Is it Possible to Be Friends After a Breakup?

by Felicia Filmore

It's not uncommon for individuals to consider becoming friends after breakup with their partner. While being friends is completely possible for ex-couples, it isn't something that can be easily done. It's possible that being friends is not something possible between the two due to incompatibility or past problems they encountered as a couple. If you are considering being friends with an ex then you need to remember some things.

If the breakup was done by mutual agreement, it's entirely possible for you and your ex to be friends after breakup.
In some cases, people realize that they do better as friends rather than as couples. This is usually the case for those who are friends first before dating each other. If this happened to you then you should consider yourself lucky. Since the two of you knew each other outside the relationship, there's a chance that you could still hang out as friends.

You could still be friends after a breakup even if you parted ways on a bad note. Let your ex have some alone time and this would help them with the healing process. You shouldn't try contacting them so soon after the break up, otherwise you might not get the chance of having them as a friend in the future. The two of you would find it easier to resume the friendship with each other if you each gave other space to help overcome the pain of the breakup.

So what's the relationship between cutting contact and being friends after breakup? Chances are you are still too emotional that you'll say something regrettable to your ex, completely making friendship impossible. Emotionally charged individuals usually find themselves doing something so bad that it can't be repaired even by time.

Everything you do after breakup is important and if you do something stupid, your ex would definitely make a point of not being friends with you. You need to go slow if you want to achieve being friends.
Friendship doesn't just happen after a break up. If you and your ex went through a tough breakup, it might take longer for you to be friends again. Don't try to reconnect with your ex too fast.

You might be over the pain of the breakup but your ex could still be suffering. Ideally, you should just tell your ex that you want to be friends with them and allow them to think about it before they make a decision.
By managing to remain friends after a breakup, you will not only come off as a mature and rational individual but you will also enjoy the presence of a good and important person in your life.
The best thing you can do right now is to focus on yourself and work on overcoming the painful breakup. Eventually, with time and a lot of introspective thoughts, you can get back to the same point you and your ex was before the relationship even began.
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