How Laughing About Your Breakup Can Help You

by Alexandra Peterson

If you're tired of being depressed about your breakup then cultivating a hearty sense of humor can help you end that depression. Even if you don't feel like laughing right now, especially about your breakup, there will come a day when you will laugh again. You will laugh again and enjoy life again whether you really want to or not and the sooner you start to laugh and get your life back together the sooner you will get your ex back.

Laughing is probably the quickest cure for any sadness or depression that you may be experiencing from your breakup. You might not even know how bad things are but the stress and emotions from your breakup are probably taking a toll on your body. Prolonged stress is never a good thing and it can lead to more severe problems if you don't take care of it. Getting your life back in order and eliminating the stress from your breakup should be a priority for you.

The quickest way to eliminate some of the stress from your breakup is to take some intensive laughter therapy. Visit a comedy club or if funds are an issue, get a few funny movies that can help make you laugh some. Before you are done with a three movie marathon you should find that your mood is much improved and your perspective has regained a more normal point of view. Just forgetting about the breakup for a few hours and laughing can work wonders and laughter has to be one of the most powerful elixirs for what ails you without any side effects. Just think about it. When was the last time someone made a phone call akin to a drunk dial after watching some funny movies?

You will probably feel a big change in yourself after you have spent some time laughing. In time you might even be able to find some humor in the circumstances or memories from your breakup. There's a pretty good chance that you've said a few things that were pretty ridiculous as you think back on it. Maybe your ex even said some stuff that might strike you as funny once you remove some of the stress from the entire situation.

Laughing about the things that you said or did is a sign of healing. Being able to laugh at yourself at all is a sign of strength. It is a sign that you have your life together and that you're secure with yourself. You should strive to achieve this goal because people are attracted to people who have the ability to laugh at themselves. This includes your ex. You want to send the message that you're ok and that you're secure with who you are.

Before you know it, you and your ex will be able to laugh about this whole breakup. Both of you will be healed of the pain from your past and the things that you both did to each other. You'll be ready to start new and rebuild your relationship so it's stronger than it was before. Laughter is the key to this and laughter is the first step in helping you to get yourself and your life back in order.

Laughter really can be the easiest way to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and start down the road to getting your ex back. Any time you start to feel negative about your chances of getting your ex back or you begin to stress out about your breakup, do something to improve your mood. Think positive thoughts and take the pressure off yourself. It simply isn't normal for you to put that much stress upon yourself and it will affect every aspect of your life if you allow it to get away from you. Laughing is the quickest and best remedy for that stress from your breakup and it really can help you to get your ex back.

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