What You Need To Do To Find Happiness In Love

by Samnatha Jayne

You may have everything in the world--great career, nice home, your ideal car, lavish lifestyle; yet you may not have anything at all and you feel that something is missing, something BIG. Because sometimes the things that matter aren't material things at all.

And sometimes it isn't always love that has to come first before you can be happy; it is oftentimes the other way around.Most people go around the dating mill and end up frustrated each time because no matter how hard they search, they couldn't find what they are looking for. Because they don't know what they are looking for in the first place! The key to find what you are looking for is to know what you really want to find. That way, your vision focuses on that exactly and your search narrows down to what's significant to you. You no longer have to go round and round trying to figure out what you're doing wrong that makes love so elusive for you.

So take some time to really get to know yourself before you embark on the journey to finding love. Here are five ways to help you.

1. Get in touch with your core values.

Your core values are what makes you, YOU. They are an integral part of your being and thus, are not likely to change. In your long list of sought-after qualities in a potential partner, your core values will always be on top. They are representative of who you are and what you need. And while opposites attract, shared values are still what count the most when it comes to the really big issues in your life.

2. Understand your emotional needs.

While your core values define the bigger picture of who you are, your emotional needs define the finer points of your relationships. You need to find someone who can fulfill them, but you have to acknowledge them first. This is paramount to finding a partner who can make you feel satisfied and happy. But be careful not to look for a partner to fulfill needs that only you can do-- this leads to frustration and disappointment.

3. Find out your love pattern.

Now that you have identified your core values and emotional needs. How can these lead you to finding the right partner? Look at the healthy relationships you already have, even the non-romantic ones with family and friends. Think about those people who make you feel safe and secure and allows you to be yourself. Eventually the same traits these people possess will be the ones that will make for a best romantic partner for you.

4. Experience a potential long-term relationship.

After all your discovery, here comes the point where you have to test-drive and apply what you have learned. You can now begin to seek potential partners. In the first few months, avoid being attached to a single person. Allowing yourself to get to know three or more potential partners gives you the emotional distance and time to get to know them well before you decide on anything.

5. Go in for the three-month check-up.

If your relationship seems to head towards a direction that you intend it to, you may now begin to see that person exclusively.
Within the three-month period, you must come face to face with some hard truths. Do they share your core values and can they fulfill your emotional needs? Have they remained genuine as the person when you first met them?

If the answers are no, it means that your partner may not be the one who suits you for the long term. As early as this, you have to
really decide whether it is worth it to pursue someone and live with the repercussions of just "settling". You can change a person's clothes, but never cling on to the hope that your relationship can chance their core values, or yours.

What Really Makes A Relationship Work?

Opposites attract, but does having commonalities increase compatibility? Does having shared qualities make it easier to spark
romance between two people? Or does being too the same redundant in any relationship?

The key to successful relationships doesn't entirely rely on believing in the same life principles or agreeing all the time. Sure, you may consider each other your best friend, have an amazing chemistry, or really get each other. However, if your flaws are all too similar as well, the relationship will soon suffer. The bottom line is, compatibility relies more on how you and your partner complement each other. Much like a puzzle, it's how your life pieces fit together that gives the picture sense.

Would you want to date an exact copy of who you are? Wouldn't that be too predictable and mundane? But sure, it'll make things easier because you'd easily understand each other. But there would be no balance as you'd both be dealing with the same issues, maximizing both your flaws.

The point is, alpha males don't necessarily seek strong, successful, intelligent, or powerful women. What would matter most is how they feel around their woman. These men tend to gravitate towards women who are comfortable exuding their own femininity.

Common interests have really nothing to do with compatibility. What's compatible is when you can both work around your differences to sustain the relationship. It is mostly about respecting each other's own individuality and embracing your differences. It is really that simple.

Sure, you may tend to look for another person who can share your passion and hobbies. But these won't be the basis of how successful your relationship will become. No matter how similar your personalities are if you lack the ability to communicate, spend quality time with each other, or don't trust each other, then your relationship is doomed.

So don't rely on just looking for a mirror-image of you; look for someone who makes you feel great and is as invested to make it

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