I was dripping. He couldn't last any longer blowing his lovely hot white cum into my mouth. I made sure I sucked it all up nice and good so I wouldn't make a mess in his car. I love being his little slut. He is so into me. I asked him to mak sure he fucks his wife good to keep her happy. He says he thinks of me as he fucks her, and it turns me on so much. We go away for work together and just fuck continually as soon as we finish work. I have s beautiful silky smooth pussy that he can't wait to get inside because I'm small he just lifts my legs flips me over and smashes me every way he can. He love cumming deep inside my pussy without a worry in the world. It actually feels like I am on ecstacy when we are together, the intensity is insane. He knows me more than my abusive husband. I think we are falling in love but it's not like we want to be a couple or anything. I haven't felt this good in years. Unlike a lot of affairs, I do feel that we have been best friends for so many years, we have seen each other at our best, our worst and messiest. All our versions - the professional, the spouse, the parent, the lover, the best mate. I don't want this to end. It is the only thing in my life that gives me passion that I lost many years ago."

"I know she had an affair, and it's a secret that she will take to her grave. She cannot and will not admit it. I could forgive her completely if she would be honest and confirm what I 100% know. She won't, so we will always have this between us. Almost 21 years of marriage, and 3 kids."

"I don't know why I thought it would be a good idea to stay with you after you cheated on me... AND you still have feelings for her... you're fucking using me and it sucks"

"She cheated on me with my nephew. So I cheated on her with a stranger. "

"I am a sex addict. I had 16 partners till now. Married once, divorced once, separated, widow, bi sexual guys, gay even transgeneder once. And guess what ? I am happily married for last 15 years.. what an irony ? "

"What I said about the second her was half true - There was some truth in what she alleged. But I was done with her six months before we met and all that fracas happened thanks to her not taking the split normally and cause she found out about us herself. She believed I split with her cause of you when in reality it was her obsessive possessiveness and ripped temper that did the deed... Six years you and I have known each other now and married for 5 - and I have not thought outside our four doors ever..."

"We've been married 8 years. I've worked for Brad 5 years. You have no idea that I've been cheating on you almost daily from the start. He is Black - something you hate, strong, dominant and super endowed. i'm his in every way and even been with his friends lately. HE makes me a woman. You don't even notice a thing. You are sure no one would look at ,me or want me. 5 years and he wants me more. His friend think I'm the hottest woman they have been with. Last week when we were at the show I had more sex than with you since we met!!! Thank God you are blind!"

"I married my boyfriend of 7 years and it's been just a year of our marriage....and in this span of 8years I have had sex wd 38 guys n m sleeping wd a new guy rite now ..but my guy never found out cos we both work n we r posted in different places .. D reason for ds addiction of mine is dat I hv helped my guy financially a lot before marriage ..I paid his rent fees,I gave him pocket money ,I paid for his 3 years of graduation fees...I thot after mariage he wil change. ..but he stil is d same old himself...I hv always been a doormat 4 him...whereas other guys giv me expensive gifts n shower their love.. n m really pretty bydaway n all d guys I slept wd treated me as their girlfren n even wanted 2 marry me..but I broke all their hearts.. But y can't I leave ds man for a beter guy I font know...mayb my 1st love dats y trying to show d world dat m committed to my 1st man til death...all for fake pretence ...."

"I would like to contact an old friend I had an affair with. She was married, I was divorced. Please read.?I had a female fnried that was my best friend from jr. high through my mid thirties. When I was getting a divorce, her and her husband were having a lot of problems. He wasn't paying attention to her and he was having a long distance, romantic affair with a women he talked to over the internet. She found out and was heart broken. She really liked me through high school and up until she met her husband. I liked her too but was afraid of loosing the fnriedship and she was going off to college. After my divorce we had a 4-5 month affair and then I ended it because it wasn't right and I knew she wasn't going to leave her husband. I haven't seen or spoke to her in 5 years and I'm NOT going to rekindle old feelings but I do want to see how she is doing. She was my best fnried for along time and I've really missed her. I know the affair was wrong and I think her husband has an idea what happened. I would like to just send her an e-mail and and tell her how I'm doing and see how she is doing .Thats all. Any HONEST advice would be appreciated."

