First Date Tips for Women - Mastering the First Date

by Michael Fiore

There are certain things about dating and chivalry that many women take for granted. You expect him to open the car door and pull out your chair for you, to let you enter the restaurant first or bring you flowers. These types of rules may seem outdated, but there's nothing outdated about a nice gesture. The thing is, that sentiment can go both ways. There are certain things that he will expect or desire from you, too, and if you want to really get his juices flowing on a first date, you have to know what they are and learn how to use them to your advantage.

First of all, you absolutely must mind your manners! No one wants an impolite date, especially not a man who is expecting you to be at least a little ladylike. Say please and thank you where applicable and always treat everyone around you with the utmost respect. Even if he doesn't consciously recognize that you are using your manners, it will subtlety ensure that he thinks you are a good, refined woman.

Politeness goes a lot farther than just saying "please" and "thank you" to the right people at the right times, however. Politeness also includes being kind to everyone you interact with on your date, whether or not they are kind to you. Even if you receive terrible service at a restaurant, be nice to the waiter. If you encounter a rude cashier, hold your tongue. Being able to handle these types of situations with decorum and treating the people around you with respect will show your date that you are a mature and caring person.

Similarly, you must really take into consideration the things and people you talk about, and how you talk about them. Remember that, even when deserved or accurate, negativity can ruin someone's mood quite easily and being excessively pessimistic or upset on a date can make a guy think you're impossible to please or worse, that you're just an angry or negative person. Even if the food is terrible, the movie sucked, and the woman next to you in the theater chewed with her mouth open the whole time, focus on the positive so that he knows you're capable of doing such. No one wants to be with a person who is constantly pointing out what's wrong, but someone who can look on the bright side and enjoy the good parts will no doubt make a better impression.

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