Does grooming yourself help you save your relationship?

"Work on relationships... Relationships need renewal or they die"

~Bo Sanchez

Being in a relationship can be very tricky sometimes. Being in a relationship can be troubling at times and saving the once they go bad can be even worse. You may want to think that everything is the other person's fault, but in most cases, both parties are to blame. But, with a little work on your part, you can get your relationship back to a point where you are both willing to work on it again and be happy once more.

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One of my cousin’s separated from her husband because he would not groom himself to look appealing for himself or for her. Well, some people would consider that this was absolutely insane, but I really think that when you cannot love yourself and treat your body like a holy grail, how do you expect your partner to like you for the shabby personality.

In case you think that your personality and grooming habits are coming in between your relationship and somehow causing the havoc, you must make the efforts from your end. You should work on making things better when it comes to your relationship with your partner. Just something that I have experienced and so do the other woman who finds it uncomfortable to talk about the reason that’s breaking your relationship.

Think about why grooming is so important for your relationship

When you have finally understood that your partner is upset about you being so casual when it comes to grooming, the first thing you need to do is - sit down and talk like adults about the problem. While talking like two sensible adults, you would be able to understand the basic problem why you don’t seem to get your hair trimmed, nails clipped and cleaned and more.

When you learn to groom yourself, your partner will also love you back

It is not always about investing in designer bags or branded footwear or picking expensive gifts. It is about investing in those small yet clean habits that make your personality. Well, investing in luxury clothing or accessories is definitely a bonus for your pleasing personality but starting smaller is always the key. Try investing in self-love and those ways, you would be a better example for your partner to love you back and mend things.

Invest in the good ol’ times

Do things that made you come close to each other. This is but obvious that a couple being in a relationship as a lover and the same couple being married to each other are quite different from each other. Things change, life changes and a lot more happens when the relationship you share changes. When earlier, you would dress your best, put the best perfume, style your hair, pick out the best branded footwear and meet your partner, there’s a flipside to that as well. Now that you’re living together, you don’t want to impress each other, as a result, you stop focusing on yourself as you did back then.

Now is the time that you do all the good things that you guys did together. Go out on dates - which obviously mean that you’ll look your best, share time with each and most importantly - give yourself the valuable time that you need to mend things.

Once things go out of control, bringing them back on track can be really tiresome. Why not see the symptoms early and try to fix things? Well, if you don’t groom for yourself and your partner on a regular basis, you might lose your beloved forever.

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