Relationship Breakup Advice For a Dumped Girlfriend

by Jackie Union

Relationship breakup advice for a dumped girlfriend is different than advice for a dumped boyfriend. Men and women are definitely different in their spiritual and emotional needs, so you have to understand what you boyfriend felt he was missing that caused him to make you the dumped girlfriend. The correct relationship breakup advice will recreate the person you were when he first met you, and could not spend time away from you. That is all that is really needed to put the power back on your side.

The dumped girlfriend is going through some very difficult times. If that is you, I know how you feel. Once, many years ago, my fiance dumped me. I was totally blindsided, and I thought my life was over. So I went in desperate search of proven relationship breakup advice that would get my fiance back, and I found a good ole country boy that had helped thousands of people before me, so I gave him a shot.

I was very skeptical. He did not have a flashy website, and his videos were certainly not winning any awards. But what came across loud and clear was the simplicity of his plan, and the sincerity I saw in his eyes as I watched him read letters and emails from satisfied customers who had got their wife, or boyfriend, or husband back.

One of the best pieces of relationship breakup advice he revealed to me was what drives most men. They want more than anything to be admired and respected by the woman they love. Plain and simple, when your boyfriend stopped feeling looked up to and respected, he made you the dumped girlfriend. Simply give him those feelings on a daily basis, and you will never have to be the dumped girlfriend again.

Call it ego or manliness or whatever you want, but the reason he went outside of the relationship was not sex or money, although those may have been his actions. They were not the cause, but only a symptom of the cause. He missed how you used to look at him with love, he missed hearing how great he was as a boyfriend, he missed those notes on his car windshield that made him feel like a knight in shining armor. This is the first step in a relationship breakup advice step-by-step plan that has been proven to work over and over.

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