Love Stagnant and Dying? Avoid the Breakup!

by Ross McCollum


A breakup is alway painful, especially when one party is still in love with the other. You may now see the signs of a breakup to which you were blind before the breakup took place. Remember those signs to prevent another painful breakup in the future. These same signs can help you get back together after a breakup.

A sure sign of an impending breakup is a lack of physical contact. Not just a lack of interest in sex, but in something as minor as hand holding. There is a normal flow in a relationship when there is much physical activity vs. other times when there is little, or none. Again, the little thing are a good sign the relationship is in trouble and headed for a breakup.

When your partner stops holding your hand or putting their arm around you or flinches when you touch him (her) there is probably something wrong. On the other hand, any number of factors can cause someone to resist touching at a given moment. A person might be deeply immersed in thought when touched and they were startled. Or, your partner might believe that your touch is only a message that you want sex,
particularly if you are not mormally affectionate. Maybe your partner
simply is not in the mood for sex just now and is resisting by moving
away from your touch. This does not mean that your relationship is on the way to a breakup.

Maybe your partner does not feel well. Each change in a person's behavior does not mean a breakup is on the way. You must observe closely if the change in behavior is an occasional change or if it is a permanent part of the personality makeup.

If you find yourself catching your partner in lies, no matter how small or harmless, you are probably experiencing future problems. If lies are small and will cause no harm, why lie to begin with. Small lies can become bigger lies and far more damaging.

There is another consideration. Your partner could be fibbing to you about a matter that is not bad but rather one that is in your favor. For example, a surprise birthday party, a surprise visit of an old friend, or anything for which you would find sudden joy and happiness. This is the other side of the planned breakup and one which you need to diligently monitor so as not to ruin what could be a very lovingly and thoughtfully planned event designed for your benefit.

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