Surviving a Breakup - How You Can Survive after a Breakup

by Helena Jackson

Surviving a relationship can at first seem like the most impossible thing you've ever done. Emotions are deep and intense. Whether you the one breaking off or wanting to stay, it still hurts. Fortunately, this difficult point of your life is doable and can be accomplished, leaving you a stronger person.

My last relationship breakup was very difficult for both of us. I felt like my heart was being snatched out and the simple act of breathing was overwhelming. I remember crying uncontrollably every time I heard our song on the radio. Although I didn't think too much about dying, it felt like everything around me was a dead void. I needed that time to release any emotions I once held inside in order for me to take the next step - healing.

Surviving a breakup is very similar to grieving for a loved one. It's an important process of life. No one has a set time for healing. Some people never get over a loss love and close themselves off from love and from life. This is disappointing because it limits the ability to enjoy life once again and it keeps out that special person that just may be better than the last one. So how does one survive a breakup? Here's a few tips to get you started:

Express Yourself - When surviving a breakup, releasing all that pain is essential. Now is the time to let go and cry, scream, hit a pillow, write - release all the negativity that may have been penned up for a long time. These are your feelings - experience them and just let go. By acknowledging and releasing the pain, this will allow you to move on.

The Calm After the Storm - Reaching a clear state of mind, perhaps through breathing, meditation or talking with a trusted friend, you can better evaluate if the relationship is truly over. Where are you in the relationship? If you and your partner have come to an agreement that it is indeed over, then you're ready for the next step. Please remember, now is not the time to blame or find fault in the relationship. Some people antagonize and analyze what went wrong or how they could have prevented the breakup. Doing this will only hold you back and make the healing process much longer than it has to be.

Moving On - This step is a biggie. This is what will be essential in surviving a breakup.

* You've both spent time building a life together, but now it's time to claim your own personal space and property. Negotiate if necessary, but try to avoid holding on to your partner's stuff. It will only serve as a reminder of the relationship and all those raw emotions will come back and make healing more difficult. Do your best to let go.

* When you're alone, take some time to do a finalizing ceremony. This rite can be the final release of any hold you may have on the relationship. Deleting their phone number or text messages, burning photos or love letters, anything that was leftover can be thrown away. This can truly be a cleansing of emotions that will allow you to survive the breakup and move forward.

Friends Network - Your friends and family are there to support you. Let them in and allow them to be your sound board or going-out buddy or simply someone who can give you a hug. As you learn to let go and heal, you'll find yourself creating even stronger bonds with others. Most importantly, you'll find that you are stronger. Surviving a breakup is not only possible, but can be the gift you need to grow and become a better person.

If this helped you survive your breakup, we're very happy to help! If, however, you could use a little more help, check out Free Video Tips or stop by StopRelationshipBreakup and get some tips that has really worked for others. Thanks for reading and good luck getting her back!

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