Most Popular: Breakup Lines

Sometimes when ending a relationship, words that you want to say don't really come out and that's where breakup lines come into play. Here are some of the most popular breakup lines that you can use if you find yourself a little tongue tied when ending your romantic relationship. So what if they are clichés, they still get the job done!

  "You've been an amazing girlfriend, but I feel that we have some fundamental differences in our lifestyles that aren't compatible"
 "I had such a fun time with you, but it's getting more serious with someone else and I feel like I need to give that a real shot."
 "You have me on an emotional rollercoaster and I want off."
 "I think we need some time apart.... just as friends maybe."
 "You deserve someone better.."
 "It's not you, it's me..."
 "We're just at different points in our lives."
 "I need time to focus on my career."
 "You’re great, but I don’t feel the same way about you anymore."
 "Maybe this is not the right time for us."
 "I think we’re just meant to be friends."
 "I need space..."
 "I'm not at a place in my life where I can give you the attention you deserve."
 "I don't want to hold you back."
 "I love you, but i'm not in love with you."
 "I don’t know what I want, and as long as I feel this way, it’s not fair to you."
 "Maybe we should take a break.."

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