"I am destroying my own marriage..and not because of an affair I had? I had an affair on my husband 3years ago, which I regret so much. My husband and I have managed to work things out. The problem is that I have a drinking problem (I have always been in denial) until last night when I bought a bottle of Marsala wine to cook and I winded up drinking the whole bottle and didn't cook. I know my husband hates when I drink. He has told me before many times that he is so tired of coming home to a drunk wife. My husband is such a great man that has put up a lot from me and doesn't deserve it. My husband is man that many women wished they had so, why do I sabotage my marriage? I know that I am really lucky to have a man like him. I do love my husband very much. We have been together for 10years with 2 kids. How can I stop drinking? I am so afraid of losing my family. I can tell the difference when I'm not drinking, he is so happy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you. would love to hear from people that have gone through similar situation. By the way, I still haven't forgiving myself for the affair. But my husband have forgiving me. Even when we have disagreements, he has never brought it up(affair). I was diagnosed with bipolar several years ago and I have not kept up with medication, therapy..etc.Before the affair I was a good wife and mother. Now, I have let my self go, not interested in anything. I'm honestly just a mess now."

"My husband had an aiffar in 2002 with our sons sister in law. And now she will not leave us alone.?I chose my marriage over leaving him.I have tried many times to forget what happened. I was putting in many hours at work. Put my job before my husband and Yes I blame myself as much as I do anyone. Our daughter in law told her sister so many lies about me to her sister. And she even sent my husband an invitation to her and my sons wedding as long as he DID NOT Bring my fat ass and that was how it was worded on the invitation. So in the long run it caused a big fight and I was kicked out I was gone 2000 miles away I went to Virginia from Arkansas because that was the only place I had to go. But the funny was the day after the Wedding he borrowed money from his mother and brought me home. I can NOT stomach this woman. She has caused all sorts of trouble in my life and in my marriage. She has the hots for my husband just as her older sister does. She treats my husband like Shit these days. If we go to my sons house She goes in the other room and ignores us. Or turns up the TV so we almost have to scream to be heard. But yet I am expected to watch her kids for FREE. And now I am being made to watch her sisters kids. I have told them repeatedly that Her sister is NOT allowed at my house but they bring her everytime they come. Just to cause trouble. Her sister is a leech. She follows my husband around like a dog in heat. But everyone asks WHY I don't like Misty, I asked them if they have about a week for me to tell them the reasons behind me not liking her. She bought booze for my son when he was 14, took him parking with her sister when he was 15, gave them rubbers when he was 16 and he got her sister pregnant, Quit Schooll at 18 to get them an apartment. Ruined my marriage because she had an aiffar with my husband knowing he was a married man. Moved in our house with my son and his wife. And expected us to support all of them. Got a Van from us. And refuses to register it in her name. And has a 7 year old that she abuses that my husband is the father of.But blames her on a drug addict she was seeing after she was with my husband. But she was with my husband of and on from August of 2001 until October of 2003. And the kid was born June 24th 2004. But she was not with the Druggy until December of 2003.Those are just a few reasons. Is there someway I can keep this woman from being able to come to my home and stay out of my life. She just keeps causing trouble. It is real hard to move past the mistakes in the past when I face it everyday of my life. I have her kids 3 days a week and I have my grrandkids Monday through Friday. Even when we lived in another town my daughter in law would bring her to our house with them. I have told our daughter in law that they can come But her sister is NOT wanted. And I refuse to watch the kids but it was either watch them or them make my son Quit his Job and him watch them. Or them all 8 move back in on us in our House. We have done to above and it does not work. Restrianing order does not work because this woman lives with my son and daughter in law. She drives a Van that is registered in my name.Our son is the one who told me who his dad was messing with. And came and told me. His dad kept denying it. Even after I ended up on several meds because of her being so nasty. She walked in and he wanted to know why she was there and she told him I knew everything. He got mad. And called her all sorts of stuff. I have told her, Our son and his wife that she or her kids are NOT Welcome at our house. But every time they come over she has to come with them. My husband has told her Right in Front of me what happened WAS WRONG and he wants to work on our Marriage and Does NOT want her But her haed is Hollow she does not get it. And refuses to listen."

"I have dreams about cheating on you with your best friend "

"I love you but you Hog everything! And only cheated on you once!😡😮😡"

"It's ok, I've been sleeping with your mother anyway."

