Is it Okay to be Unequally Yoked and Married?

couple in a rocky relationship

When two people join in matrimony, it means they are sure that their spouse is the only one for them. Sadly a lot of people who are married are still not sure if their spouse is right for them. Genesis 2:24 says "Therefore a man shall leave his parents and cleave to his wife, becoming one flesh". As we can see here, marriage is not a temporary gig, but a lifetime event. Which is why it’s problematic if someone doubts compatibility with their spouse. It’s better to be 100% sure before you take the plunge.

Taking the vows of marriage with uncertainty present can yield many problems down the road. You’re not only wasting your time, but also that of your significant other. It’s important to have similar beliefs and/or goals in the beginning.

Compromise is a word that comes to mind when marriage is brought up. Although very important, some big topics cannot be compromised on the fly. Things like who’s going to take out the garbage, do the dishes, or who’s going to watch the kids is compromise. Things like "where am I going after I die?", pro-life and pro-choice, and "do we want children" should be solidified and understood in the very beginning. Be sure of marriage before you say "I do"!

Divorce can be a very costly and exhausting process, but the best part is it can be avoided!

-Written by Keith Jackson Jr. at Fully Armored Productions.

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