Why Breakup? How to tell when it's Over

by Bella P.

If there is one lie that our society chooses to believe, it's that there can be good and mutual break ups. The harsh truth is, no one goes through with a break up smiling. Still, there are instances wherein we just have no choice but say, "it's over". So why breakup? When any of these events happen to you, then you know that it's time to walk away.

Breaking up is always painful, hurting, heartbreaking and agonizing. Whether you were the one who pulled the trigger or the one who got dumped, there is no escape from the negative feelings and thoughts of doubt that come with it. There are times, however, that separating ways is for the best as staying in an unhealthy relationship is damaging and can leave a permanent scar in your character.

Do you feel that you're the only one giving in the relationship and your partner does nothing but sit around, waiting for you to act on everything? Do you already feel tired sharing so much of yourself and yet getting nothing in return? Or do you feel that you cannot talk or share any difficulties and worry of your life to your other half?

Loving is giving and if your partner is not sharing anything then that says a lot about he or she truly feels about you. The word "relationship" comes from the word "relate" and to relate to each other means to have a two-way, give and take relationship. If that is not the case with you then your relationship falls short of the very basic and the essence of the word. It's a smoke signal to let go, move on and find someone else who will truly relate to you in your relationship.

When was the last time you and your partner spent time alone together and actually had fun?

This is very important to make a relationship last. If you find yourself going out on a date with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you actually have other thoughts in your mind instead of concentrating to your date, this can be the first sign of a broken relationship. The moment the two of you spend hours together with absolutely nothing to talk about then you should reassess if staying in the relationship is worth it.

Going out on movies (which does not include talking) can be fun but nothing beats an honest to goodness bonding time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. When you bore each other to tears and find alone time together awkward and uncomfortable, then perhaps it's time to say, " I quit".

Sometimes, it is best to break up sooner rather than later.

First, the longer time you spend with your partner, the more attached you get. Breaking up will be much harder from there. Second, it will not waste any time for an unworthy cause. If you know as early as now that a break up is inevitable, why wait and waste each other's time? Go for it now and spare yourself of future heartaches.

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