"I've always been faithful and have never caused you to think otherwise. Yet, somehow your past becomes a constant battle between the person I am and the people you've dated before. You need to make peace with this and let go of your jealousy or over readings of situations. If not, this will eventually be the end of us. "

"Ive spent all my"young years" with you from 19- till im nearly 30. So many tell you that you have a beautiful family but you dont cherish us. We are always left at when HE showed up into the picture, he and I instantly clicked. Now my heart loves two men....but one more than the other. "

""I've tried to lay my baggage aside and trust you, but you refuse to make it easy. I try to discuss with you why the shit you do makes me suspicious, but you act like I'm an asshole for being upset. If you truly do want this to work then things better start changing, because I am tired of feeling this way." I can't trust you and you can't trust me. Trust is like a mirror, once its broken its never the same. I was so hurt when I found out that you blocked me... I'm so disappointed in you. I have no words. I dont know whats going on with us anymore. "

"I am bored with you, and I do love you, but it's not the same. It was different when we started out, butterflies and rainbows 😪, I don't know how to tell you this, or if I should. There is someone else who wants me and I want him. I am sorry but I can't string you along when I am constantly considering leaving you, or cheating. I wish it wasn't this way but I can't change it, but it's time to face facts. "

"I cheat on you because you have always said you think all women are evil and can't be trust well. Why the fuck could I tell your not worth the trouble on the first date when you asked me to show you my phone to see who I have been talking to."

"The only reason we made it as far as we did, was because of the effort on my part, not yours. Had I not felt bad for your content of the pathetic existence you glorified so much, you would have been done. I cheated on you multiple times and it felt damn good. (One time being your sister.) "

"I slept with your younger sister and she made me feel more like a man than you ever did!!! Sorry?"


"What the hell are you hiding from me babe?"

"I really loved you, and you really hurt me... I am doing this to protect myself "

"One thing ive always wanted was to be the other woman. Ive been cheated on for most of my marriage and for once I want to be the woman that he runs to to be satisfied, not the woman sitting at home, waiting."

"He laughs with her all the time and now he just laughs at me not with me, like I am just a big joke not the person he "loves" but I think am not that person anymore and it fucking hurts!"

"I really wish that you didn't cheat on me with your coworker, Paul. I understand you told me after it happened, i appreciate that. I was mad for a good month about it. We probably should've had some space. Because I felt like all my rage led to you cheat on me again with yout ex-bf, Josh. I tried to forgive you the second time...but I just couldn't do it; I didn't want to hurt you anymore with my judgments on what you did. I just cannot marry a cheater, I am sorry."

"Your just fucking bitch"

"Im a latina legal secretary in newport beach california. Married 2 kids. I recently started working for female partner. One day we stopped off at her place to drop off some boxes and she aggressively seduced me. She was very kinky. She used a strap on and made me so wild"

"My ex cheated on me with his ex. We broke up and he went back to her. Tonight I returned the favor and slept with him again. Take that b****!"

"I don't know how to say this but I felt like you were cheating on me I just feel like Lea,gabby, and the other girls you are friends with like you you and I'm not comfortable with you being friends with them so if you stay friends with them I'm sorry but you will unlock a new acheviement on zombies which is single I really like you but I can't trust you that well I will love you forever and love you always but not when you don't hang with me good bye Andrew , love your ex"

"God he's so annoying now. I don't see what I fell in love with before. Our relationship was so bad the first time i cheated on him with my best guy friend and let him finger me at work. It was stupid but it was more than what I was getting from my boyfriend. And now my ex is with the sluttiest girl in school. Three fucking days after I broke it off."

"I know you can feel the change in me, and I worry that you can see the truth in my eyes even though you have nothing concrete to go on. The other night you said you were trying to "keep [me] interested," and even though it was a joke, I sensed the fear in you. You know I've been pulling away, but you don't know why. I'm sorry, I can't stop. The affair was brief and it's over, but now I feel further away from you than ever. I'm scared we won't be able to heal this rift unless I spill my secret, but there's a good chance it will make things much worse. How do I tell the greatest man I've ever loved that I cheated? How do I shatter the way you see our relationship, perfect from the day we met? It's not your fault. It's mine. I need that passion, and for you it's not necessary. For me, it's as natural as breathing. How are we such a great fit in every other way but the one I so badly need?"

"I kissed someone else last night, but you had been cheating on me for 9 months. I forgave you, but I think I still resent you for what you did. It's not right that I did it. I'm just trying to justify it. "

"I've cheated on you multiple times and constantly think about engaging in sexual activities with other women."

