Get Over Your Breakup Using 4 Steps or Less

by Teecee Go

It's hard to deal with a breakup that was not done on mutual terms. Pain seems to tear at the heart that you wish to get rid of it just so you don't have to feel. When pain reached the stage you feel unbearable, you don't realize that time does heal all wounds and this too shall pass. If you'd like to get over your breakup now, there are 4 steps that can help you achieve this goal and perhaps, if you'd like, win back your ex too.

Step Number (1) - To help get over your breakup and the stinging pain of hurt that you are feeling, stop talking to your ex for a period of a month. While it is inevitable to see your ex in places you both frequent including work and school, don't get personal when you do see them. Giving them your undivided attention after the breakup doesn't work either.

In fact, doing such a thing is worse. Why? Your ex need a break from you. You'll also want to use this time to do two things. First, cool-down. Emotions are running high after breakups and anything said, slip of the tongue, can sting and keep you from winning them back. Second, work on improving on you a more desirable person by organizing priorities and working on things to make yourself look and feel better.

Step Number (2) - Keep going on with life. By staying active, you keep from getting severely depressed about the breakup. You won't let the pain alter your lifestyle. If you let the pain take over your life, you know there's little chance for reconciliation. It's a necessity that you accept the loss but keep moving forward. As long as you move forward with the day to day routine that you have, you'll find yourself getting over your breakup pain sooner than you think.

Step Number (3) - What's one of the best ways to get over your breakup? Start taking up and do some self-improvement courses. Make a list of things you don't like about yourself. Want to lose a little weight? Start a diet and do some exercising. If you don't like your smile, go to the dentist. Want some new clothes? Then find some attractive clothes. Do something that helps to improve not only your looks but your attitude too. This also keeps you from feeling any hurt the breakup caused and make your ex take a second glance at you.

Step Number (4) - Now that you have done your self-improvement, it's time to get together with some friends and get out on the town. You may not feel up to it but it's the best thing for you and the situation. Start meeting new people and even dance with a few of them. If you want the chance to win back your ex, then you need to show them, either by eyes or ears, that you are fine without them. The attention you get from other women or men can make your ex jealous and may even make them wonder what it was that made them breakup with you in the first place.

While this isn't everything to winning back your ex, it's a start and a start is all you need to get your ex to think about you once again. It's also good when you need to get over your breakup loss and pain that they caused.

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