The Ultimate Guide to Proposing to a Man

girl proposes to guy

Who said anything about that only men propose to women? Can’t a woman go on her knees and say those three magical words to him? If you want to marry your boyfriend and are ready to go down the aisle, you need to take this important step and asking your guy to take this leap of faith in your relationship. He might be the shy one, hence, you have to take control of the situation. Be the daring one in your relationship and find the best way to propose to your man.

This guide will be your one-stop destination for the best tips that will help you bag a "yes" from your man.

Be certain of your choice

Before you break the silence and speak your heart out to your boyfriend, you need to be certain in your head that he is the one that you want to spend your life with. If you have even a single, tiny thought that makes him not the worthy one, you need to take some time and think about the same. Only take the next big step in your relationship when you feel that bond you both share is strong and you are prepared to take it to the next level, which is marriage.

Understand whether he wants the same or not

The next step would be confirming whether your man also looks forward to having you as your wife for the rest of the life or not. What if you plan the entire plot of how things would go about and he says he never felt the same for you or is not looking forward to having a future with you? You know what makes your man happy but that does not mean that you know whether he’ll say a yes or a no to your proposal. Hence, it is better for your take time and understands whether he wants to take the leap with you or not.

Be sensitive to his past

We all have a past, don’t we? We’ve all had failed relationships who’s scars are still imprinted on our hearts. What does not matter here is that we’ve moved on in our lives or not, but what matters is that does your partner respect the same? You man might also have the past that makes him wet his pillow sometimes or pull him back from indulging in something that you want him to do. You just need to be sensitive to his past and make sure that he comes out of out it with your love and care. Don’t force him to do things that remind him of the past. Let him come out of it and see what you actually mean to him.

Keep it simple yet innovative

Don’t invest a lot of money or make the whole proposal fancy. You must think about the easiest, most innovative and simple way to tell your feelings to your man. It might be your pet carrying a placard that tells him what he means to you or you going down on your knees with a small bouquet of his favorite flowers saying will he be yours forever and ever.

Make promises that you won’t break

When the proposal and with it feelings go from your heart to his, make a promise that you know you would never break. This promise will be the rock pillar for your relationship and will act as a base for the same that will go a long way in your relationship.

Proposing to a man is an art and make sure you do it well.

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