"Last Christmas my gf says she got raped by her ex. the story is she was at a bar w/ her family and he was texting her and she told him to come over. He took her home and "she begged for his cock" as she told me he reminder her. She said she was drunk and that when she came too she pushed him off, but I think she's a lying bitch."

"I love you with all of my heart, I just don't trust you completely. I feel you are still very childish and you don't honestly have my best interest at heart. I fear that you are keeping me around for selfish reasons and because you lost out on two others. You lied to me and you made me feel inferior to another. I love and care about you, but I cannot be hurt again in that fashion."

"I am sleeping with someone else because you don't do it enough for me. "

"i feel like this 6 years was a blessing and a curse. im still madly in love with you, but i think your infidelity has over powered our relationship, i was not perfect in our relationship neither, and yes i have done things i shouldnt have done because two wrongs dont make a right. but you have ultimately rossed the line by having a whole year relationship behind my back, i tricked myeslf into beleiving your lies because i figured being with you and pretending everything was alright, would make me feel better, but really it ruined me in the long run, i was lying to myself :( you are a great person but just not a great person FOR me. i love you and more than likely always will, my first TRUE LOVE and my first HEARTBREAK how can i ever forget that?"

"We have been together off and on for 10 years we have two amazing kids together but you have cheated twice and I've stuck beside you I have been there when relationships fail waiting on the back burner I may regret this but I need to find out if there is love waiting for me somewhere else with someone who values my time my love and wants to spend more time with me and our kids than their friends."

"I thought about sleeping with my ex- and have been talking to him for awhile but then I ended it"

"While we were broke up for that month and a 1/2 you know who I was seeing. But what you dont know is I was also with your lil sister. We have been back together for 6 months and I am still having sex with her at this time."

"ive liked the following people while weve been dating; boomer- made out with him alan- i want to kiss him so bad omg i want him to be my boyfriend i love him tucker- missed him nicholas- wished we didnt break up marc-made out with him jake-sent nudes and even though its been 7 months i have cheated on you so much it isnt funny because i feel like you dont like me and firt with all ofther girls behind my back and it bugs me so much i might just die. that maddie girl yeah i hate her because you like her and im selfish and want to keep you and i want you to hug me and hang out with me and be weird and tel secrets and go to the beach and hang out and cuddle and hug me from behind and have good night texts and all that shit which i guess thats what i wanted so i did it just not with you because i wanted it so bad and couldnt help myself when i could get any guy i wanted and i chose you and you act like a 12 year old all the time. are you not ready for a relationship and i sound like an ass but damn i needed to get that out of my system it has been bottled up for 7 almost 8 months now to the point where i am seriously thinking about breaking up with you and dating alan because i can tell he accutally likes me and he is my best friend and tbh i think i love him"

"yeah when i was in the bahamas i made out with another guy and he felt me up"

"I let my female boss seduce me and she f#cked me with a strap on. Also, this is not the first time. when we were first married, i was ravished by those 3 philipina sisters in palm springs"

"I know you cheated on me with your best friend, so I slept with your older sister and your co-manager. I definitely picked the wrong sister to date. "

"Bae im really sorry,and i love u"

"I love u but we have no chemistry lately. U have changed. U have no commitment, passion and trustworthy in our relationship. Im so sad.. How could u ignore me lately. "

"I've cheated on you twice. I wish I felt some love from you, but I guess you're just not capable of it."

"It's not cheating if my husband watches."

"I cheated and you never caught me...I hate you.made me feel like something was wrong with me it feels like I'm free when your not around I don't have to pretend like somebody else..I'm finding me again"

"I cheated and can't find the strength to tell her."

"I hate that you have to flirt with her. What does she have that I don't. I just want you all to myself and all you care about is drinking and smoking weed and HER."

"I'm in a love triangle. Basically I'm being unfaithful to my boyfriend but he don't treat me right at all, I'm going to leave him to be with the new guy. I think this is the right move. I can't suffer through this loveless relationship any longer."

"I know that you cheated on me. "

"You aren't kind to me. You don't respect me. I feel like you don't even care that you cheated on me, Yet I love you."

"I'm a 25 year old female who is having an affair with a married women. It started out as just another girls night out and then one night we both had a little too much to drink and we made out a little. I've never really been into girls but now they are all I think about."

"My girlfriend and I have been going out for a little over two years and I had an affair with her best friend. I feel really bad and just wanted to tell someone."

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